the USA has raised its military preparedness/alert level from DEFCON 4/5 (military idle/non-prepared) up to DEFCON 3 (military on standby) a total of three times in history:
- when a coalition of arabic nations attacked israel in the Yom Kippur war,
- when 9/11 happened, and
- when a group of UN, USA, and South Korean soldiers were ordered to storm into the Joint Security Area of the DMZ along the North Korean border in order to cut down a tree 

Irish in Korea

Irish Association of Korea
Irish Times: Destination in Focus: South Korea
Hi Korea Website ( the official government website for foreigners, and has links to visa application forms and information on each visa type)
Seoul Gaels
Busan GAA
Asia Ireland Chamber of Commerce in Korea 
Irish Embassy in Seoul
Moving to South Korea

Irish people in Korea:

John Power- Irish journalist explains why emigration doesn’t always have to be tragedy after his three month internship at a Korean newspaper, turned into a permanent job!

Donal Kelly: Galway native teaching English in Korea writes about his life in Korea and his motivation to move to Korea, he also writes about how emigration isn’t always tragedy!

Kate O'Shaughnessy: Writes about the increase of Irish people and culture in Korea, but there is no place like home! She mentions the popularity of GAA in Daegu and knowledge of Ireland in Korea!

Irish teacher in Korea - unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a name, but this woman writes about her experiences in Korea and why she loves living in Busan!

Shauna Browne - An interview with an Irish expat who has been living in Korea for over 6 years! She explains what took her to Korea and talks about what she loves about it!

So guys I made this post because I, myself, found it very difficult to be taken seriously telling other Irish people about learning Korean and my hopes to live there in the future. Other Irish people have done it, are doing it, and will do it. Irish people are EVERYWHERE and if you believe that they are in Perth, LA, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and Hong Kong then take a lot at all the links I’ve provided and you will see just how fast the Irish population is rising in Korea.

With many recent graduates in Ireland, finding a job is extremely difficult. This generation is being called “Generation Emigration”, but with more opportunities in foreign countries, more and more young people are moving away for better lives and great experiences.

Of course, when you leave your home country, you will feel a little bit of guilt - but many of the sources provided above explain why emigration doesn’t have to be tragedy! Trying to find a better life for yourself outside of Ireland is brave and adventurous and if you want to do it - go for it!

Ireland will always be your roots, origin and home - but don’t be scared to venture to Korea, you may run into another Irish person if you’re lucky!

Korean Studies in Ireland:

Irish Institute of Korean Studies (IIKS) - Asian Studies UCC

Korean Studies - Trinity College

Korean Evening Courses IIKS/UCC (old link but researching for new course)

Sandford Korean Lessons Dublin

Korean shops in Ireland (Dublin):

Hansung Market Great Strand Street

Rare/Oh Look Kpop Shop Georges Arcade Dublin

Korean Restaurants Ireland (Dublin):

Arisu Korean Restaurant Capel Street, Dublin

HopHouse Kimchi Parnell St.

Brothers Dosirak

For anyone looking for learning resources I teach Korean here on this blog and have over seventy lessons! Here is my masterlist

So if you are Irish and looking into Korea in any way - don’t be scared, others have done it and so can you!

아일랜드 화이팅!

Korean Dramas

Before Korean Dramas:

Sweet, innocent, happy, and glad to be alive.

During Korean Dramas:

Lonely, confused, on edge, and less happy.

After Korean Dramas:

I don’t need to explain this one..


Reigning world champion Hana Song, also known as “D.Va.” Famous for her elite skills, D.Va was a fierce competitor who played to win at all costs, and she had a well-earned reputation for showing no mercy to her opponents.

• Busan, South Korea / Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army