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I saw a finnrey fanar that I really liked but it also makes me uncomfortable because I realize even more than before just how much Star Wars as appropriated Asian, especially Japanese, culture. Like the films were heavily influenced by the films of Akira Kurosawa. Even the film techniques were inspired by them. And Rey was almost name Kira as a tribute to him. It makes me uncomfortable that these films use Asian culture without having almost any Asian people. (Cont.)

I wish Rey had been Japanese. It would have made it easier. Or at the very least why couldn’t Jessica Henwick have been Rey. I know she’s Singaporean and not Japanese, but she would have been just as good as Daisy Ridley. Is it wrong for a white person to be upset by this. I’m a big Star Wars fan, but I also like Kurosawa’s movies and I just don’t feel like it’s right to not have Asian people in Star Wars when there’s so much Asian appropriation.

I agree 100%. 

Star Wars is literally a white utopian fantasy, where white people wear Asian names, Asian clothing, Asian culture, Asian theology, and Asian martial arts and simultaneously claim it as their own “creative genius”. It is downright despicable.

The Jedi are so obviously inspired by Buddhist monks. The whole “no attachment” and “give yourself over to the Force” thing is so obvious. And don’t get me started on their clothing, which is basically samurai clothing. Even their Jedi fighting ‘katas’ are based on Asian martial arts. But have you EVER seen an Asian Jedi? Ever? There are more fucking aliens who are Jedis than a non-white, let alone Asian human. Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen) is the first Asian martial arts fighter I’ve ever seen in any Star Wars-affiliated film (the bar is so low, holy fuck) and he doesn’t even have the Force. Oh no, but some white girl with decent public speaking skills has the Force. Of course she does. 

Padme Amidala. Holy-fucking-shit. See, I can sort of give Lucas a pass for being appropriative in the 1970s, but the prequels have gone too far. Padme’s dresses, headwear, down to her facial makeup are all plagiarised from traditional Mongolian wear. If I never see another “Padme’s glorious Nabooan fashion uwu” photo/gifset again it will be too soon. And her name–Padme? A complete bastardization of the South Asian traditional name of Padma. They even have Sanskriti vocals during her funeral scene, as if it’s not enough of a blow. All of this, yet they won’t have a South Asian or a Mongolian actress play her: instead, they’ll have a white/white-passing woman parade around in yellow/brownface. I honestly don’t care if “she had to be white, Luke & Leia are white!!11!” because the black queen and white king in Cinderella had a Filipino son and Anakin is Force Jesus.

I’ve never heard of Akira Kurosawa before, and now I’ll definitely check him out! I’m glad they didn’t give another white girl an Asian name. Rey could have had so much potential. If Rey had been Japanese, Black, or South Asian or literally anything but white, I would’ve lauded TFA as the best film of all time. 

I love Star Wars despite my vehement criticism, but I feel like the only thing left for me in this fandom are all the men of colour. They won’t have a woman of colour anytime soon (I think I’ll probably die before they ever have a dark-skinned woc as lead) and they refuse to represent us while stealing from us. I’m glad you care, even as a white person. If more white people cared, then this wouldn’t happen.

The character is modeled after South Asian actress Janina Gavankar but fanboys on Wookieepedia insist her skin color is “fair.”

Wookieepedia also lists other characters of color as  "fair" (Saetele Shan), “light” (Poe Dameron), “tan” (Doctor Aphra, Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren) or “dark” (Lando Calrissian, Finn, Cienna Ree) or “orange” (Maz Kanata). At some point Ezra Bridger’s skin color was “copper”, at other times his skin tone has been removed, Sabine Wren’s skin color was initially “light” but later Is changed to “tan” (did she go to a tanning salon?  Tan is not a freaking skin tone.  At least it’s better than when a Star Wars book published in the 2010s described a character as “yellow skinned.”)

The Rogue One team is comprised of a lot of “tan” people– Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus, Bodhi Rook and “light” people–Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor. But I’d argue that these groupings don’t necessarily fit? For example, the first three do not have the same skin tone. Lando, Finn, and Cienna Ree also have super different skin tones, too.

But “fair,” really?  

Kind of fucked up to think that before Great Comet, the last time a south Asian actress was in a lead role on Broadway was with an Andrew Lloyd Weber produced show.

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Fuck Disney they should get shit for this not Naomi. People are really calling her a white woman with a tan, white passing, etc, I'm like no no no she's not! She's fuxking Brown!!!

True. People are erasing her heritage and it’s not fair to her because it’s clear how much she loves it. People who are saying that this is whitewashing are clearly not doing they’re research on any of this because this is an entirely different situation.

And it’s interesting that people are choosing to attack the woc who was cast (people are really sending death threats and its fucked up) instead of Disney or the director who are the ones responsible because they included South Asian actors and actresses in the casting calls when it should’ve just been Middle Eastern.

Not saying Naomi isn’t at fault because I don’t know the full story of how she was cast, but people only seem to be attacking her and taking it too far, while we really need to be letting the movie studio know that this casting is wrong because Disney especially, does stuff like this a lot.

okay looking back Naboo was always my favourite planet (nature + aesthetics, everyone) and Padme was always my fav (probably bc we were exposed to both in TPM which was my first sw movie, also padme is a buttkicker) and then I remember looking up extra stuff and finding out Jamillia was played by a south asian actress AND one of Padme’s nieces is named Pooja (also Padme coming from padma, which I should’ve realized but I was like 7 okay)

I can’t believe it took me till THIS YEAR to consider brown Padme/Naboo

but rest assured I will make up for it

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People would always talk about how Aladdin was a weird mix of Muslim culture from different regions to look worldly or some bs. But now that a South Asian actress got a role Arabs are all up in arms about representation, and it's like what gives?

They can’t stand to see a South Asian in a role bc of how they view us and I honestly can’t help but laugh 😂 they were really out there spreading some bold faced lies and getting non-Arab and non-desi people all riled up on behalf of them. They clearly don’t give a fuck 🙄

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Are we forgetting the fact that a south asian actress played princess Jasmine in Once Upon a time series??

disclaimer: i goddamn despise once upon a time

the actress you’re referring to is karen david and yes she’s indian and i know her most well from the series galavant which everyone should go watch right now in netflix no exceptions.

the thing that everyone has to realize about her casting in once upon a time is that an ailing network tv show casting someone who’s already worked extensively with the network who kinda would fit a role they’ve held off portraying for seven literal years is Extremely Different than casting a big budget live action fairytale straight up remake of one of disney’s animated classics. it’s a different scale and obviously more people go to the movies than watch abc’s once upon a time. people weren’t upset about karen david’s casting because once upon a time doesn’t really matter to pop culture. big power moves that walt disney pictures does.