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summary: four times it was just a kiss, and the one time it was more
pairing: gerald x reader (second person ofc)
rating: pg-13 (first chapter)
a/n: just as kind of a heads up, I know a lot of second person fic uses the ‘insert your name/eye color/preferences’ here thing and that’s cool but I can’t write that way. while the narration is still from the reader’s pov, I still have to write a character to draw from and that might be (understandably) confusing for some people at first. this makes it more fic than imagine but I still prefer writing second person.
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chapter one: first

make my world go black,
hit me like a heart attack,
knock me flat on my back,
I don’t know how long that I can last

It’s 2010 and you have no idea who’s show you’re at. All you know is the venue is packed, body heat and smoke making it difficult to breathe. The room is like a hot box and even though the second hand high feels good, your lungs (and your brain) have hit their limit. You need some damn air.

Outside, the LA night is still warm but a relief from the crowd downstairs. Leaning back against the brick of the alley wall, you push your hair back out of your face and drag in a few lungfuls of oxygen. You like a good night out but this is just stressful. Maybe I should just book and see about that party in the Hills that MJ invited me to…

But you promised Rachelle you’d stay through his set…whoever this guy is she keeps raving about. G…Easy? Something white boy and unoriginal like that. With a sigh, you’re about to force yourself to head back in. But across the alley, a flame sparks to life in the shadows and you freeze. For a moment, there’s only the sound of his lighter being closed and pocketed. But after a deep drag that makes the cigarette glow bright, the light reflecting in his eyes, whoever is over there speaks up.

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Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4 King James Version

And we’re back with a fresh playlist, too many styles to list. It’s 6 tracks deep as of May 5th, 2017 at 12:13:36pm EDT; and Lord willing it’ll will grow up to 71 in no time; this is almost all I do.

Praise the LORD.

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In Movement: Our Mission

So yesterday we received the following message: 

We’d very much like to address the problem to save from future misunderstandings. We are very grateful for the feedback and continue to encourage feedback. We recognize that perhaps our questions were not properly phrased so we first apologize if there was an offense that was made. But as an Asian American studies project, we are indeed focusing on Asian Americans and here’s why:

In Movement’s mission is to highlight Asian American involvement in the Southern California hip hop dance community. While not all members of this diverse community identify as Asian American, we find it important to raise awareness of those who do and who use their talents to express themselves through outlets not previously occupied by those of Asian descent.

We wish to examine dance as not just a hobby, but a lifestyle. We want to examine hip hop as a way for Asian Americans to build community and to make themselves known. 

If we look at all the facets of hip hop, we realize there’s a deficit of Asian American representation in all these areas. But here in Southern California, many Asian Americans have found their niche in dance and have become inspirations to those like just like them. We watch YouTube videos and see these people who look just like us doing something we love to do, allowing us to find that positive Asian American image in our generation’s main form of media (YouTube) that strays from the stereotypical representations, like the tech savvy geek, the math nerd and the woman warrior, that we often find in mainstream media such as film and television.

Regardless of the topic, the genre or the medium, we will always fall under this burden of representation… but that’s just part of the battle. In light of the new generation and all our hopes to keep moving forward, we are pleased to spotlight and commend those who have stepped forth in movement of the Asian American Movement, whether they realize their historical impact or not.

Because we are all pioneers of a new movement. We are all In Movement

The Neighbourhood has been rather silent for a couple of months now, after giving us some tastes off their forthcoming mixtape #000000 & #FFFFFF, a project that pairs the Southern California band’s gritty alt style with plenty of fitting hip hop. Today, they surprise us with a sudden big reveal of a massive track named #icanteven, a sooty, murky collaboration with French Montana. #000000 & #FFFFFF is set to drop November 27, and it’s sure to create some buzz on multiple genre fronts. 

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