southeast kentucky

featheredursine-blog  asked:

Heard from any Kentucky witches? Particularly south/eastern KY?

Not southeastern Kentucky witches, but a northern kentucky witch who lives in the tri-state area!  @Dislocated-Cannibal.

Also, @catsterisks lives in the SW Virginia/NE Tennessee area if this is in your range???

If any other witches are in the south/eastern KY area hit up @featheredursine-blog!!!!!!


When the moon and sun met, kinda screws every thing up. So of course on this day we flipped the 4 wheeler. First time ever in 15 year’s for either one of us, we are super careful.  Just a  bruised thigh, slight concussion. a few bumps and small bruises. My man is ok. A little sore but ready to ride again Saturday!!!!