Mr. Capone-E feat. ODM - South Side Thing

Mr. Capone-E’s debut music video with ODM from Lighter Shade of Brown.

Capone-E first verse:

This is dedicated to all my haters from day 1.

1, 3, Jacking yo beat
Capone-e and Odm riding for the homies.
Ready to make my debut so back on up.

Odm - “Before we have to pull the strap out the cut”

Give me the strap first, so i can load up these valas.
Sur Califas south side fuck chavalas.
Because there ain’t nothin but the south side babeh.
Two bald fucking ridaz goin crazeh.
Rap game is the pedo that pays meh.
Untouchable so please dont try to bain us.
Well im back to my cuete in my hand “chuk chuk”.
Ah 9 milli glock just to let you understand, from a south sider point of view.
And if you aint down with the blue, than mada fuck you.
Cause you know im bussin the jack bussin on rap uhh, and at the same time bussin yo cap.
And if im bussin yo cap good if i dont hit em.
So im a blast em up close cause you know i wont miss um uhhhhh.
And thats real deal homie feel.
And you busters and bitches know how i kill.
So if you good i broke up a proper hit.
Make sure i pass because we dropping some gangster shiit.

Being fluent in AAVE means that sometimes you forget that “The” doesn’t end in an A

i guess maybe like my True Accent only comes out when i’m angry about something or just like passionate/riled up bc i’m not Paying Attention to it or trying to sound a certain way which is probably why my parent’s accents get so much thicker when they’re mad about shit huh yea that makes sense hm 

The South Side is a big place with lots of different neighborhoods and when outsiders treat it like a death sentence, it pisses us off. Seriously, guys, you don’t know shit about the South Side.
—  35 things only Chicagoans understand