just my opinions on sanha’s image becoming more mature

it’s good!! please, please don’t complain about him growing up or changing his image. calling sanha your baby or your son, go ahead, but don’t invalidate what he’s doing because it’s more mature than what he’s done before.

sanha is 17 internationally. he’s not a child. please. treating him like a legitimate child, wanting him to stay cute and innocent for all time is not a way we should be thinking. it’s not logical. he will grow up, and he is grown up.

i fall into the trap myself sometimes, too, i’m not above it, but i am consciously making an effort to recognize sanha as an almost-legal adult by american standards. in not too many months, sanha would count as a legal american adult, and in just another year and a half, sanha is going to be legal by south korean standards at age 20.

i’ve seen people saying things like “i don’t want sanha to grow up” or “sanha will always be a child/kid to me” and that’s all fine and good except it’s not.  it aggravates me to see people pretty much discrediting his progress, his growth, all because it doesn’t fit their mental image of what sanha should be simply based on his age.

sanha is ridiculously talented.  he’s currently a 2nd year high school student, and he has 4 mini albums, a special album, two reality shows, numerous concerts, guitar playing, and an insane vocal ability under his belt.  recognize that.  sanha is not a child.


저기 저 꽃잎들처럼
날갤 단 것처럼은 안 돼
그래도 손 뻗고 싶어
달려보고 싶어
조금 더
“I can’t fly like the flower petals over there or as though I have wings. Still, I want to stretch my hand out. I want to run, just a bit more.”

Song: Awake