Signs of the sun’s power are found throughout South Asian Art; in images of the Great Goddess, Surya’s lotus blossoms, elephant headdresses, and royal standards. This More Art Monday we invite you to bask in the light of these South Asian suns.

Bharakali within the Rising Sun,” c. 1600–70, India

Surya, the Sun God,” c. 12th century, India or Bangladesh

Design for an Elephant Textile, late 16th–early 17th century, India

Sun,” 18th–19th century, India

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This early twentieth-century photograph of our South Indian Temple Hall was taken in Fairmount Park’s Memorial Hall, the original location of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Pillared Temple Hall, c. 1550, Artist/maker unknown, Indian

Our astute art handlers know that you have to look to the past to prepare for the future. They studied old polaroids of installations to properly remove the stone sculptures from our South Asian galleries, which will reopen in fall 2016.

Goddess Durga as the Slayer of the Demon Nishumbha (Nishumbhasudani),” Artist/maker unknown, c. 10th century, Indian