Gary leaving ‘Running Man’ to focus on music career

Gary (Photo: ONE)

Gary, one of the original members of the popular Korean variety show “Running Man”, will be filming his last episode of the show on Monday (31 Oct).

The “Running Man” team announced on 25 Oct that Gary had already expressed a desire to leave the show in the beginning of the year in order to focus more on his music career.

They said, “The staff and crew tried to dissuade him from leaving, but we decided to respect his musical ambitions. We wish him all the best.”

The 38-year-old rapper is one-half of the South Korean hip-hop duo, Leessang.

There are no plans to recruit a new member to the current lineup, which includes main MC Yoo Jae Seok, Kim Jong Kook, Ji Suk Jin, Haha, Lee Kwang Soo and his “Monday Couple” partner, Song Ji Hyo.

Past regulars of the show include Lizzy of K-pop girl group, After School, and Song Joong Ki, of “Descendants of the Sun” fame.

The “Monday Couple”, Song Ji Hyo and Gary (Photo: ONE)

Gary was last in Singapore in October 2015 to film the reality programme “School’s OUT” in Singapore Polytechnic.

Is The KFandom Worth It?

Okay so i’m white. Very white. Okay not really, kinda tan, but that’s not important. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot if hate towards people in my major, East Asian Lang. and Lit. In the KFandom, Aka anyone whose not asian is getting called a “wannabe asian”. Now yes I watch anime and listen to Kpop, also Cpop, but that’s not the reason I’m in the EALL dept.? Lots of people recently are there for that reason but…does it justify them being called a fake asian? I want to be an interpreter or even an English teacher overseas not a full time fangirl. So why is that so bad? Because I speak Korean means I’m a Koreaboo? Now yes i see it weird calling a white male friend 오빠 and YES I did that when i was younger but I was TEN. I had no idea that what I was doing wasn’t necessarily appropriate. My point is that if you’re a non korean/japanese international fan YOU ARE JUST THE SAME. You don’t have K/J roots then you are just the same as me, it’s not your mother tongue and you have no relative’s of that decent. Saying “But I’m at least asian” doesn’t change that. I fell in love with Asian languages yes, but does that mean I’m a fake asian… If I’m taking this wrong someone please tell me but I’m at the point i want to just leave the K-pop fandom in total. Its not fair that anytime someone hears me speaking Korean they think I’m using simple fangirl speak. I speak it. I work in a place where I TRANSLATE for people. I don’t just talk to random asians and ask them if they listen to K-pop. I ask them if they need help finding anything or it they need help getting something. I just enjoy the music and I find the people very attractive! People think I just ‘go for the asian’ yes I think asians are very attractive but that’s because I find those features attractive , in actuality I’ve never once dated an asian! So yes i have an ideal sort of type but I don’t think I’m going to ONLY EVER DATE ASIANS. I honestly am so tired of people calling me fake… I just want to talk for a living. Like I’m sorry the world doesn’t have one language that everyone speaks and we never have language barriers, but just because I’m not that race shouldn’t mean I’m trying to be that race? I just wish you guys would stop beating on people when you don’t know their story. Like there are people who don’t fit in much and they try and find some place they do fit in. I never had very, I guess typical White parents so i never really understood the craze about JB or Selena Gomez or any of them. I grew up not understanding the 'norm’ i lived in books and music (mostly indie) and then surprise, surprise I found K-pop! I found people I felt like would accept me. And they did! Or I thought they did. But I just really don’t appreciate the hate lately. I don’t even have kfan friends in my work place so the fact that people use that against me is hurtful like how far did you go to get that info? I just want an explanation guys. That or just stop doing it…


Yeah, I know that South Korean society has very rigid gender roles. It’s not my place to comment on that specifically, but Filipino culture has a similar problem with misogyny and homophobia.

Like, some of the shit the boys say makes me cringe bc it reminds me of shit my male relatives spew sometimes.

I do get that it’s a different cultural context, but cheritz still doesn’t get a pass for it and it’s important to acknowledge, I think

Korean Dramas

Before Korean Dramas:

Sweet, innocent, happy, and glad to be alive.

During Korean Dramas:

Lonely, confused, on edge, and less happy.

After Korean Dramas:

I don’t need to explain this one..