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Every time I mention the fact that I took tongue sandwiches to school people just look at me with this weird horror and I just have to shrug and be like, “I’m from the North…”

Of course, right after I make a happy Jazi’s Adventures in Dog Training ™ post, there comes a sad one.

Today, I had to recommend a dog be rehomed. He is not happy with this family and they are not a good fit for him. For the past several weeks I have had to watch this dog’s behavior continue to worsen because, although the owners were able to recognize that he needed help, they are completely unable to provide for his needs.

T* is actually a fairly normal german shepherd puppy. He is a young, energetic idiot that has been allowed to get away with doing whatever he wants with zero consequences, is completely unexercised and undersocialized, and in honest if any of my followers reading this are around Southern Maryland or can reach us, I will do my best to vet you and place him with you. Otherwise he will be in rescue likely by next week.

His owners brought him in because he “has a mind of his own” and “something’s wrong with him”. They have some disabilities that make them unable to provide the physical stimulation he requires, and they did not expect him to grow larger than their last dog which was 45lbs. They also did not realize just how much training is required to have a mostly sane working breed puppy, and wanted me to train him for them.

He is a smart dog. He listens well, within just two full sessions he can reliably sit, down, walk nice on leash, and stay on command with me. He is biddable and eager to please. He is polite and mindful and wishes very strongly to follow the rules I have set in place for how he can interact with me.

His owners, however, are not able to do the same with him. He jumps on them and nips them when they ask him to do something he doesn’t want to. He will redirect and throw a complete tantrum if he self corrects while they are walking him on a flat collar. He has a history with them- he has been with them for 5 months and the majority of that has been spent in his crate or in his yard. If they ask him to do something, he has learned that if he jumps and pushes them down, or nips at their hands, that they will become afraid of him and let him resume whatever it was he was doing. That they get frustrated easily and give up, instead of taking a breath and trying again.

His owners are convinced that he is “not right in the head”- because he is so different with me than with them. He is wrong, defective. They got a german shepherd because they wanted a big protective dog, but they did not want to get an adult german shepherd because big dogs scare them, so they got a german shepherd puppy because he was small… and now he is large and untrained and they are afraid of him. They have learned, the hard way, that just because you want a specific dog does not mean that you should get a specific dog.

To say that this has left me frustrated and disappointed would be a massive understatement.

T is a 7 month old longhair GSD. Dark sable, looks to be WGSL, was purchased off of craigslist at 8 weeks from someone who bought him from someone else and didn’t want him anymore. He needs a lot of work with his obedience training, but I think he could make a nice pet for someone willing to satisfy his energy and intelligence needs. He probably should go to an only-dog home as he shows some fear based dog reactivity while on leash, but he is a giant mush with people and loves to be affectionate. I do not think he is a good candidate for bitework. He is in a bit of a fear stage- he startles at some typical things like automatic doors and loud bangs, but recovers quickly. He is a sensitive boy and cannot take harsh corrections- a foundation in +R is an absolute must for him. Those interested in adopting him should contact me and I will begin the interview process to make sure he would be a good fit for your home.


back down south

me when writers glorify the south:   sweatie have you ever been here it’s hot and everyone is a republican and talks shit about their neighbor

me when people criticize the south:   what in tarnation you titty suckin dickweed take that back the south gave you some good willie nelson shit get out of my yard and go back to ur devil semen winters with that mess

Good guy Nami (???)


So I’ve seen several posts floating around that talk about Jack being self conscious about his accent. And it’s canon that Bitty tried to get rid of his southern accent right? So can I just suggest Bitty making his accent super exaggerated when he notices Jack getting uncomfortable with someone bringing up Jack’s accent? Because I live close to Madison and the accent here isn’t that extreme but you can bet Bitty would play it up of it meant getting some attention off his bf

sjdslhjk my Christmas break has finally started and I am so exCITED to just…rest omg _(:3」∠)_ 

I’m exhausted. Too many social engagements, working like crazy to wrap up everything at the office for the year, getting SICK, having to stay in London for three nights because of goddamn train strikes Southern can go suck a dick i am sO ANGRY ABOUT TRAINS 

hnnng ANYWAY. 

I’ve got two more commissions to finish this year, which I hope to get done by the end of the weekend, AND THEN ALL OF THE PERSONAL ART. I’ve been feeling so itchy and creative recently so not being able to draw anything has been AWFUL :< I want to properly relax with self-indulgent art during my break, and FYI I will be streaming as normal this Saturday!


Long story short: I’M BACK, WOOP WOOP.