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Travel Tuesday: Watershed on Peachtree in Atlanta has undergone a number of changes, but new chef Joe Truex knew not to mess with Scott Peacock’s legendary fried chicken. Brined in buttermilk and fried in ham hock-flavored fry fat, the crisp, golden, utterly addictive chicken is now served both at lunch and dinner on Wednesdays—and sold out usually by 7:30pm. 

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Louisiana seafood

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It probably doesn’t matter at this point that you are gone and I will never see you again. Though I am angry, I still miss you and I still adore you. I saw parts in you that needed to be full of love and taking wounds from our lovemaking was something more heavenly than able to be described, especially when you put your care into mine. I miss our talks. How we would talk about the universe and about the future of humanity. You were the only one who took me seriously and I was the only person who understood your quirky thinking. I know you will never love me. I know that all these dreams pining over you will mean nothing years from now and yet I want to say I love you one last time. Thank you for everything you were when you were with me.

These are just a few of the photos I captured of the historic & haunting Bonaventure Cemetery located in America’s most haunted city- Savannah, GA.

It’s Savannah’s largest & most visited cemetery. The burial site was built in the 1800’s & incloses thousands of tombstones & statues, some dating back as far as 1846. Bonaventure was also featured in the popular novel & film “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”.

Hauntingly beautiful, the expansive property is full of live oaks, palmettos, & wild flowers. Silvery, delicate Long Moss hangs from tall oaks & rests on gravestones.

Bonaventure Cemetery closes at 5 PM daily, & with good reason, being one of the most haunted burial grounds in the US.

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