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Betty’s a serpent

imagine betty being a serpent wife. like out at work/school all day but can put the serpents in their place 

bughead fanfiction

So I came up with this when the episode aired (like 3am my time) so here’s a fluffy fic about that. 

Also slightly A/U to the ending of the episode


The bell rang signalling the end of the day at Riverdale High. Betty Cooper gathered her books and headed to her locker by herself, missing the conversation she would normally have with her boyfriend Jughead Jones.

Just before FP was charged, he had managed to sign custody of Jughead over to fellow serpent Viper who promised to keep an eye on the teen. The younger Jones had also moved to Southside High and was back living at the trailer park. 

“hey betty wait up” Kevin Keller jogged to be next to her. “Archie, Ronnie and I are heading to Pop’s now, wanna come with?”

Betty shook her head as she twisted her locker combination and opened the door “Sorry Kev, I’ve got plans”

“we’ve hardly seen you in months, not after Jughead transferred. We just wana know how you’re doing” Kevin pushed on

“Really Kev I’m fine” he gave her a pointed look “I promise. I’ve just gotta help Polly with some baby things.”

“okay but next time you are so coming with us” he reached to hug her with one arm and walked away. Betty let go of a breath she didn’t know she was holding and after putting away what she needed to, slammed her locker and headed out to her car. 


Kevin walked into Pop’s to see Archie Andrews & Veronica Lodge cosied up in their usual booth. “please no more pda or I might puke” Kevin said sitting down on the opposite side to the new couple.

Veronica shuffled slightly further from Archie “Is Betty not coming?” Kevin shook his head no. “Has anyone really spoken to her after Jughead left?” This time both boys shook their heads no. 

“What about Polly? She’d know” Archie suggested

“Betty said she’s helping Polly with baby things, that’s why she can’t come” Kevin informed

“Really?” Archie asked “cos she’s heading in here with her mom” As if on cue, the bell rang at the door and in walked the other two Cooper women. Polly looked around and waved at the trio as they both walked to a booth. 

“Hey guys” Polly said standing at the end of the booth “how are you?” she addressed them all

“We’re good, you look gorgeous Polly” Veronica replied “Is everything okay with the babies?” 

“Both are healthy and growing as normal.”

“D’you know where Betty is? She said she’d be with you” Archie interrupted. Polly looked speechless then looks to Alice who called her back to their table. “So they’re definitely hiding something” he pointed out “maybe we should visit Jughead, see what he knows.”

“Are you insane Archie? My dad told us all to stay away from the South Side” Kevin whispered loudly 

“Come on Kev” Veronica started “It’s one time. Plus you know some of the gang from Joaquin right?” Kevin nodded slowly “Right let’s go then.” The three walked out and to Archie’s car, Kevin getting into the back and Veronica the front passenger side. 

It was a short drive over to the serpents hang out which had changed since Kevin & Archie’s last visit to a shadier part of town. Daylight was fading fast and the only streetlights working were at the end of the street. Kevin was the first to spot the bar pointing it out to his friends “over there.” The three walked to a corner building with a neon light of a snake which was the serpents logo and the word Scorpion in green.

“when did they move?” Archie wondered out loud

“Just after FP was arrested, Joaquin and I came for his goodbye gathering here. One of the second-in-commands, Viper I think his name was, he and his wife bought this place and re-did it all. A fresh start of sorts.” 

They were a few doors away when the door to Scorpion opened and a man flew out and fell to the ground and Veronica let out a loud gasp. “You know your limit Eli and you know not to mess with Jug’s girl” the person lying down groaned in response. The man standing in the doorway looked out and saw the three teenagers but went back inside instead of saying anything. 

When they walked into the bar, there was a large crowd around a pool table with people placing bets with each other raising by $5 every time. The trio walked round to see Jughead pot the black ball with a trick shot which earned a mix reaction of cheers and groans. Having not spotted them yet, the boy who was donning his very own leather jacket shouted “Alright so whose next?”

“how bout we make it interesting?” A female voice said coming from the bar “both our legacies deserve to find out whose better.” 

“I’m game if you are” Jughead said to someone who was being blocked by the rest of the patrons. The group assumed the other legacy agreed as the crowd cheered.

Viper came to the table “alright, FP Junior vs Ali Junior. Place your bets, this should be fun.” 

As the crowd moved towards Viper, Jughead approached who they assumed to be Ali Junior and kissed her. Kevin gasped grabbing onto Veronica’s arm who in turn wrapped hers around Archies and they all stood back further into the shadows to blend in.


Jughead had approached the girl nicknamed Ali Junior and kissed her “you sure about this Bets?” 

She nodded against his forehead and kissed him again grabbing the collar of his jacket. She pulled away and whispered in a low breath “I’m so gonna kick your butt”

The wolf whistles of the serpents broken them apart “alright kids save that for later” Viper said stashing the money in his back pocket “so whose breaking off?”

Jughead looked at Betty “age before beauty of course” he replied winking

Betty shook her head smiling walking to Viper, she pressed up against her boyfriend and leaned into his ear and said “you’re so gonna get it tonight”.

The others cheered her as she grabbed the triangle to rack up the balls. The blond placed herself on the opposite side of Jughead and leaned forward to break, hoping Jughead would get distracted by her cleavage which seemed to work. The couple continued playing the game like there was no one else in the room, teasing each other and stealing kisses whenever they could until the eight ball was left. 

Neither of them had pocketed the ball in the last couple of shots so the bets went up, more betting for Jughead to win. By this point Archie, Veronica & Kevin had made their way to the front but the two still hadn’t noticed. 
The couple shared a look and Jughead nodded ever so slightly at Betty who leaned over and angled the shot so it hit two sides before ending up in the top corner pocket. Everyone cheered for the blond who had now leapt into her boyfriends arms. Viper’s wife approached the couple with two bottles of beer and whispered something to them and suddenly they looked up at their three friends.

The room went silent with everyone’s attention now focused on the three strangers. Betty who was wearing her own honorary serpent jacket grabbed Jughead’s hand for courage who rubbed his thumb on the back of hers to help calm her down. “What are you guys doing here?” she asked with her best smile on

“We could ask you the same thing Betty” Archie said looking angry “You’re with the serpents now? This is where you’ve been, with these people, instead of hanging out with your friends? Does Alice even know where you are?”

The last question caused the rest of the bar to laugh, Viper was going to speak up but Betty shook her head and replied “These people Archie, are my friends. No not just friends, family. Mine and Jughead’s.”

“Betty these people are criminals” Veronica offered

“Oh and your dad’s not?” she snapped back which earned a few whistles from the gang “Archie my mom’s a south sider, you really think I’d be here if she didn’t trust them?”

The red haired boy looked confused so Viper spoke up “Little Ali was no stranger round here, she grew up at the same trailer park too. Her and FP always getting themselves in trouble. The serpents came naturally to most people at the park, so we snapped those two up as soon as possible. When we found out our boy Jughead here was dating her daughter, we gave her Ali’s old jacket” he pointed to what Betty was wearing 

“Really Betty? Is that what happened because we can take you home if you need a ride instead of staying with the scoundrels. Please B” Veronica pushed

“Watch you’re mouth princess” the voice of another serpent who walked out from the shadows

“Don’t talk to her like that” Archie jumped in 

“Yeah? Or what?” He challenged “You gonna run and tell daddy?” Archie lunged towards the snake attempting to punch him but missed and ended up with a punch to his stomach which sent him flying backwards slightly, the other’s around cheering. 

He grabbed Archie’s jacket and had started raising his fist to punch him when he heard Jughead shout “BP don’t do it” but he raised his fist even higher until the sharp voice of one Betty Cooper cut through the crowd 

“Buster Peters Specter you put him down right now” they all moved to show Betty standing with her hands on her hips Jughead smirking behind her. 

“you got off lucky kid” BP told the boy then dropped him to the floor as Veronica and Kevin rushed to see if he was okay. The older man looked up at Betty and tipped his backwards baseball cap “sorry miss betty” who in return nodded and he walked off. Jughead helped Archie off the floor “follow us” he said as he and Betty led their friends to a room upstairs. 

Jughead unlocked the door and walked in with Betty following, Veronica spotted that the name on the door said Cooper-Jones and showed it to Archie and Kevin behind her. Inside had a large desk which was covered with then teenagers homework, two laptops (one on each end of the desk), a filing cabinet and a three person sofa which was against the side wall, above was a photo of the couple with a white dog. Betty sat down behind the desk with Jughead leaning against the wall behind her.

“Sorry about BP, he’s very” Betty looked to Jughead for the right word

“Protective” he offered “always has been” Veronica scoffed 

“It’s true!” Betty insisted “he’s the oldest of five, his parents were’t really around so he basically raised his siblings himself so he prides himself on family. I’ll get him to apologize to you Arch.”

“What about you Bets? What about your family?”

“Jughead and the serpents are my family Arch. Mom and Polly know I’m here, dad knows I’m safe here”

“Safe?” Veronica exclaimed “these people are dangerous. Just look at Jughead’s dad”

“Don’t bring FP into this, your dad isn’t a saint either Veronica” Betty bit back

“Listen guys, I didn’t come here to fight” Kevin interrupted “Betty are you happy?” 

She looked at Jughead wearing a big smile and nodded “more than ever”

“In that case” Kevin continued “WE are very happy for you, aren’t we?”

Archie & Veronica looked defeated and nodded before Veronica added looking at Jughead “but if you ever do anything to hurt my girl, you’ll be sorry.”

“Don’t worry” Betty laughed “the serpents would get to him first. they like me better” which made the room laugh.

“What’s with the Cooper-Jones sign?” Archie wondered 

The couple looked between them before Betty pulled out a necklace with a silver ring on it. “Jughead proposed last month”


Should I continue?


Choosing Betty (Jughead x Reader)

Imagine: After your dreams of being with your best friend Jughead are crushed by his newfound relationship with Betty Cooper, you have no choice but to move on and find someone new. Your new boyfriend isn’t as great as you think, and Jughead won’t let you forget it.

When Jughead saw you walking down the hallway hand-in-hand with James, something about him changed.

It had been almost two months since you had built up the courage to tell your best friend, Jughead Jones, about your feelings for him. It had been almost two months since your attempted confession of love was interrupted by his excitedly announcing to you his new relationship with Elizabeth Cooper.

Likewise, it had been almost two months since you feigned happiness for him, and later relented to the romantic advances of James Tanner, a classmate and football player who made it no secret his attraction towards you. He was charming, somewhat kind, and handsome no doubt.

But he was no Jughead.

You smiled at everyone as you bounced down the hallway with your beau, showing off your new River Vixen uniform–James insisted that you join so you could spend more time together at the football games. When you noticed Jughead’s fowl expression, your brow furrowed in confusion.

What is it? Your expression seemed to say.

Jughead turned away, shutting his locker. Never mind. Betty walked up to him in her own Vixen uniform, sweetly planting a kiss on his cheek. I don’t care.

Your eyes narrowed, but he wasn’t facing you to see. Fuck you, Jughead. You squeezed your boyfriend’s hand and continued on your way.

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Poker Face - Cheryl Blossom

Anonymous said:

Could I request a Cheryl imagine where she’s dating a tough (south serpent kinda) girl who’s friends with the core four and Cheryl finds out she’s super ticklish and uses it to embarrass her alot? Like coming up behind her and/or kissing her neck as she walks past when she’s sitting on the couch with her friends? Thx I love your blog, it’s my fav😊

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Aw thanks for the compliment darling!!! I hope you like this!

When Sophomore year rolled around, you didn’t expect to get many friends. Especially not after Jason Blossom’s murder; but it was that very event that gave you friends. Gave you a girlfriend. You had known Jughead all your life, since you lived among the Serpents. When you met FP Jones, he thought you actually were a South Sider Serpent.

“Thick skin. Scales of a snake,” he had said. Jughead just rolled his eyes, but you felt accepted by the Jones family after that. You and Jughead became basically inseparable. So when he was drawn into Archie Andrews’ rag-tag group of misfits, so were you. You got caught up in the madness surrounding the murder of the Blossom boy. During that time, you also saw, truly saw, Cheryl Blossom. It had started when Betty sent you to do some digging about Thorn Hill, the Blossom’s mansion. Instead of actually sleuthing around Riverdale, you decided it was best to ask someone that lived there. You walked up to Cheryl with a coy smile and politely asked about the home in which she lived.

“Why don’t you come over and see it for yourself?” Her flirty tone was undeniable and it drew you deeper into the darkness of the Blossom family. The first visit turned into another one, and another after that. Visits became frequent before you started staying the night in the gothic castle. On nights like the one now, you were curled up on Cheryl’s bed listening to her rant about the River Vixens practices and routines. As she spoke, you played with her long, manicured fingers to occupy your mind.

“She can’t even land a forwards flip and-you’re not even listening to me.” She let out a soft giggle when you pulled your eyes away from her hand. You rolled onto your side, mirroring Cheryl’s position and looking into her eyes more clearly.

“I was, but then your evil hand took mine captive and I had to fight back.” She let out a laugh, a true one that was all too rare nowadays. She pulled her hand away from yours and traced her fingertips along your jawline. Your eyes instinctively shut at the soft touch as you revelled in it. Her nails gently, lightly, tickled your skin, making their way to your sensitive neck. All of the suddenly, goose bumps rose in your skin and you curled in on yourself. Cheryl let out another laugh at your reaction, smiling slyly.

“You’re ticklish,” she teased and you just shook your head. She rolled her eyes, continuing to touch every inch of exposed skin. After a bit, she worked her way back up to your face, more specifically your neck. You flinched away from her touch, causing the both of you to giggle.

“As much as I love that you’re smiling,” you whispered, “I’m very sleepy.” Cheryl nodded, still smiling at you. You scooted over, getting closer to your girlfriend; because that’s what she was. It was unspoken, but it was there nonetheless.

“Goodnight Cher,” you whispered. You leaned your head forward slightly and pressed your lips to her soft ones. She pressed back against the touch, smiling lazily into the kiss. With that final touch, the two of you drifted off to sleep.

After getting ready at Cheryl’s house, you both headed off to school. You said a meaningful goodbye in the school parking lot before heading off to your separate classes. The day seemed to draw on and on, until you reached lunch.

“Where were you last night Y/N? I tried calling you but you didn’t answer.” You glanced at Jughead and shrugged. The raven-haired boy scoffed, waiting for a better answer.

“I must’ve been asleep,” you said and continued eating.

“I called you at five in the afternoon,” Jughead said dramatically. You shrugged again, looking back to your food. An awkward silence fell over you and Jughead, being the only two people at the table as of that moment. You quietly ate, searching for something to say.

If anyone from your friend group found out what was between you and Cheryl, they’d flip. Betty and Veronica might even grow to hate you, since they hate Cheryl. Hopefully, as the year goes on, their hearts will change; and they’ll realize Cheryl isn’t a bad person. You disliked the fact you kept your relationship with her on the down low, but it was best to keep it that way for a little while longer. Maybe when everything with Jason starts to fade away.

“Hey how’s the casework going, with-” your train of thought was cut off by the feeling of lips on your neck. Soft, teasing, the familiar pair of lips tickled your neck. Jughead’s eyes widened as your poker face faltered and you started to giggle. You moved your head and blocked Cheryl’s lips from attacking the sensitive skin of your neck. Cheryl laughed, pecked your cheek and left you and Jughead alone once more. Your cheeks burned brightly at the sudden affection and fit of childish giggles.

“Care to explain that?” Jughead’s tone was surprised, but sassy as usual. You stared back at the boy across from you, ready to send a biting answer back. Before you could reply, the rest to the merry crew sat down at the table.

“Why was Cheryl Blossom sucking the blood from your neck? I assume that’s what she was doing,” Kevin asked as he sat down.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were dating the Devil incarnated?” You glanced at Veronica, giving her a serious look.

“This is exactly why,” you said, “I knew you guys would be this way and-”

“Hey, Hey, Y/N relax.” You glanced up at Archie who looked at you with worried eyes. “They’ll just have to learn to live with it.” Veronica slapped his shoulder and let out a gasp.

“This is Cheryl Blossom we are talking about here Archikins! She is not to be trusted,” you glared at Veronica while she spoke.

“So all the information I got from her was just thrown away from the case? Since we can’t trust her word and all.” Your counter argument silenced everyone at the table.

“Well while you all mull it over,” you grabbed your tray and walked over to Cheryl’s table. You sat beside her, much to the surprise of her friends.

“Too embarrassed to sit by them anymore?” Cheryl wriggled her eyebrows at you, making you smile. You met her eyes and you mimicked her teasing tone.

“I just can’t keep myself away from you,” you said back. A blush bloomed on the girl’s cheeks and your grinned. So what if your friends didn’t approve of your relationship yet, with time they would; but for the time being you had your girlfriend who was just as tough as you.  

death in the streets --

– Ever since Julianna’s death, Aidan has going through bursts of motivation, quick little jolts where being sober and having healthy coping mechanisms doesn’t hurt so bad, even though it’s definitely more painful that way. Currently and thankfully, he was going through a high point. Mostly.

– His little trysts with Alex didn’t count. Hanging out with Alex was on a whole other plane of existence.

– One of the things that had really come to help him when he was in a high point was just going on walks. Walks where he’d just listen to music, let his body relax, and his mind wander.
                                            [ Murillo’s didn’t do therapy. ] 

– He would walk and walk and walk around East Haven, sticking to the South Side mostly though. He knew his kind (South Siders) weren’t exactly welcomed on the North Side. It wasn’t too bad walking through the south side of East Haven though, it was calm, it was always changing. Things down here there weren’t perfect and they’d never be perfect, which was the only tolerable thing about about his side of town sometimes.

– The edges of town were Aidan’s favorites though, that’s where everything was at its most peaceful. Everyone hung around inside of it all, the bubble that was East Haven. Aidan loved the peace, the crisp air, the smell of pine, it made him feel safe. It reminded him of Julianna, but in a good way, in the only good way he could be reminded of her. 

– Aidan’s eyes were shut, he wandered, he let the scent of pine and the chill evening air soak into his skin and bones. Until he trips. 
                                                             He trips… 
                                                                          He falls…
                                                                                       H e  t u r n s …

– He turns, Aidan turns and he sees a body. He wants to scream but the sound is caught in his gut. He’s paralyzed by the sight. There’s one person from town. And then blurry in his vision, but not even a few feet away, there’s another body. Aidan’s mind is racing, his heart pounding, but he can’t seem to move. He just sits there, he’s a bit dirty from the fall, he’s just taking in the sight. He’s trying to process the information. Their bodies are as cold as the ground, if not colder, they look hungry, there are wounds from a fight of some sort…

– Without even realizing it, his hands are moving to his phone, he dials 911…

– The cops come, paramedics take the lifeless victims, Aidan finds himself wrapped in a blanket, he gets taken into the station for questioning. Why was he walking there? … Did he recognize the victims? … Would he be able to answer more questions later when he wasn’t in shock? …

– Aidan is let go and the news has spread around town like a wild fire, South Siders try to approach him, to get more details, but he just brushed them away, stumbling back into his apartment. He still can’t believe what he found, he wants to forget it, he wants to forget.


‏@SHO_Shameless Even the hardest of South Siders got choked up at the end of last night’s #Shameless

somethingwildalwaysgrows  asked:

Why are you intensely socio-politically aware?

I’ve never known any other way to be. My great-great grandma worked with Eugene Debs and fed the homeless at her restaurant for free during the Depression; grandpa was a railroad boss who honored union lines and almost got fired; mom lobbied her college to provide full-time daycare for working/studying parents. My lineage is lefty pinko hell-raisers and agitators, at least four generations back.

I thought everyone was that way. Surely the Chicago south-siders I knew all were. Social justice, Jesuit-flavored Catholics, union proud, doing the work. But then in 1984 I showed up at a prestigious private university during the peak of the Reagan years and was fucking horrified at the self-absorbed “conservative” monsters I met there. Racists looking to back-justify their hatred with idiotic Ayn Rand books or, worse, the bible. I had no idea people were like this. I guess I’d been sheltered. 

I flew into a rage that I haven’t really gotten over yet. It would be twenty years before the word “privilege” took on the connotations it has now, but I knew it when I saw it even if I couldn’t name it and I hated it.