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Two brothers follow their father’s footsteps as “hunters” fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.


Pairs and characters that almost made it in my big cartoon crossover but that, for a reason or another, I had to leave out xP

Originally I wanted to have Louise (Bob’s Burger) and Mabel (Gravity falls) talk cause they are dubbed by the same voice actress, same goes for Candy (Greavity Falls) and BMO (Adventure Time), 

Mabel would have been good with Star (Star VS the forces of evil) too cause, come on… they would love each other! 
Star would have been great with Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony Friendship is magic) too, after all her bestie is a pony… sort of xD
Instead Star ended up dancing with ice King (Adventure Time), which I still think was perfect xP Come on, let the poor Simon enjoy a dance with a princess 8′D
And Mabel ended up with Steven… and at first I wanted to have them fuse, modifying Stevonnie, but… oh well xP 

Steven (Steven Universe) and Lumpy Space Princess (Adventure time) would have been awesome too cause there litterally is a scene in Adventure Time where LSP yells ‘get your hands off me, Steven!’ XD

Diane (BoJack Horseman) meeting Daria (Daria) would have been perfect cause.. I can’t be the only one seeing a similarity XD

I didn’t think to add Butters before cause… well, when I started the video I hadn’t watched South Park yet, my two best friend introduced me to this show just a few months ago, when the video was basically already over xP

Also I desperately wanted to add Appa but… he was too bit and basically didn’t fit in the dance scene v.v

Well, if you wanna check out the original video with the pairs and characters that made it in the end… here’s the link!

What do you think? Are the scrapped parings better then the ones that made it? :P
Or would have you preferred some different character/pair? :)

  • Tweek: Are you okay? I can hear you crying. Do you need anything?
  • Craig: Thank you I’m okay. I’m just in a fight with Stripe.
  • Tweek: Stripe??? Did he bite you? Are you okay?
  • Craig: No it didn’t get physical. I just feel like he’s been ignoring me and he knows I can’t handle that and he’s acting like he doesn’t care at all.

anonymous asked:

Tweek, did Craig tell you he was homeless and living in his vehicle before he moved in?

Tweek: What does that one say?
Craig: Uhhhh, nothing, just a random question-
Tweek: Show it to me.

Tweek: Craig, what are they talking about? You were homeless?
Craig: Kind of. 
Tweek: You can’t kind of be homeless, fess up, what happened? Why weren’t you living with your parents, at least?
Craig: Well… I was living with my parents. That’s how I ended up living out of my car.
Tweek: I know Thomas never would have kicked you out.
Craig: It doesn’t really matter.

Tweek: Stop hiding behind that camera and talk to me.
Craig: It’s not a huge deal! Really.
Tweek: Then why won’t you talk about it? 
Craig: Fine… my dad finally gave in and took a paternity test. He didn’t want to, he didn’t want to know, neither did I. Mom did, though, and she just kept pushing it.
Tweek: A paternity test? Why would she do that?
Craig: They were fighting again, so why do you figure? She wanted to hurt him.
Tweek: I guess it… worked?
Craig: You really never wondered why I look so different from the rest of my family? Why my hair is black? My parents were married for 25 years and I, the literal black sheep, am 21. Of course it worked. She got the results she wanted him to see.
Tweek: So he kicked you out? 
Craig: No, mom kicked him out. And she doesn’t want me there. It’s fine,let’s just stop talking about it.