Big Thicket National Preserve, Part 2:

One other thing I forgot to mention about this place: THE PINE TREES ARE HUGE. They’re about ten stories tall. Put another way, a hundred feet. These pictures really don’t do em justice. As you drive southeast from Dallas towards Hardin County, just two counties northeast of Houston, you can see the landscape transition from Blackland Prairie, to cross timbers (alternatin strips of prairie and hardwood forest), to hardwood forests interspersed with small pine trees, to pine forests approximately three to five stories tall, and finally into the heart of the Pineywoods, where the pine trees are massive, and the occasional magnolia even more so.

Those beautiful flowers in the penultimate three pictures are parsley hawthorn, Crataegus marshalli, and they were one of my favorite parts of visitin the Preserve that spring in 2012. They’re cousins of the mayhaws (Crataegus opaca and C. aestivalis), and are just as edible, though with smaller fruit. Their main draw, though, is the delicate, parsley-like leaves and elegant spring blooms. I love em.

plants and animals in this photoset:

Eastern tent caterpillars, Malacosoma americanum

flowering dogwood, Cornus florida

parsley hawthorn, Crataegus marshalli

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Do not go to Dr. Nadimpalli @ Singla Eye Institute(Port Arthur/Beaumont) if you live in Southeast Texas and need to see an ophthalmologist. 

Heres why:

  • She was generally rude to me.
  • She would not answer my or my mothers questions about why at the first visit she thought I had glaucoma.
  • It took her two* visits to correct my prescription for new glasses
  • *It would have been three if I had not called my eye doctor from my old hometown to get the correct prism # and direction. She expected me to make another appointment at the other office because she didn’t have the machine to take measurements there, which would mean another copay.
  • She became very cocky when my mom tried to explain my childhood eye surgeon told us multiple times that I would need prisms for life and then looked at both of us as if she didn’t understand.
KGCX6 Cart-Witness News-Coming to a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer Near You!

KGCX6 Cart-Witness News is coming Southeast Texas.  A news channel designed to give you money saving tips, become a savvy shopper and bring a smile to your face. We’ll will be bringing you the best we have to offer every week, while not taking ourselves to seriously. We hope you join us weekly. Date and time to be announced on October 7, 2011.