Why I Support Sheetal Sheth!

Hillel says, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” Ethics of the Fathers,

Some people may wonder why I started promoting Sheetal Sheth. After all, I’m neither an Indian nor a woman. Why do I support her? I do believe that she is a good actress, but there is a more important reason than that. I read about her difficulties getting good parts in movies because some casting directors feel that she does not look like an American, so she can only get certain roles.

There was something about her struggle against racism and discrimination that resonated with me as a physically disabled person. I have cerebral palsy, and I use a power wheelchair to get around. Often I have felt that people have made judgments about me because of the way I look, and the way I talk. I have often felt that they treated me differently because of my disability.

But enough about me. The main thing that I want to say is that there’s no one way that an American looks. The United States is an immigrant nation. We come from many lands. My grandfather came from Poland. ( Actually, it was Russia at the time, but it is Poland at the moment.)

Because of a mistake made by Christopher Columbus we call Native Americans Indians. They are not Indians! The only reason why we call them Indians is because Christopher Columbus thought that he had discovered India when he reached the New World, so he called the people that he met there Indians. In order to avoid confusion from here on, I will refer to the Indians as South Asians.

South Asians are just as American as any other type of American! If Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and Far East Asians can be considered Americans, then certainly there’s no reason why South Asians cannot be considered to be Americans as well! The casting directors in Hollywood need to realize that true diversity and inclusiveness means including members of all minority groups that make up the United States of America, and I just the minority groups for which pre-existing categories  have already been created.  If South Asians don’t fit into their idea of who  is an American, then it’s high time for them to change the way they think about what is to be an American! 

At any rate, I made the Sheetal Sheth Fan Club on Facebook, and Yahoo because I realized that if I did not do it, then no one else would! So, if I wanted there to be a Sheetal Sheth Fan Club, the only way for there to be one would be if I made one myself! So that’s what I did!    We all need to stand up for  justice, and what is right!  If we don’t do it, who will?   If we don’t do it now, then when?

Sheetal Sheth Fan Club On Facebook

In addition to this blog I run three Sheetal Sheth fan clubs. The largest one is Sheetal Sheth Fan Club on Facebook. If it all possible, please join that one it is the largest one that I have. Together we do missions to promote the career of Sheetal Sheth, and we really need your help! Here is the link.!/groups/39624174756/

Maybe I will tell you about the others later, I’m too tired at the moment.

Priyanka Chopra flaunts off-shoulder gown at SAG Awards

Los Angeles, Jan 31 (IANS) Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who stars in American TV series “Quantico”, set the eyes rolling at the 22nd Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards here while flaunting her curves in a pink lace mesh gown.

The annual award show took place at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall here on Saturday where Priyanka, 33, was a presenter.

Priyanka, who rose to international fame after starring in American TV series “Quantico”, in which she plays the lead role of FBI agent Alex Parrish, shared her before-the-show look on Instagram on Saturday.

The photograph showed a closet full with a variety of heels.

“Red carpet preparations! My favourite part. @sagawards looking forward,” she captioned the image.

Earlier this month, Priyanka also became the first South Asian actress to win a People’s Choice Awards.

Designed by Monique Lhuillier, the strapless dress was covered with pink and white lace designs.

The National Award winning actress completed her look with her hair in an amazing updo along with long teardrop earrings, and a simple bracelet.

During the award show, Priyanka was joined by “Game of Thrones” and “Narcos” fame actor Pedro Pascal. The duo presented the trophy for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series to actor Kevin Spacey for his role in TV series “House of Cards”.

While her last Bollywood film “Bajirao Mastani” did exceptionally well at the box office, hopes are high from Priyanka from her next project “Jai Gangaajal”, which is slated to release on March 4.

You guys are so quick to claim “blame the industry not the innocent actresses/actors!” But literally where are your posts on that? You coming onto a post about me asking for a white actress who wears brownface and takes job opportunities away from south asian actresses to take responsibility and saying that the industry to blame is an action i’ve seen over and over with white apologists. 

You claim the industry is to blame but where the fuck are your posts about the directors who casted her, the people who work with her, her casting manager etc…? Huh? 

The fate of Nice Girls Crew is in your hands!

We only have 12 days left to reach our target! Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or whatever social network you’re on to help us get the message out. At the moment, we stand at $6210, and the goal is $20,000! We’re going to have to give it everything we’ve got in order to make this happen! We need the help of each and every one of you in order to make this happen! Please do whatever you can! The fate of season two is now in your hands! The actions that YOU! take in the next few days will determine whether or not there will be a season two!

Tell NCIS: LA how much you love Sheetal Sheth!

This message was posted in my Sheetal Sheth Facebook Fan Club by the wonderful Miss JB Christy. She is by far one of the best Sheetal Sheth fan ever. The message below is a few weeks old, but the information is still useful. I am posting this here in order to rally the fans. Sorry that could not post this earlier, but it is difficult for me to keep these webpages all updated on a timely basis. I’m doing the best that I can!

 “Sheetal Fans! As you know, Sheetal recently shot an episode of NCIS: LA that will air in October. Now’s a great time to let them know how happy you are to hear that Sheetal is guest starring this season! You can post to their FB page or tweet them at @NCISLA_CBS. You can also tweet the network at @CBStweet. We got great response from Royal Pains, so hopefully we can have an impact here too!”

Sheetal Sheth harnesses the power of social media!

Sheetal Sheth is the only actor who really takes advantage of social media to promote her career to the fullest extent. The old system for promotion which most stars use is only relying on traditional forms of media such as television, film, and print. However, Sheetal Sheth is the only star to my knowledge who uses Facebook, twitter, and her official website as a way to spread news about current events in her career.

First off, check out her official website at the link below.

You will note that it brings together her Twitter feed, the latest events, and video and photos all extremely well organized in one place!

There’s a blog where she posts thoughts, and notes about upcoming events. A blog is an important way to get the word out because all of the posts become indexed by Google within two or three days of there being posted on the blog. These posts can then be discovered by people who are searching for information about her. She also has a calendar on this site that lists upcoming events, so it is always easy for fans to know what will be coming next.

Second, check out her official fan page on Facebook at the link below!!/OfficialSheetalSheth?fref=ts

Sheetal Sheth currently has 13,087 likes on this page! This number is increasing at an incredibly rapid rate! I can remember when it was 10,000 likes only a few months ago!

Her fan base is growing at an incredibly rapid rate! Sheetal Sheth uses this fan page keep her fans updated, and to interact with them! Sheetal Sheth understands that engagement drives social media! Through these interactions, she is spreading the word about her career, and increasing the interest of her fan base! This type of engagement is absolutely essential for the effective use of social media!

Third, check out her Twitter account at the link below!

She has a 8772 followers on twitter! Here she chats with fans, and keep them abreast of the latest news, as well as what she’s doing on a day-to-day basis!

Finally, check out her YouTube page at the link below!

This is the place to see trailers from her movies, and interviews!

I have never encountered any other celebrity who uses social media as effectively as Sheetal Sheth does! She may not be famous yet, but these numbers are increasing every single week! One day thousands will become millions, if these trends keep going in the upward direction, and I’m sure that they will! If these numbers keep increasing, Sheetal Sheth will become an incredibly famous celebrity in no time at all!


Have you Heard about Sheetal Sheth?

I would like to introduce you to a very talented actress named Sheetal Sheth. she has been in many excellent movies which I’m sure you have never heard of. So I won’t list them here. All I’m going to say is that I feel that she has been overlooked by Hollywood, and I have decided to make it my mission to let the whole world know about her! For more information about her, please see the link to her official website below!

The Wisdom Tree Film will be screening in Atlanta!

It’s time for celebration Sheetal Sheth fans! The Wisdom Tree Film will be screening at Emory University in Atlanta! I can’t believe they finally finished it! This is so exciting! I was really starting to worry. This is the first news about the film that we’ve had in months! For those who don’t know, Sheetal Sheth stars in the film! It will be shown as part of a panel Summit about India! For further details, please click the link below, and look under the program section of the website.

Sheetal Sheth on the Ellen show page needs your support!!

A community has been started to encourage Ellen DeGeneres to interview Sheetal Sheth on her show. Recently, statistics for this page have been falling. In order for our campaign to be successful it is very important to get more likes on this page. If you are a Sheetal Sheth fan or know someone who would be interested, please let them know about this community. Please click the link below, and check out our community, and if you feel so inclined, please like the page, and leave a comment. Please let everyone you know know about this!

Please help us make our dream come true!

Please help us make our dream come true!

Here is what you need to do

 Never stop, and never let go

 Until we get Sheetal Sheth

 On the Ellen show!

Please watch our video! We now have 3994 views! It’s time to get ready to blow past another milestone! 4000 here we come!

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