My friend’s cat had babies and she can’t keep them. She is trying very hard to rehome them to loving families who will take care of them, with no luck so far over the past couple of weeks. If she can’t rehome them, she would have to be forced to put them in a shelter to die, since some of them have a crooked tail or twisted front limbs and a lot of people find that undesirable in a new pet. There is a very scarce amount of no-kill shelters in our area and she would much rather hand them to people in person and make sure they get to live out their lives.

They may not be perfect but they are sooo sweet and they all have their own little personalities and they deserve to get to live out their little lives! None of them should be euthanized! 

midnightowlz and I would GREATLY appreciate it if you would spread the word by reblogging, and informing anyone who is looking for a cat that there are some adorable little furballs who are ready to go to their forever homes! Please feel free to contact me via my ask box if you want me to put in a good word for you to my friend. 



Explaining “you’re from south Miami”

Above (left) is where the altercation between myself, and Dorrbecker took place. Keep in mind that we live on opposite ends of the street. Also keep in mind that it was all on public property, since I still see ignorant folks somehow trying to assert that I was “trespassing.” (Important SN: my WHITE PASSING fiancé and I had walked back there several times over the course of that week with Mojito. This was the first time that I walked her by myself.)
This would be considered the “nice” part of south Miami. My neighbor, and fiancé’s employer is loaded. Everyone on this street has guap to drop.

In this next photo(right) you’ll see where Dorrbecker assumed and asserted multiple times that I was from.
On the other side of US 1(S Dixie Highway) is a huge, middle to lower income black population. She was basically saying that I was in the wrong part of town.

Because I’m new to the area (had just been here our first full week the Sunday that the altercation occurred) I had absolutely no clue what this woman was saying to me when she walked up wagging her finger.
“Let me tell you something. You’re in it.” were the first words out of her mouth to me after being respectfully asked “I’m sorry m'am, am I trespassing? Would you like me to leave?”
I had just been racially profiled, and was so confused by how vague this woman was trying to be that I didn’t catch it until other people explained that that’s what happened to me.
I remember asking her “in what?” Because I truly had no clue what she meant.
“You’re a part of south Miami. I’m calling the  police.”
This was all happening while I was on the phone with my mom, so I obviously hadn’t started recording yet.
“I don’t know what the hell "you’re from south Miami” means, when I just moved here (from N. Miami) a week ago. I asked you if I was on your property, and you’ve yet to tell me or begin to make sense. If you wanted me to leave that’s all you had to be a decent human being and say, but why the fuck would you call the police?“ At this point I was yelling, but walking away.
That’s when I turn and see her hike up her towel and start jogging after me. She was actively trying to catch up to me and continue to follow me. That’s when I told my mom that I would call her back, and that’s where part 1 of the videos start.
She was trying to chase me out her neighborhood, not knowing that I was her fucking neighbor. So if any of you are still wondering why I didn’t just keep walking, I would have led her right back to my house in a matter of seconds.
Nothing about this woman was civil, but it was all calculated.
I want everyone to understand right now that Dorrbecker is NOT mentally ill.
During a phone call with the actual mayor of south Miami, I learned that Dorrbecker and her husband had a notable history of being "racist, batshit crazy republicans.”
This wasn’t the first time her name had crossed his desk either.
He was absolutely appalled by the whole situation and felt that he should call and ask if I still felt safe.
Tbh, I do. I just know that had I not made the decision to pull out my phone and record, the situation might have turned out way different.
She had already threatened to call the cops on me for NO reason, and who knows what lies she would have told them.

To anyone and everyone that has been racially profiled, and will unfortunately suffer through it while I’m typing this, and not receive justice, I am with you.

I am with any and every POC that has ever been subjugated to blind hate simply because of the color of their skin.
I am with any and every POC that has ever felt threatened to simply exist.
I am with any and every POC when we say “Move, Mojito.”
Know your rights. Record everything✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿



Hi beauties! Happy Sunday! Yesterdays outfit was SO comfy! I love playsuits for the warmer weather. This one is super lightweight and airy which is necessary for these hot days amongst us! I just picked up this one a few weeks ago and It is still fully in stock so YAY! I love pairing pastel pinks with gray. When I tried these shoes on with it I was like YES! I’ve been dying to wear these shoes ever since I got them! They are super comfy (believe it or not). Schutz shoes are the most comfortable in my opinion. They are worth the splurge if you love the shoe. My biggest problem is finding shoes I am able to walk in for more than an hour. These bad boys were perfect. I hope you guys enjoy this look! LOVE YOU MUFFINS! XOX Carli

We make such messes in this life, both accidentally and on purpose.But wiping the surface clean doesn’t really make anything any neater.It just masks what is below.It’s only when you really dig down deep, go underground,that you can see who you really are

Food is fuel for your body. Fast-food, which appeals to buyers because it’s prepared very quickly, can make you feel good temporarily. If eaten a lot, it can have some serious long-term effects on your health. Instead of giving you the boost of energy that you need, it can leave you feeling tired, depressed and bloated.

Former NBA star Ray Allen and his wife Shannon have opened up a fast-food restaurant, Grown, in South Miami and this level of healthy competition is definitely giving major fast-food chains a run for their money.

Grown is the first organic fast-food restaurant on the East Coast with a drive-thru. They serve all organic food at affordable prices and business has been booming ever since they officially opened their doors to the public in March (2016).

Why organic food? The Allen’s told Miami Herald that taking care of their son Walker, who has Type 1 diabetes, inspired this concept:

“I had an aha moment where I realized I couldn’t sit around helpless waiting for someone else to create a fast-food option that met our family’s dietary needs, and as we did our research it became obvious that this wasn’t a struggle unique to us — families everywhere are looking for convenience without compromise.” – Shannon Allen, Miami Herald

8211 S Dixie Hwy Miami, FL 33143

(Click to read about this innovative concept and for more BLACKAMAZING news)

The Move, Mojito trilogy+ explaining "You're from south Miami"


Fox’s Lounge, Miami, Florida
via Miami Herald

Closing (and being torn down) after 69 years: Fox’s Lounge, in South Miami. The site will be redeveloped and possibly will include a new version of the club.

From the article:

Tucked along busy South Dixie Highway in South Miami sits a South Florida landmark staring down its final days.

Fox’s Sherron Inn, which has been serving heavy free-poured drinks and pretty darn good food since the 1940s, will hold its last — and final — call early Saturday morning.

After 69 years, The Fox, as it’s affectionately known, will be open just one more day.

“It’s been a crazy three weeks,’’ said manager Ricardo Gutierrez, who has seen his small bar and restaurant overrun with patrons since its closing was announced earlier this month…

…The Fox will soon join a long list of popular Miami late-night spots closed in the name of progress. Like the 1800 Club off Biscayne Boulevard and downtown’s legendary Tobacco Road before it, the Fox will be torn down to make way for new development.

Dahdah has plans for apartments, retail and office space. A new version of the Fox is possible.

Gutierrez says most of the historic markings from the bar —including the Art Deco-style neon sign that fronts U.S. 1 — will be preserved for future use at the site.“We’re keeping just about everything,” Gutierrez said. “We’re going to try and incorporate it in the new building.”


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