south korea

Herb Island: a not-so-short summary

Eyes: closed

Car: rickety

Family: not Englishing

Ticket man: happy and assault rifley

Eyes: open

Herb wizard: welcoming



Parking: free for all

Cartoons: tootin their dooters

Native Americans??: disorienting (in a good way)

Herbs: lemonade-y


Tigger and Piglet: “liscensed”

Santa Island: HO ho HO ho HO ho HO ho HO

Santa’s: purple

What’s next?: DINOSAURS

Donkeys: monchin

Zoo animals: fake tiger, chickens, pigs, peacock

One thing to unite it all: Bellydancers

Bellydancers: gyrating

Herb wizard: judging

Heart and bladder: heavy

Family: gathered

Car: not made in a year

Herb wizard: wink wave spell casted

Every other day: not Herb Island