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Greek Anarchists vs. the Islamic State
By AthensLive News

Greek anarchists have found a second home in the arms of Kurdish militias fighting ISIS in the Syrian part of Kurdistan. Rojava, in northern Syria, is under the control of Kurdish forces. Intermittent reports of anarchists joining the war have reached Greece over time, but a photo that emerged in the Greek press this week has solidified these claims.

The Greek soldiers chose a Kurdish name upon arrival, signalling their internationalist approach. The Kurdish struggle for a unified Kurdistan, including parts of southeast Turkey, northern Syria, north Iraq and west Iran. Parts of the land they claim are under ISIS control.

International media often call the area around Rojava “anarchist land.” Reports claim that a regime of direct democracy has been set up since Kurdish fighters gained control of the area in 2015.

The Greek anarchists founded the Revolutionary Union of International Solidarity, RUIS, under the International Revolutionary People’s Guerilla forces. “ A network of serious and dedicated anarchists hungry to advance the movement by any means necessary,” an anonymous member of IRPGF explained.

Sand Partridge (Ammoperdix heyi)

…a species of Old World partridge (Perdicinae) which occurs from Egypt and Israel east to the south Arabian Peninsula. In southeast Turkey and east to Pakistan A. heyi is replaced by its similar relative A. griseogularis (the see-see partridge). Sand partridges are resident breeders in dry, open and hilly countryside, where they will forage for a wide variety of seeds and plant matter. They are also occasionally know to take insects as well. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Galliformes-Phasianidae-Perdicinae-Ammoperdix-A. heyi

Image: Gelske Kwikkel

100 Days in Prison and a Lawyer Shot Dead: Turkey Still Won’t Let Our Journalist Go

Dec 7, 2015 — By Jake Hanrahan for @vicenews

December 5 was Rasool’s hundredth day behind bars. He is seemingly no closer to being released, or even sent to trial, than he was when Phil and I had to leave him behind some 89 days ago. Rasool is caught in a state of limbo. Turkish authorities say they’re still investigating — an investigation that has gone on for one hundred days with no progress or end in sight. And things are getting worse.

One week ago today, our lead lawyer, Tahir Elci, was shot dead in Diyarbakir in southeast Turkey. He’d been giving a press conference in the Sur neighborhood, calling for peace between Turkey and the PKK. His last words before a bullet struck him in the head were, “We don’t want guns, clashes [or] operations in this region.”

Tahir was 49. He leaves behind a wife, a daughter, and a son. I watched his funeral on the television. One of his daughters, Nazenin, screamed “Bavo ez bimrim!” (Let me die dad!), as she walked with his coffin. Thousands of people walked behind her, all showing their respect for Tahir and his lifelong dedication to human rights.

We’re still battling to get our friend and colleague Mohammed Rasool free from prison. You can help by signing the petition for his release

See-see Partridge (Ammoperdix griseogularis)

…a species of Ammoperdix partridge that is known to occur from southeast Turkey through Syria and Iraq, east to Iran and Pakistan. It is replaced mostly in Egypt and Arabia by the closely related sand partridge Ammoperdix heyi. See-see partridges are typically seen in dry, open and hilly country, where it will feed on a wide variety of seeds and the occasional insect. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Galliformes-Phasianidae-Perdicinae-Ammoperdix-A. griseogularis

Image: Tommy Pedersen

Lawyer’s death rocks Turkey

Police are searching for unknown assailants after a prominent Kurdish lawyer was killed during an attack on a gathering in southeast Turkey Saturday. Tahir Elci’s death is the latest in a wave of violence that has re-ignited since a truce between the Turkish government and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party fell apart in July. Kurds say the government is involved with Islamic State, which has been blamed for three recent attacks on Kurdish activists. - AFP News Agency

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