south yorkshire wildlife park


Robin @YorkshireWP by Alan Hinchliffe
Via Flickr:
Trying out a new 75-300mm lens on Olympus EM1

South Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

I needed to get away from reality so I researched best places to go out for the day. I came across ‘South Yorkshire Wildlife Park’. The websites reviews looked great. I planned to on my own and to write and take photos, however I took my oldest friend Shaunie with me.

I was excited to get out of the house and to escape reality and to be free. We arrived and the staff straight away were polite and very outgoing. I’ve never experienced great customer service like that before; it was as if they were my friends. Is that weird?  We walked into the park and I fell in love with the surroundings. To me it was paradise. We walked around for hours upon end to find animals vary from goats to tigers and zebras to lions. It was surreal to me how many different types of animals I was coming across.

I’ve been to many zoos and wildlife parks before but this was different. I wasn’t with any family members; I had no parents or no one to hold me back from doing what I wanted to do. I felt independent; independence is what I urge to get through life.

The park was closing and my friend and I were the last people to leave. Before leaving we sat on the bench under this hut and listened to the lion’s rawr. It was phenomenal. Words cannot describe the feeling that I felt when I heard it. I’ve never heard that sound before, it was frightening but soothing. It’s something I could just sit and listen to everyday.

If I had to give up my dreams in the media business I would for a job in a zoo. I have a connection to animals.

I’ve never had a day like that before. Ever. I’m planning to go back on my own or with my friend again later this month or next and I’m excited just thinking about it.

Below are some photos that i have taken today, let me know what you think?