Looks like theres a meetup being held! Its pretty far in the future but here are the deets everybody. 

  • DATE: Saturday, June 28
  • TIME: 12pm - ??
  • LOCATION: Veteran’s Park. Lagoon Drive, Milwaukee, WI
  • FB EVENT: [x]

**((Info’s probably subject to change, since its so far in the future))

thank you quietkurloz for sending the info!


meetup ideas

yo! Setanada and I (tumblr user reiish at your service for Milwaukee-area meetups) were discussing planning some kind of meetup relatively soon, like in the next two or three weeks! Here are some ideas we have:

  1. ice skating (winterstuck is cute)
  2. someone mentioned meeting up at the Bayshore or Grand Avenue mall, which could be cool (Bayshore is a nicer mall than Grand Ave though just saying)
  3. making a CMV?? okay, this is just me, but I think it would be so much fun to make a CMV!

Let us know what sounds interesting to you all (especially opinions about cmvs because for that we definitely need people) and we can get something in the works!



ok, so it is SATURDAY 9 MARCH 2013 @ MIDNIGHT (as in, saturday night cos I know that midnight stuff in confusing) at the oriental theatre2230 N Farwell Ave. Milwaukee (on the east side) (corner of north & farwell) at a cost of $10

here’s their website for a little info on the show if you don’t know about it? basically they show the movie on the screen while people act it out as well and people shout things and throw stuff and it’s just a real experience

ANYWAY I’m thinking it might be fun to go in cosplay (cos everyone dresses up ridiculously anyway) and have a little meetup? like, if everyone tries to show up a little early (quarter to midnight?) and we all just gather in the lobby or s/t (just look for the cluster of homestucks) we can all sit by each other and just YEAH. I think it’d also be cool for those who were able to maybe do a little something afterwards but that is like 2-3 am so I don’t know that anything will be open? there’s a diner next door that MIGHT be open yet where we could get like coffee and french fries but I’m not certain that they would be open still. also note that this is the east side and parking might be a little cray cray especially on a saturday night with the amount of bars here so keep that in mind!

so yeah I think I covered everything? if you have further questions I have access to this blog now so you can ask things here otherwise my personal is luxio if you wanna make sure it gets directly to me!

March 23 meetup!

Hey guys! We are planning an ice skating meetup for March 23, at the West Allis Olympic ice skating place!

  • Meet at 1pm
  • Winterstuck theme, no troll makeup or horns (just in case someone falls), and please no props!
  • If you want to bring your makeup and props for pictures afterwards, you are welcome to. We just don’t want anyone to get hurt while skating.
  • Anybody who wants to can hang out afterwards to take pics or get food!

Other possible meetups include

  • An Oconomowoc meetup in the next two weeks or so planned by Setanada
  • A Rocky Horror Picture Show viewing this Saturday planned by Luxio!
  • A spring photoshoot/picnic meetup at Veteran’s Park once it gets a little warmer here

More info about these will be forthcoming. Hope to see you all there!


Milwaukee Icerinkstuck!

Wow so Madison looks like they had a p cool meetup, and now it’s Milwaukee’s turn to do pretty much the exact same thing lol

  • Where: Pettit Ice Center in West Allis!
  • When: 7PM Saturday March 23rd! We did change the time because of schedules and such! We are meeting from 7-9PM!
  • What: Winterstuck theme, if you want, and no props or horns or makeup please! Also it does cost money (okay this was news to me bc I’m used to skating on a frozen pond, so I figured I should share), and the rate is $7 if you are over 12 years old, so that’s something to keep in mind.

hope to see you all there and you BETTER SHOW UP because it’s gonna be awesome!

That is all.


Edit; 7$ to get in, 3$ for renting skates. Just thought I’d add that, since I’m assuming no one actually owns a pair of skates?


Pridefest Meetup!

On Friday, June 7th, Pridefest starts. My friend Peter and I will be there for the majority of the day after graduation practice at our school. I’m not quite sure when that ends, but it doesn’t take that long I don’t think ??? but I assure you, once we’ve done that and have gotten Starbucks we shall be on our way there!

Neither of us have gone before, so we’re not entirely sure of the location or the cost to get in so if anyone would like to share anything about that or what we can do there or plans on finding each other or places to meet up at Pridefest would be totally stellar. You can send something to our inbox here and I’ll add it to the edit section later~

So June 7th (Friday) sometime probably before noon, we should be there. It’d be totally wicked if we kind of had a guestimate of how many people can for sure go, so please reply to this in some way so I know if we actually even have people going.


Also, sorry about not updating on the skating meet up, a lot of things were happening and then No Brand and wow school. We’ll be considering doing it next school year, though.

EDIT: Pridefest is at Summerfest grounds, tickets can be pre-ordered or they’re 16$ at the gate, and it may be possible to get free admission if they’re holding the food drive again. (Thank you harshwhimsical~)

Also, please send me an ask or a reply of some sort if you can for sure come, Peter and I should be there all day long (probably 11am~8pm) and we can easily set up a time for all of us to meet up at once and hang out~
Icerinkstuck in Madison on March 16th!

If you can’t get to the facebook link (which apparently has been acting up for some people, contact twerkdatstrider, who is running this event, to be added!

For those who you know don’t have facebook:

Where: McFarland Community Ice Arena (4812 Marsh Rd, Mc Farland, WI 53558)
When: March 16 (Saturday), 4:30pm-7:30pm

More info is to-be-determined and any questions should be directed to twerkdatstrider.

I will update this post/repost it with more info if there is anything added!

–setanada (I will be going to hope to see ya’ll there!)

Oconomowoc Meetup update/full info!

Where: Mapleway Bowling
When: Saturday, December 22nd. I and some friends will be there at 12:30 just chilling and catching up with one another so feel free to come early if you just want to chat but we will officially start at 1:30 after the Bowling League stuff is done. There is no official ending time, but I will stay as long as there are people.

It’s $3.25 per game and $1 for shoe rental according to the website. There’s a full menu list of food they have on the website as well :o

Please be respectful of the staff/other people around us when we’re there. I figure this goes without saying but it’s always good to have a reminder.

I will be cosplaying (unsure as to who yet) so I should be pretty easy to spot. Feel free to dress up if you’d like, but that’s entirely optional.

slight milwaukeestuck plan change

alright ha ha ha guess WHERE THERE’S GONNA BE A TRIATHLON THIS WEEKEND? you guessed it right where we’ve planned a meetup (there are going to be a number of road closings, so you’ll probably want to check that……..)

i’m thinking it’s a bit late to change plans SO i guess what we’ll do is stick to what they were only we’ll probably end up heading to the beach like right away. ok i will say mckinley beach at 1.30 pm saturday 10 august, cos it’d probably be easiest to meet there instead of in the park. i will still go to the original meeting place at 1 as planned to wrangle up anyone who didn’t catch this, but yeah if you know anyone coming please let them know because i think it’d be easiest to get us all in the same place right away… although if you wanna hang out with me an pretend to watch bicycles for thirty minutes before a walk to the beach that’s cool too

if you have anything else to add please don’t be afraid to shoot a message because i hardly know anything about this event obvs oops. the road closures seem to be ending all around 1-1.30 pm so it’s possible that the road will be open and parking will be available when we start so you can also plan to come late late like at 2 because it may be easier to get around!!


Impromptu Oconomwoc Meetup

Hey cool kids!

We’re going to have an impromptu meeting on Saturday the 22nd in Oconomowoc and go bowling and stuff (someone please laugh at the shitty website)! I just want to have a small meetup before the year ends with some local people, and if all goes well we can grow from there and do other meetups. :o So don’t stress about making this if you can’t! I know it’s sorta last minute.

I’m going to call them tomorrow and ask a few questions before 100% finalizing this, but even if the bowling place doesn’t pan out, we’ll be running around somewhere in Oconomowoc. So something WILL at least be happening, even if it’s just me and the two Homestucks I know already who can come.

What I need from you guys is:
1. What TIMES would work well to hold this at? I’m thinking noon or later but idk what works with you?
2. I might bake cupcakes or something so does anyone have any FOOD ALLERGIES or dietary needs so I can avoid those things?
3. WHO PLANS ON GOING and if you plan on bringing anyone with you tell me that too so I can get a guesstimated headcount in case I need to reserve lanes or something.

I plan on cosplaying so you can do that if you want. :o I’ll probably be Jake or Jade.

Please get back to me ASAP here or via the facebook group post and enjoy your weekend!

(my personal might be better if you need to get to me right away just FYI)
Potential December Meetups?

Seeing as everything has been sorta dead, I’m going to post here and see if we can get some interest! :o

I know there a lot of people in between Madison and Milwaukee (like the Oconomowoc-Waukesha area) who have been wanting to do a local meetup there, but is there anyone interested in doing a December or even January meetup in that region? I don’t really know of any good indoor activities unless anyone can think of any?? I’d rather start PLANNING things and start to get things off the ground instead of saying “let’s do a meetup!” and never doing anything! :<

I’m just throwing it out there. Twerkdatstrider has a facebook group for Madisonstucks that you can contact her if you’re interested in joining for potential meetups! And I know a group of people in Milwaukee have been interested in doing things as well but I haven’t seen any cohesive meetup idea as of yet?

Any other ideas??

General Housekeeping/Next Milwaukeestuck meetup info

Housekeeping issues:

  • Alphabetized meetup/group lists and did some general html editing
  • Added a handful of new locations where people are located
  • Answered all asks (so if you’re waiting on a reply then please send your question again since tumblr might have eaten it)

The next Milwaukeestuck meetup will be on April 6th most likely. The details are not hammered out yet, but I wanted to give that date as soon as I could in advance so people can plan for it.

And to those of you who went to Kitsune Kon this weekend I hope you had a lot of fun! I saw some pictures of the Homestuck cosplayers and you all looked great!


Woaaah guys so the meetup today was awesome! We had a lot of fun ice skating and generally goofing off, thanks to everyone who showed up! We’re probably gonna try to plan something else pretty quick here, an idea involving a zoo was mentioned. I haven’t been to the MKE zoo, so this is an awesome idea.

Thanks so much and I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did (despite the fact I can’t really skate ha ha ha) sldfkjsdlkfj see y'all soon probably!

- reiish (the Dave from the meetup)

I’m gonna go on a photoset reblogging spree now.