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“After the room broke out into chants of “black lives matter,” Kiden Jonathan rose from her seat, wailing and screaming.Jonathan was a longtime friend of Andrew Loku, the 45-year-old father of five shot dead by Toronto police Sunday. Both were natives of South Sudan, they spoke the same rare dialect, and came to Canada to escape the violence of their war-torn nation.“Andrew survived war [as a child soldier in South Sudan], and then had to be killed here,” Jonathan cried, after collapsing on the ground in the middle of a press conference Thursday to decry Loku’s death.” [1]

“The fatal shooting of Andrew Loku in Toronto on Sunday has prompted a response from community groups saying the man was not a threat and did not deserve to die.They are demanding an action plan to deal with police shootings of black people — especially those with mental health issues. One woman was so upset that she collapsed in tears during the news conference.Loku, 45, was a father of five who was wielding a hammer and apparently distressed at an apartment complex before he was shot by police. Robin Hicks witnessed the event and said things quickly escalated toward a shooting.” [2]

Andrew Loku  was a kind, hardworking man who lived alone in Toronto. This man survived war as a child solider in South Sudan. He was trying to bring his wife and five children, who range in age from early to late teens, to Canada from South Sudan.

After years working odd jobs, Loku enrolled in George Brown College’s Construction Program in hopes of getting a better job, which would allow him to send more money back home to support his family.  After visiting his family in June, Andrew graduated from George Brown.

Andrew’s life came to a tragic and premature end in the early hours of Sunday, July 5th when he was shot by police.

Our hearts go out to Andrew’s family and friends, and to the South Sudanese community.

Please help CMHA Toronto and Across Boundaries raise funds to help with the costs of Andrew’s funeral, and to provide support to his wife and five children in South Sudan. [3]

Here is the link if you would like to donate:





Iceland is officially the #1 most peaceful country on Earth. According to the Global Peace Index’s 2016 report of 163 surveyed countries, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, and Slovenia also land in the top 10, while the United States ranks 103rd. Source Source 2

One tragedy doesn’t need to diminish another. You can stand with Paris, you can stand with Yemen, you can stand with Lebanon, you can stand with Syria, you can stand with Iraq, you can stand with Nigeria, you can stand with Libya, you can stand with BlackLivesMatter, you can stand with the University of Missouri, you can stand with Palestine, you can stand with South Korea, and the South Sudan, we can stand with refugees, we can stand with Muslims, and you can stand with all of them at the same time. You can care about all of them. We don’t need to play “oh you didn’t mention this, or this was worse” competitions with human suffering. It’s sickening, this is not a fucking game, this is the actual loss of human life.

Sooo, Nykor posted a pick of a beautiful black girl and in her caption added ‘No mixed babies!’. Of course people got allll up in their feelings and felt the need to tell her that her post was negative and mixed babies are just as good/valid etc as black babies.
All these people completely ignore that so many people (black PoC, non-black PoC, and WC) have idealised 'mixed babies’ and that it has become a 'goal’ to have 'mixed babies’.
So in a society that keeps idealising 'mixed babies’, it’s a brave thing, as a black woman, to proudly and openly express your love and idealisation for non-mixed black babies.