‘Hard to believe this is a pile of elephant dung! It’s adorned by exquisite moths and dung beetles! First time we’ve seen this. Taken in Olifants South, Balule. Wonderful nature! Goldspot Burnet = Window-winged moth (Arniocera auriguttata)’
Video: Susan Harwood via South African Wildlife Photographers on Facebook.

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Giant African Land Snail on wet tarmac road (South Africa) by Steve Lamb
Via Flickr:
The Giant African Land Snail (Achatina fulica) - this is a young one as it wasn’t nearly as big as they can be (up to eight inches long). We found this one crossing the road, in a rain storm, and he was probably three or four inches long. Interesting colors and markings. Even when you are looking for elephants and other big mammals you have to be aware of what’s about. Addo Elephant National Park (Eastern Cape Province) South Africa.