Stupid -ass Hot Serpent Theory

Okay so I was rewatching the finale and for some reason I’m really digging that one serpent that is in the cafeteria and gives Jug Hot Dog at the end of the ep. I feel in my gut he’s gonna be a major character in the future, but I was wondering who from the comics he could be that would correlate to the show. So I got to thinking and I was wondering: what if this dude is Bingo Wilkin from That Wilkin Boy which was another Archie comic series from 1969- to mid 1980s. B4 you like “dis bitch is crazy” which tbh this theory is j speculation so I might be crazy who knows, but in the comics Bingo and Jughead are cousins. I feel like it would fit so perfectly especially if this new dude is Jugs new foster family, and who knows maybe that old Serpent who was like “we are family” can be Uncle Herman. Also, Bingo is always compared to Archie, and I feel like this dude is def gonna be the Archie to Jughead in South Side high. One more thing, I think the guy really looks like him, so who knows 😂.

In case you have no idea which dudes I’m talking about 

Idk tell me what you guys think, maybe his name will just forever be hot serpent and we’ll never know

Imagine Imagine you and jughead had a fight about him going to south side High. He said things that he didn’t mean like that he never loved you anyway so he laid in bed thinking about how you looked when he said that and how his heart broke to see you cry. So in the middle of the night he ran to your house. And knocked on your window and Said Hey there Juliet


Didn’t realize there was a north side south side thing but some Kanye lyrics make more sense now

Yup.  The biggest split in Chicago is North Side/South Side.  More than African-American/Hispanic/White, although racial segregation is pretty strong in these parts.  Like, really strong. There is a West Side but nobody really gives a shit about it since it burned down in the riots following MLK’s assassination.  OK, The Outfit (see @silent-centurion)   probably cares, but nobody else.  There is no East Side.  That’s Lake Michigan and you drown.

Major generalization but…

The Northside/Southside split is along the Cubs/Sox split.  It’s also the Yuppie/Blue Collar split.  Southside Irish vs Everyone else.  There are northside Irish, but it’s not the same.  The Northsiders work in office, the Southsiders work on patrol, at the firehouse or outside.  Remember the Super Fans, deese, dem and dose guys?  They were Southsiders for sure.

A Northsider will tell you what neighborhood he lives in.  A Southsider will tell you what parish he’s from.  Every time.  A Northsider will tell you what suburban high school he went to.  A Southsider will tell you they went to St. Rita, Brother Rice, Marist. And they all know each other.  And they’ve all probably been in fights with each other or dated each other’s sisters.

Northsiders will welcome you with open arms, especially if you went to any Big Ten schools.  Southsiders will never let you in if you didn’t grow up on the block.  I dated a Southsider in law school and in a million years I would NEVER have been accepted as one of them.  They were all very nice and polite, but it was clear I was an outsider.  The whole thing would remind you of Good Will Hunting between Southies and college kids.

You can walk into any bar on the Northside and walk out just fine.  Do NOT go to Cork &  Kerry or Riley’s Daughter if you aren’t from there.  I’d rather walk into a bar in Englewood than either of those two places.

Again, gross generalization because some neighborhoods are the same on both sides.  Sauganash on the North side is a very swanky neighborhood but is equalled by old Beverly on the South.  All the cops and fireman that don’t live in Mt. Greenwood on the South Side live in Edison Park on the North Side. 

Northside is yuppie and hipster and Southside is blue collar salt of the Earth.

Pat, anything to add?

fight: intro

Group/Member: BTS // Jungkook

AU: RoughLife!AU

Word Count: 2.564

Prompt: Dialogue w/ Jungkook 38
“You look so sexy when you’re all bloodied and bruised like that.”

A/N: So this is my intro for Jungkook for the new AU series I’m working on. It won’t be a chapter series, but instead a bunch of imagines and drabbles that take place in this world. I will be doing this with all the boys. I’ll leave some posts for more information and more imagines placed in this AU. I hope you enjoy! (Also I will take requests for this AU. When you make a request that you’ve come up with on your own or when you pick from either of my lists and you want it to be in this world, just specify that to me <3)

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RoughLife!AU Info // Yoongi’s RoughLife!AU Intro

Split skin and spilled blood. Bruised eyes and battered ribs. An illegal ring composed of more than fifty fighters, and thousands of dollars on the line, and your boyfriend was right in the very mix of it. Growing up on the south side, things like these weren’t even considered something to bat an eye at. In these areas of the city, drug activity, drinking, and shady characters were nothing but a common thing. Your own family lived about ten miles west of the south side city borders, placed smack dab in what was considered an average neighborhood. Compared to the south side’s neighborhoods though, your own house felt like a mansion at times; honestly though it was nothing more than a prison. Being home was close to impossible most days, and when you’d met Jungkook in your sophomore year of high school you’d finally felt like you’d found your escape from that house.  

Days after school spent running through the city with him, smoking and sneaking bottles of liquor from his father’s stash, laying on a blanket underneath the tracks of the train overpass and watching as it roared across above you, moving quickly through the city. You remembered the first night he’d brought you there, the air cold and crisp, his arms pulling you close to him and resting his nose against yours. You only ever saw this soft side when you were with him, you having an effect on him that he’d never been fully able to grasp. You remembered how that night he had whispered how much he loved you, how he wished he could be better for you, and that he could be somebody that could make your parents proud and happy that their daughter was dating him. “That’s not the life I was born into though,” he had whispered to you, your eyes watching his as he stroked your cheek with his hand. He’d had a large gash across his eyebrow that night, a still healing wound from the fight ring. “That doesn’t mean I’m not going to be selfish though because fuck, I’m so selfish when I’m with you,” and he’d pulled you in and kissed you so hard and deep that your head had spun, your body vibrating as another train passed overhead.

Jungkook was very well known around the school, as well as around the south side. Though often for bad things, his name was one that everybody could place a face to. He was somebody that you never wanted to get into a fight with because he had a killer right hook, and you surely never wanted to cross the people he cared for. Originally Jungkook had been somebody you would have avoided at school. He down right looked mean a majority of the time, had an attitude and lip that could shut down anybody in their tracks and in no way, was the easiest person to approach. The only reason you’d even spoken to him was because you’d been jumped back in sophomore year, having taken a short cut through one of the south side neighborhoods to get to your own. A group of guys, probably a few years older than you had come out from under the overpass and shoved you hard on the ground, ripping the shoulder bag from your body and digging through his contents, your head dizzy and vision blurred from hitting the concrete. You’d closed your eyes and turned down towards the ground, not wanting your assailants to see the tears in your eyes, but also just wanting them to take what they wanted and leave. It had been the sudden yell from behind you that had made you dare to look up. “What the fuck do you assholes think you’re doing?”

The voice had come from a tall figure with dark hair. They were pushing up the sleeves of their sweatshirt, cracking their knuckles as they stormed towards the scene. You’d realized as they got closer that it was none other than Jungkook. You were surprised to see the sudden look of fear cross over all three of the guys;’ face that had knocked you down. But this was the south side and even though they would never admit they were afraid, you could see if in their stances. But of course, they weren’t going to run away, because that would scuff their reputations. It was far better to get beaten then to run away with your tail between your legs. Fight they did, and beaten they were. Jungkook had knocked each one hard, leaving visible cuts and bruises and telling them that if they ever laid a hand on you again then they’d get far worse, and should expect to be six feet under. “You okay?” He’d asked s he bent down and helped you up, steadying you as you swayed for a moment before handing you his purse. “Let me walk you home, this is a nasty place to be in,” He’d said and after that day had become a ritual. Meeting you after school, even on the days that he’d skipped school all together, making sure to meet you outside the building so that he could walk you home. You weren’t completely sure when you’d started dating, because nothing official had ever been said. Maybe it was the day that you’d invited him in when your parents were gone and had proceeded to lose your virginity to him, or maybe it had been the first time he ever invited you out with him to lay under the overpass. It didn’t really matter because now that you had Jungkook, and he had you, neither of you had any intention of letting go.

Life was complicated though, and everything about your love for Jungkook was messy and complicated. The year that senior year rolled around Jungkook had dropped out, his father reaching a point where he was too drunk to be trusted with the household bills, Jungkook and his brother having to do whatever they could to keep your house and to keep social services from interfering and attempt to take them away for foster care. You’d wanted to quit with him, but he’d refused, the two of you yelling and fighting under the train tracks that night, your black eyeliner running down your cheek as he’d looked at you, the moon large and menacing about you. “Don’t you get it [Y/N]? You can be something! You’re smart! You’ll get into a college. I won’t, and even if I had stayed and graduated my grades were fucking bullshit. I want you to make something of yourself okay? No matter what happens between the two of us, you need to watch out for you first. My life was fucking decided the moment I was born in this part of the city, and in this stupid family. You’re not though! You have a family that actually gives a shit when you don’t come home at night, who is fuckign worried about you hanging out with me!” His emotions had been so high that night, his breaths coming out in pants, your anger bubbling at his words because what did he know about your family?

He’d only come over a few times when your parents had been home, he’d never seen the words your dad had slung at you. The way your father made you feel like you were the dirtiest human being to grace the earth. Growing up in your home had been painful and they’d always been a secret that you kept tucked away and hidden from him. To you, it always felt best to ignore the problems. If you didn’t look at them long enough then you didn’t need to deal with them. It was why you ran to Jungkook so much, because being home for too long made you want to scream and collapse in on yourself.

“You act like because you’re dating somebody from the south side, you have to sink like those of us in the south side. Open your fucking eyes-“ but the sentence had never been finished, your fist coming out hard and quick right into his gut, Jungkook doubling over, not ready or expecting it. Later on he’d be able to admit that you had a great hook and that if you ever wanted to learn more about fighting he’d teach you, but at the time it happened he’d been speechless, his knee hitting the ground hard, one hand on the pavement while the other held his gut. “Don’t you dare make assumptions about my life based off my home. And if you really think that this is your destiny then you’re plain stupid Jungkook. What happened to the man I fell in love with that was willing to fight nail and skin to make it?”

A full week later as you sat along in your room, looking at the date on your calendar you’d circled in bright red, you debated if going was even a good idea. You hadn’t seen him, hadn’t returned the few texts he’d sent, just wanting to make sure you were alright. You still weren’t alright, still quite pissed in fact by the idea that he so willingly would assume such things about you. Deep down you knew that you played a role in this as well. Despite being together for nearly two years, you had never decided to share your home life with Jungkook. He hadn’t asked though, because he knew better than anybody how messy home could be. He knew what it was like to live with parents who should never have been allowed to be parents. He respected that it just wasn’t a topic you’d liked to talk about, but because of that, it left him room to assume that your life really wasn’t as bad as it was.

Letting out a sigh you finally stood from your chair and yanked on your jacket. Making your way quietly downstairs, you slipped out the front door with barely a noise to spare and took off through the dark to a place that had become quite familiar to you in the past two years.

The large warehouse was falling apart, broken glass everywhere, along with broken beams and holes in the roof that let the moon shine through; but it was the perfect place for the illegal fight ring to take place. Pushing your way through, you saw the place was purely packed; you knew that it was because tonight was Jungkook’s night to fight. For the last year, he hadn’t lost a single fight, and though he would never admit it, a large reason for that was because you’d never missed a fight either. You hadn’t enjoyed watching him get hit and hurt but you were still always there to cheer him on. You were a little late for the fight and when you finally made it to the front of the circle that formed around the fighting boys, you saw that Jungkook wasn’t doing as well as he usually was. His eyebrow had been completely split again, blood gushing from the wound and into his eye, making it hard for him to see. His lip was split and starting to swell and the skin of his left temple was starting to turn a nasty dark color.

“Jungkook, get up and fight!” you yelled, your voice easily cutting through that of all the cheering males. Plenty of girls came to the fights, but it was more so to try and get themselves onto the arms of one of the fighters. You were one of the few that came to cheer.

Upon hearing your voice, Jungkook knew immediately that it was you, and didn’t waste any precious time to look. Instead he trusted, and immediately felt the power and energy rush through his veins, standing back up ad swinging his arm hard as his fist fully connected with his opponent’s nose. You refused to look away, but instead watched the pure fury that was flowing through your boyfriend’s body. You knew he was probably still angry about the fight that the two of you had, knew that he was probably pissed that you’d ignored him all week, and probably even more pissed he was finally being faced with the curiosity of what you dealt with while at home. Jungkook had believed for so long that you were living the sort of life he’d wished for, but between the punch you’d given him, along with the look he’d seen on our face, he now knew that he could no longer believe that.

And so, he placed all that anger in the remainder of the fight and when he’d easily come back and knocked his opponent out, the entire building had turned into a roar. They roared because Jungkook was once again undefeated, and they cheered because the bets had been high and the money would be good. Amongst the cheers, you stood stoically and waited for Jungkook to finish being congratulated. You saw his brother clap him on the back before tossing him a rag and sticking a lit cigarette in his mouth before a few more fighters from their own team congratulated him. When he was finally finished though he immediately went to you, kissing you quick on the lips, the taste of copper meeting your mouth from his split lip.

“You haven’t gotten hurt this bad in a while,” you comment as you lead him away from the storage building and to the one spot that you two found solitude in together; the overpass. Taking the rag his brother gave him you wiped blood away and bandaged him up with what you’d brought from home; always prepared when you were going to see him fight. “Yeah well…I wasn’t expecting you to come and watch,” he said as he turned his head away and took long drags from his cigarette.

“Don’t be stupid, this was a huge fight. I wouldn’t have missed it,” you say as he you watch him. As you watch his head fall and his hair cover his eyes from the world. Everybody else in the south side could fear this boy. They could look at him and see someone who would easily kick your ass, and they could be as afraid as they wanted, but when you looked at him, you saw nothing but a little boy who wished that the world had been different. You saw somebody that wished whenever he saw a shooting star that he could be more, and saw somebody that just wants to live a normal life. You saw the boy that you loved.

“You know,” you say, quiet at first, “you look sexy when you’re all bloodied and bruised like that.”  

The snort that leaves him calms the mood a little as you reach out and grab a hold of his hand. Maybe you two would never know what it was like to grow old with one another, or what it was like to live a normal life free of the pain that you’d been dealt. But you knew that if living a life like that meant you could have these moments, your hand tucked into his larger and warmer one, his dark eyes watching you so intently, the rumble of the train above you, then you knew that it would always be worth it.

“I was totally an accident. You know, my parents were on welfare living in a garage in south side Chicago. Things didn’t work out between the two of them, and I just met my dad for the first time last year. I always thought he would be a deadbeat, like with no teeth or something. But when we met, I touched his face and looked at him. He was so normal. Turns out, he’s actually a lot like me.”


Mr. Capone-E feat. ODM - South Side Thing

Mr. Capone-E’s debut music video with ODM from Lighter Shade of Brown.

Capone-E first verse:

This is dedicated to all my haters from day 1.

1, 3, Jacking yo beat
Capone-e and Odm riding for the homies.
Ready to make my debut so back on up.

Odm - “Before we have to pull the strap out the cut”

Give me the strap first, so i can load up these valas.
Sur Califas south side fuck chavalas.
Because there ain’t nothin but the south side babeh.
Two bald fucking ridaz goin crazeh.
Rap game is the pedo that pays meh.
Untouchable so please dont try to bain us.
Well im back to my cuete in my hand “chuk chuk”.
Ah 9 milli glock just to let you understand, from a south sider point of view.
And if you aint down with the blue, than mada fuck you.
Cause you know im bussin the jack bussin on rap uhh, and at the same time bussin yo cap.
And if im bussin yo cap good if i dont hit em.
So im a blast em up close cause you know i wont miss um uhhhhh.
And thats real deal homie feel.
And you busters and bitches know how i kill.
So if you good i broke up a proper hit.
Make sure i pass because we dropping some gangster shiit.