Heading to South Beach on Friday and excited to walk those streets again.. so many good characters down there. (at Miami South Beach)

This exercise works abs, upper body and lower body!

Flex your legs, quads and butt, keep your hips and lower ribs tucked to keep your abs engaged, sink through your shoulder blades so that your thoracic vertebrae has slight curve and isn’t hunched, and keep your shoulders down away from your ears. 

Try 4 sets, for 30-45 seconds.

If this is too easy, there are variations we can discuss >:)

Hey everyone! Listen up PLEASE! Ft. Lauderdale PD in Florida arrested one of our fellow Dream Defenders, Demetrius, for speaking out against police violence! A month ago, Demetrius along with other DDs were protesting in Ft. Lauderdale. This was a peaceful protest but the Ft. Laud PD only responded with violence as well as being decked out in full gear; vests and their guns! We were UNARMED and peaceful! One telling Demetrius directly, “I will shoot you.” as well as arresting one of our comrades (who wasn’t released until the following early hours of the morning). Tonight the PD are being awarded for how they handled the protest. That isn’t right! Demetrius was arrested standing in front of the audience at the awarding explaining how the police treated him at the previous protest. They forcibly removed him for SPEAKING and put him on the ground to handcuff him.

If you can, please donate as we are trying to raise money for bail ($1000)! This is important! Please help!

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