This lost toy at Vidler’s 5 & 10 in East Aurora is taking to the Internet in an effort to find the friend who misplaced them.  While larger stores might have seen the small cat and thrown him into the trash after a few days of remaining unclaimed, Vidler’s wasn’t about to say “die.”  After fixing the small tear in the toy’s leg, the store made sure to post this whimiscal tale of the cat trying to find his owner in an effort to reunite the two parties.  Reposts and Reblogs of this picture are welcome as they continue to search for the cat’s owner.


Happy 60th Birthday Reba Nell McEntire! ♥
        ↳ March 28, 1955

The Cape Buffalo - one of Africa’s most dangerous animals - quietly grazes on a hilltop in one of South Africa’s game reserves. Author of the classic book Death in the Long Grass said the Cape Buffalo is the only animal that looks at you like you owe it money. During my early years in Africa there was a young lady I knew who lived in Mozambique. She married, and she and her new husband went to Zimbabwe for their honeymoon. While there she was charged by a Cape Buffalo and killed.

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As someone who moved from the north to the south (like, Buffalo NY to the mountains of Virginia), it threw me something awful the first time any of the teenagers I work with called their dad 'daddy'. Especially the boys. But I've discovered it's basically the norm for them. They don't even flinch at it/have their fathers in their phones as such. It's just such a cultural thing, but if you're not used to it, it definitely makes you stop for a second. LOL

Lmao omg I can only imagine how weird that must be for you lmao rip