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etsyfindoftheday | get ready for thanksgiving | 11.19.16

maple leaf trinket dish in cranberry by dandelionpottery

i’ve featured the golden version of this leaf dish before, but the deep red reminds me of sugar maples in southeastern wisconsin where i grew up. man, i love fall, and all its fun holidays like halloween and thanksgiving!!

I wrote that post the other day, about hating my hometown yet knowing I’ll never escape it, but yesterday, and today, I feel so different, I love where I live. Loving places is like loving people: the better you get to know them, the more of their bad sides you’ll see, and sometimes you don’t like them so much. But if you truly love a place (or a person), the good parts of them outweigh the bad, and you love them despite, or maybe even sometimes because of, their ‘flaws.’

Whenever I go to a show here in southeastern Wisconsin (everything from Milwaukee south to the state line of Illinois is my hometown, in a way), I just feel such an abiding love for this place, because the shows always remind me that, to paraphrase World/Inferno: the kids do still sing and dance, drink and fuck, smash it up in the homeland.

Inquire Within

looking for one (1) partner in adventure

someone who will go anywhere on a whim with me

must be willing to pose for photos

must drive, as i do not.

what i lack in a license i make up for in stories/food/mixed cd’s.

must like the beatles.

if you’re in southeastern wisconsin, please shoot me an ask

i want to know you, i want to adventure with you.

…for if we can accept that there are no mistakes and that the Universe is always on time, then it’s not such a great leap to believe that the failures of today can drive us to excel tomorrow.
—  Black Hat Society of SE WI

I’ve actually had thoughts for a while now about trying to put together a Racine/Kenosha (southeastern Wisconsin) zine fest. I think it would be good because, since these are smaller communities with fewer events going on, people who might not otherwise go to a zine fest would check it out and therefore be introduced to zines, but also (if it was held in Kenosha, which I think would make more sense) it would be easily accessible to people coming from both Milwaukee and Chicago - from Milwaukee you can easily drive or take a bus, and from Chicago you can just hop on the Metra train. Now, it seems like an even better idea, because I’m becoming pretty disillusioned with zine fests for several reasons, and if I were organizing it I’d be able to a. showcase the people who I think are the best/most important zine-writers, and b. decide who could table or not, and therefore be absolutely certain that no one shitty could participate.

But I would just have no idea how to go about it. The biggest event I’ve ever organized is a show with a few bands. I wouldn’t know how to find other organizers, or how to get funding to rent a space, pay for promotion, pay workshop leaders (and hopefully be able to give stipends to invited guests, as well, to help pay for travel expenses or whatever else)…

I really think it’s a good idea, but I have no idea how to get it off the ground.