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England: South West England [1] -  Erlestoke, Shaftesbury, Bourton On The Water, Evershot, Gloucester, Castle Come, Corfe Castle,  Chipping Campden, Bath, Bibury

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When our school’s history books gives their brief “synopsis” about slavery, a common trend is to only focus on the American history of slavery. Rarely do we hear about the other European countries that were also involved with the slave trade and how they also gained an economically advantage from it also. Unlike America, these European countries such as: Portugal, Spain, London, and France, didn’t just have plantations only in their countries but also overseas in different parts of the West Indies and modern day South American countries. The reason being is because places like the West Indies and South America had minerals and resources as well as exotic fruits and vegetables foreign to Europe. So they used enslaved Africans to extract the resources, minerals, and vegetation of the land, they used Africans to gain an abundance of wealth. This combined with the Slavery Plantations in Europe already building the nation is why European Countries became so powerful. America is not the only Nation that owes Black people reparations, these European countries owe Black people reparations as well.

Post written by: @Oba_Tayo