south wigston


June 16th - I called in at South Wigston on the way back, to kill two birds with one stone. The wasteland at the station there is beautiful again - brambles, ox eye daisies, thistles and dog roses mingled with a couple of unknowns. Considering this land - sitting between the access ramp and the platform - is totally abandoned and no more than 15 square metres, it holds no end of delights all year round. Stunning.


June 18th - Back in Leicester, and a better look at South Wigston station’s wasteland garden. Today, amongst the truly beautiful, feral flowers, I found a plaque which answers many questions.

Wonder what happened to the friends of this lonely halt? I think I’m the only friend it has these days. But the love is strong, and that’s what counts.

I’m certain there’s a story in here somewhere.

June 11th - An odd day, really. I went over to Leicester early afternoon on a short notice call, and ended up leaving there late afternoon. Like the muppet I am, I left my camera there, and ended up having to use the phone camera, which I hate.

Waiting for a return train at South Wigston, I spotted this moron. Sat with his legs dangling over the platform edge at a station that sees fast through traffic, he ignored anyone (including me) who remonstrated with him to get up.

A candidate for a Darwin Award if ever there was one.