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Eye colors for the states?

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Alabama: light green. They border on creamy colour, but only in bright lights

Arkansas: muddy brown. Have a tendency to light up to maroon when happy or excited

Delaware: sea blue. Very calm and relaxed. Doesn’t reflect their personality at all

Florida: teal. Very odd colour to have among the states, so they like to brag about them

Georgia: a average brown, not much else to say, but everyone says Georgia’s eyes are very friendly

Kentucky: light grey, but can seem lighter or darker depending on light

Louisiana: almost completely black in colour

Maryland: dark green, the complete opposite of Alabama’s eyes. Never seen to light up, and always look dulled down

Mississippi: hard to pin down. Can change from azure to teal to ocean blue. These are big colour changes, but nobody knows why they happen.

Missouri: kinda maroon in colour, but can be brown at times

North Carolina: gentle blue, like the sea

South Carolina: red, surprisingly, or not. Seem to glow when happy or extremely enraged

Tennessee: a weird mixture of blue and red, and can change between the two shades often.

Texas: chocolate brown, but can grow darker in light

Virginia: a calm Blue, which can be described as azure

West Virginia: stormy grew that can seem so dark, it’s black.

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#359-Absol, The Disaster Pokemon

Absol is a Pokemon that is mostly only find deep in the mountains where it hides away. However, Absol appears just before major natural disasters. Without natural disasters, it can be found deep in the northern Rockies and the Appalachians. in California they can be caught just before an earthquake. In Oklahoma and Kansas they can be seen in April and May during heavy tornadic storms. On the East coast they can be found in areas where a hurricane is about to hit. Research is still being done to identify whether or not they appear before avlanches.

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I just notice their accent, blake and luke and I found it interesting, I know it must be normal for you guys, but for me, I live in Europe, it's so different, and funny, because it's the way they really talk. Remind me of western movies that my grandfather loves. It was just something I noticed and found interesting and I don't usually hear much daily basis.

oh well, i live in california so i dont hear it IRL either, unless i’m watching a video!! No One talks with a southern accent here unless they are visiting or a transplant. We, like, you know, um, talk a lot, maybe like, sorta differently, like, some call it a california accent, maybe cause we are hella cool out here 

hahahaha also no one says cali here either

at least that i know of 

english speakers in america just speak differently  like, there is the west coast (like colorado to the west) midwest, south + texas (which to me are different), chicago, boston, new york, minnesota/wisconsin/dakotas area  i think those are the major… i guess you could call them dialects.. if you will. 


#058-Growlithe, The Puppy Pokemon

Growlithe can be found in grasslands, specifically in grasslands near towns and cities. Growlithe can also be found at Yellowstone national Park and on one of the islands of Hawaii, as these places are inhabited by a plethora of fire type Pokemon. Growlithe is one of the most intelligent and loyal Pokemon there is, and is highly regarded as the perfect companion.