southern chicks


After mating, the female cassowary will lay three to six large, green eggs.  Once these eggs are laid, the female’s job is done, and she will wander off to find another male to mate with.  It is the father who constructs a nest of waterproof vegetation and incubates the eggs for the next fifty days.  A devoted parent, the male will not leave his eggs until they have hatched.  A broody male cassowary does not need to eat, drink, or even defecate for the entire period of incubation.

Cassowary chicks are small, beige in colour, with dark brown stripes.  The father will protect his new family with devotion, showing them what foods to eat and ferociously protecting them from predators.  The chicks will stay with their father for the next nine months.

It has also been noted in zoos that cassowary chicks will imprint readily on anyone who is present when they hatch, including humans.  These chicks are then extremely tame and will follow their adopted parent anywhere.  In some native villages in New Guinea, cassowary chicks are even kept as pets and left to wander loose through the village, like chickens.  However, even the tamest chick will turn savage and dangerous upon reaching adulthood.  


(via National Geographic (@natgeo) • Instagram photos and videos)

Photo by @FransLanting Young albatrosses take many months to mature before they’re ready to take flight and head off to sea. These black-browed albatross chicks have a long way to go before they can lift their wings and become the supreme flyers sailors have admired for centuries. They’re all sitting on mud nests built by their parents, who are searching the open ocean for squid to take back to their downy offspring in the Falkland Islands. I love albatrosses! To me they are among the most amazing creatures on the planet. I never get tired of watching them and photographing them. Follow me @FransLanting for more images and stories from the Southern Ocean.

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Adelie Penguin and Chick

I thought I would start putting up some of the artwork that I did while I was down in the Antarctic. 

To start with, here’s a penguin.  This is an Adelie - there was a large colony of them just across from Palmer Station, and I was down just as they were starting to hatch.  I got to watch as tiny grey fluffballs very rapidly grew into squawking hulks the size of their parents, and then fledged out into their adult penguin suits before taking off for the southern waters.

The chicks beg from the parents with a wild-eyed flurry of squawks and pecking at their bills.  As they get older, it’s not uncommon to see an adult penguin flat-out running in an attempt to get away from their demanding infants, and for good reason - the chicks want them to regurgitate a bolus of krill, shrimp, and fish that the adult has just expended a lot of energy to catch.

Slytherins are:

3 am all-nighters, baths with candles, dark alley sex, shots stolen from a stranger, the shared hookah, vulnerability, tears trying to be hidden, cold masks and colder words, playful teasing, messy bed hair, the scent before a storm, morning dew, lightning, comet showers, lioness-worthy fighting, self-preservation, politicians and scientists, powerful women, hedonism, silk covered bodies, the first smirk of a teenager, the first word of a baby, the first real I love you, deathbeds and coffins, luxury materials, thick blankets on a cold night, entangled limbs under the stars, mean words and soft eyes, soft plushies, thick mismatched socks, pillow fights at midnight, sneaking out with friends, breaking laws and getting away, road cross country trips, random flights to foreign countries, protests on streets, protecting those they love over themselves, loyalty as fierce as a hufflepuff, the smell of a house after baking, Christmas lights, baggy sweaters, rock music and teenage rebellion, rocky decisions, Cupid lips and dead eyes, the mural in a dilapidated building, sun kissed freckles, dimples on the back, a father or mothers 20 year old sweater, crocheted grandmother’s blankets, dirty fellatio’s in bathrooms, charms and ambiguities, the fine print in a contract, repressed memories, nonbinary genders, the calm before a storm, poets who stay awake for days, hearts bleeding on their sleeves, vulnerable teenagers with trembling lips, sharp bob cuts and wine red lips, the white noise of a fan, the cheers during a high school football game, the scream and laughter of a Halloween scary house, horror movies with your significant other, balls and Victorian dresses, last times, the delicate skin between fingers, a mothers soft touch, a ruffle of hair, dried paint in places it isn’t supposed to be, tangled hair from brushing it back with fingers, sunsets on an empty hill, tattoos of lyrics, crazy parties you regret the day after, pop punk, secret pleasures, decapitated teddy bears, messy rooms and messier lives, toasted baguettes and garlic tomatoes, drawling southern voices, chick flicks they deny liking (but watch when everyone else is asleep), books that make them cry for days, those perfect popular kids at the lunch table, the Mediterranean sea, murky swamps, crystal clear beaches, the hot sand under toes, sandcastles, banana boat rides, cellulite and not caring, summer nights, bonfires, s’mores, winter mornings, crisp fresh snow, tightly bundled clothing, knowing they may be jaded and hated but they’ll always have their family and loved friends


Einblick 2 in meine Bachelorarbeit.

Zu sehen sind verschiedene Gefieder, die nicht nur in ihrem Aussehen, sondern auch in ihrem haptischen Eindruck stark variieren.

Weitere Teile der Arbeit sind hier zu finden!

für die Vogelverrückten – von oben nach unten / links nach rechts: Grünreiherküken, Schleiereule, Haushuhn,Sprosser, Heckenbraunelle, Rostgans und Helmkasuar mit Küken.


Second part of my illustration series for my bachelor thesis. You can find other parts here.

This part shows how plumages can vary in their appearance and therefore also in their haptic impression.

For those bird enthusiasts: Green heron chick, barn owl, chicken, thrush nightingale, dunnock, ruddy shelduck and southern cassowary with chick.

Bts as High School Stereotypes

Jin: Super popular head cheerleader
Rapmon: the ‘can I get a hug’ guy
Suga: guy who falls asleep in the janitors closet and wakes up 6 hours later just in time for the final bell
Jhope: the southern belle chick who calls people sugar and/or darling, and talks about her families ranch out yonder
V: wierd guy who sits at the back of the cafeteria making a volcano out of mashed potatoes and hot sauce
Jimin: Member of the jock squad thats actually pretty cool without his boyzz
Jungkook:The new kid who everyone thought was normal, but turned out weirder than the wierd guy

Fiction v Non-Fiction

They say sometimes…..that truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

Like now for example. What we see…..has caused some confusion, evoked some strong emotions……it is like if you take a step back…..and look at what has been presented… does not add up or make sense, like someone threw a puzzle out there & some of the pieces are missing or stuck behind something… there are so holes in this story we have been given. 

Oh I expect people to call me nuts, delusional, and blah blah blah. I have my big girl panties on and can take it. Not the first time it has happened nor will it be the last.

There are two types of books:

Fiction: is the form of any work that deals, in part or in whole, with information or events that are not real, but rather, imaginary and theoretical—that is, invented by the author.

Non fiction: 

writing dealing with facts and events rather than imaginative narration

So let’s take a spin on the fiction side. The made-up stuff…..the things that aren’t real. As in animals talking or acting like people in stories….that is all not real. Now…..let’s apply this to branches (we have already covered why I call her this & am not about to change now) and Rob. Right now….it would appear Robbie boy is with branches. Only…..things don’t add up on this. Like….there is no sparkle in his eyes when he is with her. Yes….it does seem he is a little free….but think about this….if she were truly someone he cared about……why invite the media, paps, & all to see? He has talked about keeping his private life private….this isn’t very private…now is it? No….it is the complete opposite……like when he is walking….esp ahead of her….he doesn’t check to see where she is at all….he just keeps on walking. There is not chemistry but awkwardness….like I’m playing this part but I am not into it at all. If you take your emotions & reactions out of it…..and truly look at what is being shown…..there is a lack-lusterness to all of it. There isn’t the sparkle you expect to see if this is truly a romance……I am to believe esp one being sold by the media.

Now….let us explore the non-fiction side of this. The part of Rob & Kristen. Now….there is more truth to their relationship than that to branches. Say what?? What on earth are you talking about? Well…..his life with her is the part that he has been protecting for years. Rob does not invite you into and give you glimpses to that part of his life. He lights up at the mention of her name……he glows…….just like she does when they have been around each other. He is not all that glowy at the moment around branches… where near the way he does when  his ‘official partner" is around. When we have seen them out…..he looks to see where she is……makes sure she is protected and guarded. Cause his relationship with her… is not the one for sale. It is the one he holds close to his heart…..I know, I can hear it right now, “Girl you are one wacky, crazy, southern chick!” Well….when I look at how he has been with Kristen…..that is how I see it…..he does not open the door and say, come on in… is how it is….nope…..he guards it……along with his family & friends jointly with her family & friends.

Do I  have all the answers? No. But I just don’t see this thing we are seeing or reading about with branches……as the real deal. If he is venturing into the music business along with K….then she knows what is going on. For me….the way she glowed last week….had the confidence that she did……which the main times that look she has…….gets… when Rob is around somewhere. So yeah…..I believe he was with her. Now…..branches……i think is an investment…….not would be my choice….but if their money is tied into helping her like the way Sage was helped….and yes…..I believe K & Rob were in on that……..and if you look at the venues where she is playing….they are small & don’t cost much to get in……I am a nut….as I & some others have checked this out. I think that is all there is to it. 

and yes….I think RK are very much together……that this branches thing is for show……it gets the attention off of K…..keeps the spotlight off of her… this how I would do things………but again….it is not my life or choices to make…..but theirs. That is the thing to remember & keep in mind: RK lives are not ours…..we don’t know what they challenges they have going on or what they have to endure…..we are not walking this in their shoes…..because… is belongs to them……we may not understand or like some of their choices…..we just have to understand that it is theirs and start trusting & listening to them more than we do…..and ignore the media & haters….even when it is being laid on thick.