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Koreaboo: woahhh Korea is so beautiful, I wanna live there and date a Korean boy *.* they all look like kpop idols omo my life is going to be like a kdrama
Me: *thinks about all the racism, homophobia, fatphobia, sexism and misogyny that takes place in south korea in this very day and age* ……. sure

3 Years with the Pentax 6x7

Over the last few years I’ve shared a few of my gear “setup” shots on Instagram and Twitter. Most of these iPhone shots were snapped as I was waiting for a variety of things from the right light to clouds, wind and sometimes even flocks of birds to fly past my frame. I thought it would be interesting to put a few of these snapshots next to the final photographs that I had made at each of these locations. You can check them out below!

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Hi Hello by Ben Canales
Via Flickr:
10,000ft+ on top of the South Sister summit. It was peaceful and quiet. My friends were asleep in the camp and had the old volcano summit to myself. This shot is my favorite night shot I’ve ever taken.


Elin Oğlu is a Turkish talk show broadcast on atv. Based on the original South Korean show Non-Summit. It airs on atv on Saturday at 23:45 beginning March 21, 2015.

United Kingdom Robbie - Lee Valentine
Slovakia - Emrach Uskovski
Russia - Andrey Polyanin
Spain - Manuel Reina
Italy - Danilo Zanna
South Korea - Han Chang-yub
United States - Antonio Stokes
Senegal - Mami Amar
Japan - Masataka Kobayashi


‘Summit Camp’ - Glyder Fach, Snowdonia by Kris Williams
Via Flickr:
The view south-west from the summit of Glyder Fach in Snowdonia and our wild-camp for the night, looking across to the Milky Way shortly before dawn - with Saturn and Mars being the two brightest objects in the sky. The small blurry green object top-centre is Comet 252P/Linear currently visible in our night-sky.