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Safiel vonay

I really love the Harry Potter park at Universal Studios because there’s so much canon material that wasn’t as visual/discussed in the books that can be added, emphasized, or embellished in the park! Like the fact that the four founders of Hogwarts likely originated from the four different countries making up the UK, or that Celestina Warbeck is black.

On the train there’s pictures of other wizarding schools from all around the world, from Eastern Europe, South Asia and West Europe.

In Knockturn Alley, there’s a wizarding tattoo shop with tattoos that are charmed to move (they do exist, magical-tattoo-of-a-kitten post author!)

At the end of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, I saw a Gryffindor boy with curly hair and a Purim noisemaker (that I’d /like/ to headcanon as Jewish), as well as a Sikh man.

We also can see the true form of a Pygmy Puff and the Crumple-Horned Snorkack! And taste Butterbeer!*

And not only is there a shit-ton of canon expansion, you can also live out your fanon!! Wear the shirt for an uninvented Quidditch team in Morocco. Embellish your Hogwarts uniforms with tznius skirts or turbans or hijabs! I know I will be designing a Hogwarts Hillel shirt so that my friends and I can show our Jewish Harry Potter pride in the parks.

*(sadly I can no longer taste Butterbeer as it contains pork)