south sudan


Everyone cringed at Tom Hiddleston’s uncomfortable tangent about South Sudan during his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes

Like all of the other Globe winners, Hiddleston took to the stage to give an acceptance speech. He started out strong, calling the award for “The Night Manager” "lovely" and thanking his fellow cast and crew. And then… something happened. 

twhiddleston: I’ve met so many brave children in South Sudan, who keep smiling in spite of the civil war which continues around them. The tireless people @Unicef and @unicefssudan are on the ground, helping to protect them from physical and psychological abuse, providing clean water, vaccines and education. We mustn’t forget about them. We mustn’t allow South Sudan to be forgotten. @Unicef_Uk #southsudan #southsudannow

@twhiddleston: Just back from South Sudan with @Unicef_Uk to see how innocent children are still bearing the brunt of the conflict 3 years since it began.