southern california


AN INTRODUCTION- Hey, what’s up, hello

So here’s basically a little intro about myself, Rachel, before I start blogging about my fitness journey etc. Since it’s only been day 2 and I was crazy busy packing for college today there’s not much to report on THAT. Soooo here’s some info about me so you can put a face with the blog.

1. I’m vegan (gotta tell errybody amirite)
2. I’m short, like 5'2 short
3. I love to surf, paddle board, swim, and basically love everything to do with water sports and the ocean
4. I am a student in college and going into my sophomore year
5. I’m a total snap hoe (not like boob picks but like I take a loooottttt of selfies hence the evidence above idk)
6. I’m in recovery
7. I’m studying organizational science and communication
8. I want to live in Southern California or Australia
9. I love to write and dream of publishing a book someday
10. I’m 75% Italian and the rest German and Ukrainian (so yeah a cracker) but I tan like I’m Irish- as in I don’t; I burn and suffer
11. Low-key worship the ground Rihanna walks on and I love Kanye; I know he’s problematic but like ?????
13. The Bachelor/Bachelorette/ Paradise and keeping up with the Kardashians are my guilty pleasures
14. My favorite tv show is American horror story
15. My favorites movies are The Descendants, The Revenant, Black Swan, and Saint Elmo’s Fire


Disneyland. Anaheim. California.