ATTENTION! This is a rant! You don't have to read it!

I live in the South and I am not racist! I only know two people who are racist. One is a family member who lives in Wyoming, and the other is also a family member who is from Austria. I have absolutely no problem with black people. Many of the smartest, kindest, funniest people I have met are black. 

I live in the South and I do NOT sound like Jeff Foxworthy! I also know how grammar helps a sentence say what I mean it to say. Example? With the use of proper grammar, the cannibalistic sentence  "Let’s eat grandma" becomes “Let’s eat, grandma.”

I live in the South and I do not tell everyone who disagrees with me that they are going to hell. Then again, a lot of Christians would say I am a blasphemer because I believe God created the earth and left. 

I am firmly pro-choice.

I don’t like Nascar.

I don’t gossip.

I don’t eat ocra.

I mow my lawn.

I do not have any busted cars left to rust in the grass.

I don’t say y'all.

I don’t own a gun.

The only thing I know about moonshine is that it’s illegal.

I’ve never passed a farm that was growing tobacco, cotton, sugar, or corn. The only ones I’ve seen are strawberry and blueberry farms.

I don’t care for country music unless it’s from the 90s. For some reason I love just about anything that came about in the 90s.

I think Paula Deen’s recipes are nasty. You don’t need fat to make food delicious!

I’m not the only person who doesn’t fit into the mold of what most of the US thinks Southerners fit into, and I’m mad that people can be so ignorant that they think we are all the same.

If you’re southern, reblog this and include how you’re different!