After much chugging, I finished this old piece of mine. I loved this a lot when I first made this. It’s not perfect. There are quite a few mistakes in this. But I just wanted to post something  and be done with this piece. Again, I’ve animated this one as well to add a bit of life.  I really had fun painting the fabric. I was trying to evoke the beautiful South Indian sarees.

One thing that no one really paints on dark skinned peeps is the fact that our palms and soles of our feet are much lighter than the rest of our body. I’ve heard pretty racist things about this. Ranging from ‘that’s really weird’ to the very alarming ‘you look like a monkey’.

As you can tell, feet are a bit of a weakness.


Daily Doodles - “South Indian Ino”

Here’s Ino to add to my other sketches of Hinata and Sakura in South Asian garb. Although the outfit she is wearing is not traditionally Keralan (in South India) I decided to use the Malayalam text anyway for versatility. As always on the right is her name and on the left she says, “Long time no see,Sai”. Hope it’s okay ^^



*** Just to be sure I’m going to make more sketches of Kunoichis in Indian garb and I’ll make them more traditional to each region so this is not the end ****