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The Girl Up North

Sweet Pea x OC (Peyton Andrews)

Warnings: a fight, making out, OC gets hit on by Ghoulies, a little bit of hate towards the main characters

A/N: New fanfic, and unlike the cover I made says she’s not really a good girl. I hope you enjoy, please leave all the feedback, good or bad. Thanks for reading.

I hated night shift with every fiber of my being. So, having night shift during finals week was the cherry to top the cake. I groaned as I stared at the layers of math problems in front of me, slapping my hand against the counter when I came up with the wrong answer for the third time in a row. My head snapped up as the door opened and three South Siders came in, leather jackets and combats making them stick out like a sore thumb. The few North Side elites who were breaking curfew looked up, raising their lips in disgust, my brother, Archie Andrews and his girlfriend among them. I rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness of the prejudice that the two groups had for one another and grabbed my notebook, praying that when I came back to the math I would finally have a grip on calculus once and for all.
“What can I get you?” I asked, popping my hip and blowing bubble in my cinnamon gum. They looked up at me, eyebrows raised in surprise.
“Aren’t you going to get the elitists first, they look like they need you to wipe their chin,” one, the only female, snickered and I rolled my eyes.
“Sorry, I’m not their mommy, I’m the waitress, so unless you’re going to order I’m going to leave,” I drawled, not at all humored by the joke. The girl clearly got the drift and picked up the menu sitting on the table.
“I’ll have a double cheeseburger and a strawberry milkshake.”
“Lovely, and for you two? A milkshake to share?” I asked innocently. They both sent glares in my direction.
“I’ll get the same as her, except make it a chocolate milkshake,” the smaller of the guys said, I nodded and then turned to the last one.
He was staring, his eyes ever so slightly narrowed, hidden behind the raven hair that was falling in wisps across his face.. I shifted uncomfortably and took a small step back, unsure if the boy had caught the humor in my previous comment. The girl coughed and then he merely sent me away with a wave of his hand.
“I’ll be back with your orders,” I stuttered, confused at the behavior of the raven-haired boy. I hurried away and shouted the orders at Pop. I returned to my math, checking on the customers every so often to make sure that no one was signing the air, waiting for their check, the one I would have to tell them to get at the counter for the millionth time that night.
While making the milkshakes I could feel my eyes drifting shut, math problems bouncing against my skull, and when pop called “Order’s Up,” I nearly jumped out of my Converse. I laid everything out on a platter and hoisted it above my shoulder, gliding over to the table of Serpents. “Is there anything else I can get you?” I asked nervously, staring at the brooding boy.

“Your number. I’m Fang, by the way” the other boy said with a grin and I rolled my eyes.
“Sorry, not on the menu,” I returned, making the girl roar with laughter. “Now, anything I can get you?” They shook their heads, or at least the two did, the brooding boy was still motionless, his eye trained on the table. “Fabulous,” I said with a twirl and then headed off in the direction of the other tables to see if there was anything I could do before I returned to the dreaded problem of the night.  “Everything good?” I asked the Scooby Doo gang. Archie glanced up at me.
A real shock that he could pull away from googly eyes with Veronica for more than a second.
“What are you doing talking to the Serpents?” he asked accusingly and I rolled my eyes.
“Oh brother dear, I’m going to explain something to you so i need you to keep your ears wide open. I work as waitress, I talk to customers. It doesn’t matter if they’re from flipping Timbuktu I’m going to take their order. It’s called customer service,” I said, baby talking my way through the explanation.
“They’re not safe,” he said with a glare at the table and I rolled my eyes again.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure that if one of them tries to hurt me you can pull yourself away from your girlfriend long enough to get in a fist fight, I mean that’s the second best thing you do,” I snapped and then marched away, leaving the prejudice group to their milkshakes.
Then I forced myself to walk over to the table of Ghoulies, four of them, far more frightening than the relaxed Serpents.
“Is there anything I can get for you” i asked as sweetly as I could. one of them looked up at me with a grin and grabbed my wrist.
“Your number.”
“Wow, I’ve already heard that tonight, you boys are so creative,” I said exhaustively. ‘So, I’ll tell you what I told the last boy, it’s not on the menu.“
"How about you Baby, you on the menu?” he snickered, pulling me onto his lap, pressing his lips against my neck. The others laughed at my squirming and cheered their friend on. As best I could I shoved him off me and stood up brushing my now ruffled skirt down.
“I’ll take that as a no,” I huffed and turned to walk away.
“Wait a second you little bitch, your brought me the wrong milkshake. Fix it,” he snapped and I clenched my fists and turned around. As I lifted the milkshake it took all of my willpower not to pour it into his lap. I whirled around, smacking directly into the raven haired boy. The milkshake covered his entire front and their was rage in his eyes, but I soon learned that it wasn’t directed at me. he effortlessly shoved me to the side and grabbed the Ghoulie who had been harassing me before.
“Get out,” he snarled, lifting the Ghoulie by the collar.
“Or what milkshake boy?” he laughed. The boy drew back and I let out a little screech when I heard the cracking of fist against nose and blood spurted across the table. The other Ghoulies stood up, all ready to start a fight.
“Stop it,” I screamed, grabbed the Serpent by his jacket and pulling him back. Pop came running towards the scene and I let out a sigh of relief, still clutching the Serpent boy’s jacket.
“Get out, all of you. Everyone clear out, except you,” he angrily yelled, pointing at the Serpent boy. The Ghoulies rushed out, followed by the Scooby Doo gang and the other Serpents. He turned on the Serpent boy and continued yelling up a storm. “What the hell are you thinking, staring fights up here, you’re going to get your entire gang in trouble. These days they’re looking for any excuse to arrest you, you idiot.” The boy took a step forward, ready to storm out, but my hands were still clutching the jacket, shaking in fear.
“It was my fault, the guy was hitting on me and he helped me out, and the guy threw the milkshake,” I defended. They both turned to me in surprise and the creases of Pop’s face softened. The Serpent boy seemed surprised that I was both lying and defending him.
“Oh, I’m sorry son, but there are better ways to handle it than starting fights in my diner,” he said and then turned to me. “I think I’m closing for the night, get this booth cleaned up, and then go home,” he said, and I nodded dutifully, ignoring that leaps of glee that I was feeling, finally some sleep, that’s all I asked for. Pop turned and left me with the Serpent boy.
“I’m really sorry about your shirt, I think we have one in the back,” I said and he shrugged. I ushered for him to follow me, waving bye to Pop as he shut off the open sign and left, locking the door behind him.
'Thanks for lying,“ he muttered, but I paid him no attention, searching through the boxes of lost and found we kept in the store room. "I’m sorry for being an ass too.”
“Don’t worry, I get it. We North Siders need to be taken down a notch, I’m just not sure ignoring is the best way to- Aha, got  it.” I turned around, triumphantly holding the white shirt, that I had almost thrown away, high in the air. I tossed it to him and leaned against the shelf, and had to hold in a very girly noise when he pulled his shirt over his head, exposing taught muscle and tanned skin. I averted my eyes before he could notice that I was practically drooling, but he had already seen.
“Like the view,” he joked and I rolled my eyes.
“Doesn’t everyone,” I replied, my eyes snapping up to his.
“Sure, but normally my view isn’t better looking,” he said cockily and I blushed a little, glad that the backroom was badly lit for the first time.
“Now, that’s a way to win a girls heart, much classier than 'What’s your number?’,” I said with a laugh and he chuckled along with me. I slid past him and grabbed the mop, but before I could get over to the mess it was being pulled out of my hand.
“I got it, you get the counter,” he said. I grinned and pulled a washcloth out of the sink, walking over to the table.
As I was washing of the blood stains and spilled milkshake I stretched out as much as possible, highlighting my curves as much as possible, hoping that he would take the hint. When I was finished washing the table I sat up and turned around, straight into his chest once more. “We have to stop meeting like this,” he grinned and I groaned and the cheesy line.
“And just when I thought you were the poetic one.”
“I'v got to keep you on your toes don’t I?” he asked and I shrugged.
“I’m sure there are better ways to keep me on my toes.”
“Like this?” And then he was leaning down and kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, ignoring the clatter of the mop on the linoleum floor.
“Just like that,” I said with a laugh as I pulled away for a breath of air. He chuckled and turned, setting me on the counter. I grabbed the hem of his shirt, and then stopped. “Have you got a better place for this, I would like to keep my job.”
“I’ve got a trailer.”
“That sounds perfect.”

“Are you implying-”
“Read the signs…” I started, and then realized I had no idea what his name was.
“Sweet Pea,” he responded, his eyes daring me to make a joke about his name.
“Peyton Andrews.”
“Andrews huh, are you sure your Daddy is going to be okay with you and a Snake?” he asked me and I shrugged.
“I don’t know, do you want to ask, because I sure as hell don’t care.” He laughed and then pulled me onto his back and carried me outside to his motorcycle. We both climbed on, forgoing helmets and took off down the dirt road towards the south of the tracks.
When we reached his trailer we quickly climbed off and before we could get the door open he had me against the outside of the trailer, hands roaming my body.
“Get the door open before you go all teenage boy on me,” I teased and he pulled away to open the door. When we were inside I pulled off my shirt and jumped into his arms kissing him furiously, leading us into a long night of lust, fumbling hands, and hot breath against cold skin, unaware of the tragedy that was coming.

The Serpent And The Cheerleader| Sweet Pea x Reader

Pairing- Sweet Pea x Reader

Warnings: Some Swearing But Not That Bad Also light angst but major fluff though like marshmallow level. 

Genre: Slight Angst And Major Fluff

Fandom: Riverdale

Summary: Reader And Sweet Pea Have A Secret Relationship, The Reader Being From The North Side, While he’s a South Sider. And to top it off, Shes A Cheerleader And He’s A Serpent, Both From Totally Different Worlds. After A Long Stressful practice for the River Vixens, Reader goes home where she learns that her relationship..Might not stay hidden. As emotions come crashing down on her, she calls her favourite Serpent and has a heart to heart.

Parts: Two

Authors Note: Should this get a part two? I’m not quite sure honestly, Maybe if this gets support i’ll write up a part two? Also this isn’t the best and I apologize. Quick note as well, I Head cannon that Sweet Pea is a total softie for whoever he is dating. I will take this to my grave and fight anyone. Also my requests are open.

-The (L/N) family, a family known throughout the town of Riverdale. The Mother and Father of the family being high school sweethearts that ended up tying the knot. Not only that, but they were highly respected in the community due to them having ties with publishers and business men. But like any other family in Riverdale, They weren’t the perfect family they were thought to be behind doors. But this story isn’t about the parent’s. Its about their River Vixen Gem of a daughter, (Y/N) (L/N).

A deep sigh left my body as I made my way through the crowded hallways, attempting to get home quickly. Practice for the River Vixens had ended early due to the paranoia from the recent events by someone called the black hood. I must have spaced out, because I was brought back to reality by the red haired bombshell, Cheryl Blossom.

“Did you even hear me? Ugh, Anyways I said practice is tomorrow at the same time.” she said to me as she walked beside me, still clad in her uniform as I was as well. I gave a meek nod to her as we went out the door’s of the school and into the cold. The red head came to a pause, turning to me and giving me a small kiss on the cheek and a small hug. “I’ll text you later stay safe, see you tomorrow dearie.” she said as she walked away quickly, leaving me alone.

After a twenty minute walk, I made it home. I quickly scaled the steps and went into my house. I was met with a sight that made me take a shaky deep breath. There sat my mother with her arms crossed, in front of her on the table laid a pile of clothes that obviously weren’t apart of my wardrobe as I wore lighter colors while the clothing was mostly black. She gave me a look as she raised an eyebrow while leaning forward.

“What are these?” Her shrill voice rang out through the room. I felt myself begin to sweat with anxiety, as I took a deep breath. “Oh..those are some friend’s clothes that they let me borrow. I’ve been meaning to return them, it completely slipped my mind.” I gave a fake smile towards my mother as I tightened my grip on my backpack strap. Her gaze turned cold as she stood up, grabbing the pile of clothes.

She quickly walked forward, slamming the pile into my chest as I fumbled to catch it. “Dinner is an hour. Your father will be joining us.” Was all she said as she brushed past me and went into the kitchen. I stood there for a few seconds frozen, before stiffly making my way upstairs towards my bedroom.

I quickly scaled the steps and went into my bedroom, making sure to close it behind me. I changed out of uniform and into a sweater and leggings, Making sure to hang up my uniform. I tossed the pile of clothing that my mother had found into my laundry bin, making sure to hide it along with some of my own laundry.

I sat down on my bed as I fished my phone out of my backpack. I quickly unlocked it and scrolled through my contacts until I found a certain one, I paused for a second before dialing and holding my phone to my ear. I listened as the line buzzed, waiting for the person on the other side to pick up. A click was heard before someone spoke up, “Hello?”

I felt my heart speed up as my emotions started to pour out, “Sweet Pea, My mom I think she knows. What if my dad knows?” I Choked out, feeling tears fill my eyes. I heard the male on the line mumble a few swears before giving a sigh “Calm down babe..its gonna be alright, trust me. Take a deep breath and tell me what make’s you think she knows.”

Just hearing his voice seemed to calm my nerves as I took a deep breath, like instructed. “Well for starters, while I was at school she went through my room! shes always been obsessive over my life but shes never went this far. She must have dug deep because she found some clothes that you left here. She ambushed me when I got home.” I said, my voice shaking. “What did you tell her?” He softly asked me. “I told her that the clothes were just some a friend let me borrow.” I whispered out.

It was quiet on the line for a few seconds. “what will happen if your parent’s find out? You always avoid telling me every time I ask. I Know they wont be pleased but tell me what would they do?” Sweet Pea’s Voice was firm and clear, even on the phone he seemed intimidating but I felt comforted by his voice rather than scared or shaken.

“They’ll try to keep us apart, hell they might even try to send me away. They’ll either be ashamed and try to hide our relationship or they’ll tell the entire town. They’ll definitely try to make me ashamed to be seen with you but that will never happen. I love you and rather be with you than some asshole Jock from my school with an over obsessed personality.” I whispered the final part, fearing someone might be listening in.

I heard the male on the line give a small chuckle, making my heartbeat begin to race and my face become warm. “And I love you to Princess, despite what anyone says and whatever happens.” A comforting silence filled the line after he said this. “Can I still come over tonight to crash?”

I let out a small laugh “Your always welcomed. I enjoy your company and having someone to rant to that actually listens.” The male gave a small hum, clearing his throat. “I’ll come over at like eight or nine, please don’t leave me in the cold like last Saturday.”

A fake offended gasp leaves me “You didn’t knock on my window or anything. Or even text me. How was I supposed to know that you were outside?” He clicks his tongue “Well I don’t know..this is just a suggestion, Maybe look out the window sometimes?”

I fall into a fit of giggles, the male on the line giving a small laugh as well. “Shit, Baby I have to go. I would love to talk more but duty calls.” By his tone, he sounds disappointed. “that’s fine sweets, I love you stay safe.” I softly say, feeling my face become hot once more despite saying this multiple times. “Love you to, see you later tonight” A click rang out, notifying me that he had hung up.

I held my phone to my chest, waiting for my face to cool down. Despite being in a relationship with the male for three months, Still the smallest things made me flustered. Once my face cooled down and the butterflies in my stomach disappeared, I tossed my phone onto my bed and stretched.

My door was thrown open, My mother standing there with a sour expression stitched onto her face. “Dinner’s Ready. Your father is waiting downstairs.” she sharply said as she swiftly turned around and went storming down the stairs. I took a deep breath before leaving my room and going downstairs into the dinning room.

There sat my mother at one end of the table and at the other my father, who wore a more blank expression unlike my mother who looked ready to smash something. The table was set with plates and silverware along with Dinner, Pasta and salad with bread sticks. My father made a small hand motion. “Take a seat, we need to talk about a few things.” I felt my stomach drop and fear imprison me once more as my fathers voice rang out through the dinning room.

His Voice Was Sharp And Held Tones Of Anger 

an asshole, nonetheless | s.p

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◇ Sweet Pea x reader

◇ genre: angst + fluff

◇ words: 1.5k

◇ warnings: cursing, my first time posting on tumblr, generally horrible writing 


“That’s not what I meant, Pea.”

My parents would have a heart attack if I brought you home. Simply a passing comment, maybe less light-hearted than intended, but it had a bad reaction all the same.

“Of course it’s not you meant,” he scoffed sarcastically, leaning back in his chair. He let out a humourless laugh, brushing a hand through his hair. “Of course it’s not. You North Siders have a strange sense of humour, huh, baby?" 

"Don’t turn it into that.” Your eyes narrowed. “Don’t you dare do that.”

“Do what?” He was testing your patience now. He leaned forward, across the rickety table that held your school books. His jaw clenched, eyes hard and body stiff. “Say what you’re thinking? ‘Cause I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking—" 

"Shut up.”

“—'Shit, Pea’s figured it out. He knows I’m not joking. He knows I’ll never be able to let him meet my parents because what kind of North Sider wants their daughter to bring home a Serpent?’”

“Shut up!” You slammed the book in your hand down to the table, breathing heavily as though you had run a mile. If Pea wasn’t so angry he would’ve seen the tears brewing in your eyes, but that wasn’t the case. “What’s gotten into you? You - you—" 

"I what?” He growled. “I’m dangerous? I get too angry too quickly? Sorry to tell you, sugar, but that’s who I am, and that’s what you signed up for when you became my girl. None of them North Sider boys could have prepared you.”

You stared at him for a few seconds.

“I’m not your girl,” you muttered spitefully to yourself, furiously blinking as you piled your books on top of each other. Sweet Pea’s brow raised. “Not anymore.”


"Yeah,” you finished. He barely moved as you whipped away whatever tears had escaped and stood tall, your increasing anger only giving you more confidence. “Yeah. I’m not your girl, not anymore, so screw you, Sweet Pea.”

Sweet Pea’s lip curled — somewhere in the back of his mind reminded him that he would regret this dearly, but he was clouded by his anger and pride. “You think I care? Leave, then." 

You sniffled, shouldering your back pack. You didn’t dare meet his eyes, not while your tears flowed down your face and your heart pounded with the reality of what was happening — and then, without a second thought, you stormed out. He heard you apologising distantly to the librarian as you left. 

A strangled grunt echoed through the corner he sat in, his hair pulled taut between his fingers. He had done it again — he had let his anger get the best of him with the one person who mattered the most to him. With furrowed brows and gritted teeth, he pulled his South Side Serpent’s jacket from his chair and slung it onto his body before leaving in as much of a rush as you did.

In all honesty, Sweet Pea knew that you were both doomed to fail from the very beginning. He wouldn’t be surprised if you knew, too. A South Side Serpent and a North Sider? Hell, he had no idea what he was thinking. He hated North Siders — hated their uppity attitudes, their fancy houses, the way they turned their noses up at those who lived on the other side of the tracks. But he didn’t hate you. No, he couldn’t.

You weren’t like the other North Siders. You didn’t look down on him, you didn’t pity him… you supported him. You understood when he told you about the struggle he had faced (and still faced) as a South Sider. You were his little slice of paradise, and he had let you slip between his fingers.

It wasn’t your fault. You didn’t mean what you said, and even if you did, could he blame you? No North Sider wanted their baby girl bringing home a Serpent. Hell, a lot of South Siders didn’t want it either. Maybe it was that truth that got to him, that made him lose his temper. What he wanted for you and what he would get were two different things and even though he knew you could never have a perfect life he didn’t like to be reminded. Fuck, he needed to talk to you.

“Sweet Pea!” A voice calls.

He looks up, plucking the cigarette from his mouth in the process. In the orange glow of streetlights, he could see Fangs and a few other Serpents looking at him — expectant, mischievous, and no doubt looking to him for trouble. “What?" 

"We’re gonna hit up the quarry,” one says, already beginning to climb onto his motorcycle. The bar’s become lukewarm, then, and it’s time for them to move on to the next hot spot of the night. “You’re coming with, right?”

It’s phrased as a question but nobody expects him to answer because they all expect him to say the same thing: yes. 


Everybody freezes for a second. Fangs looks over his shoulder, face the epitome of disbelief. “You’re not coming? Why?" 

"No, I got shit to do,” Sweet Pea said, eyes narrowing. He didn’t like when people questioned what he said. “Do I have to say it again, dim wit?”

“Alright.” Fangs shrugged, holding his hands up in surrender. Sweet Pea rolled his eyes, climbing onto his own bike, just as the others did, before he made up his mind and confirmed what he was about to do.

In your relationship, Sweet Pea tended to be the less emotional one. You couldn’t help it — you cried at everything, be it movies, stubbing your toe, getting too scared… Arguments were the common cause of it, though, which explains just why you were in the position you were in now; eyes bloodshot and tired, passed 1 AM and still awake, playing sad songs on the radio. Part of you thought about what Sweet Pea was doing — whether he was having as hard a time as you were, whether your fight even had an effect on him. The other part of you chastised yourself for even thinking about him.

God, could you ever stop thinking about him? About his stupid hair or his eyes or the way he smelled or how warm his jacket was when he put it around your shoulders. Stupid mundane things that shouldn’t make your heart lurch but did anyway because you loved him and now everything was horrible because of a misunderstanding on both of your parts. 

Tap. Tap. Tap. 

At first you think that the tapping at your window is just a distance sound — a tree, or a neighbourhood dog, or something other than what it actually is. A few minutes pass, though, and as your annoyance builds and your tiredness decreases, you realise that it’s coming from your window — and like the idiotic protagonist of a 60s Slasher movie, you go closer to investigate.

“P-Pea?” You stuttered in confusion. Your heart fluttered at the sight of him, standing beneath your window just like he always did when you would sneak him in. “What are you doing here?" 

"We need to talk,” he called up. He glanced around at the surrounding houses uncomfortably, before readjusting his jacket. “It’s cold as fuck out here, can I come in?" 

"You know the way.” You gestured to the tree outside your window invitingly, before opening your window wider and stepping back. As soon as you were out if sight you were a flustered mess, checking your hair and trying to make your eyes less red. By time he clambered through your window you had made your bed and tidied yourself up. Feeling much too awkward in your own room, you lingered by your bed while Sweet Pea climbed in.

Minutes passed in heavy, awkward silence. You fiddled with your hands, occasionally glancing up at his face, only to avert your eyes when you saw he was already looking at you. Memories of your fight clouded your mind but every time you opened your mouth to speak no words came out. Thus, you were left in silence. That was, until—

“I knew you didn’t mean what you said.”

You looked to him in confusion. 

“I knew that you didn’t mean it,” he sighed, shrugging, “but I still got angry because I knew that it was true—”


“I don’t want you to sugar coat it,” he interrupted. He pushed off from your desk, making his way to where you stood. “We both know it’s true. I didn’t want to be reminded of what we can’t have because the truth is that I want everything for us. You deserve that — me? Not so much. I’m an asshole.”

“I know,” you breathed. “My asshole, but an asshole nonetheless.”

“And I don’t know how to…” He made a twisted face— “…Express what I’m feeling properly, so don’t kill me. Even talking about it now is hard—”

“I appreciate what you’re doing, Pea,” you whispered, smiling gratefully as you placed your hands on his shoulders. “Thank you.”

“Anything for my girl.” His smirk returned, only growing wider as he dipped his head and let your lips brush. And there he was again: your confident, cocky, asshole of a boyfriend — but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

toni being hated on because y’all are scared that bughead will break up makes me sick. this is about so much more than a ship, this is about social injustice. the north siders have privileges and the south siders are blamed for everything. toni topaz spoke nothing but the truth and stood up for herself and yet some are hating on her because of a damn sHIP ???

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Ashamed | Sweet Pea x Reader

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Ashamed Sweet Pea x Reader

summary: Reader is friends with Archie and the gang, this is why she has been keeping her relationship with Sweet Pea a secret this makes Sweet Pea question things.

warnings: swearing

Part 2 

A/N: This is my second imagine, please don’t be too harsh on it. It gets better. Feedback and requests are welcome and much appreciated. Enjoy!

You had been friends with Archie ever since you were little kids, you had been through everything with him. Archie and you never kept any secrets from each other no matter what, he even told you about Grundy, as much as you hated it. Though recently you seemed to be keeping secret after secret from your best friend. The biggest one being the fact that you were dating the person he possibly hated the most; Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea made you the happiest you had ever been, and you were so scared that if you told any of your friends it would damage your relationship with Sweets. You and the rest of the gang were also great friends though they were equally as clueless to the relationship besides Jughead who was part of the reason you met Sweets.


“So I decided that I would treat you tonight princess. We never go out.” Sweet Pea placed a gentle kiss on the back of your hand, as he pulled up at Pops diner.

Unfortunately the first people you spot in the diner are Archie and Veronica sitting together enjoying a meal. Luckily for you they were so involved in each other, you quickly push yourself and Sweet Pea out of the diner without causing too much commotion. You loved sweets but no one except for Jughead and the serpents knew about your relationship and you were set on keeping it that way. You knew exactly how your friends would react if they knew, it wouldn’t be pretty. You were scared that they wouldn’t even be friends with you if they found out.

You grabbed Sweets hand pulling him along to his truck. “Hey, hey what was that about?” He gently grabs your arm pulling you back towards him.

“What’s wrong?” He moves his hands up to rest on your face forcing you to look into his concerned brown eyes.

“Princess, you can tell me whats wrong”

“Archie and Veronica are in there, I don’t really want them to see us.” You finally admit as much as you love Sweets you weren’t ready for that confrontation.

“Princess,  I don’t care if they see us, I want to show off my girl.” Showing off his adorable smile.

“Sweets… You know I’m not ready for that. I don’t want my friends to know about us, especially with that enemy thing you and Archie have going on.” At your words his soft eyes turned hard and his jaw clenches.

“Well if that’s how you feel.” He grits out through his teeth before stalking over to the truck leaving you to scurry after him.


“Are you ashamed of me?” Sweets muttered dejectedly, he hadn’t spoken to you since the incident at the diner, but you didn’t want him to break his silence with this.

“I’m sorry what?” You could barely believe your ears, you have realised how much you hurt Sweets and it broke your heart a little.

“You heard me Y/N. Are you ashamed of me?” This time he raised his voice the sadness and anger clear on his face.

“Sweets are you crazy? I could never be ashamed of you, you mean everything to me.” You try to stress how much he completed you.

“Well you were telling a different story at the diner. You say you love me and you pull this shit on me. I just thought you were different. That you weren’t like all those other north sider snobs.” He lets out a large breath after his rant, tears brimming his eyes by the end of it, his hurt expression causing a stab of pain to your heart. You didn’t try to hold back your tears back letting them escape your eyes and trickle down your face.

“Sweets I’m just scared, I don’t know how they will react but I can guarantee you it won’t be a good reaction. I don’t want to ruin my friendship with them, they are important to me.” You can hear your pleading tone begging him to understand.

“More important than me Y/N, I feel like I don’t even matter compared to them. I told all my friends about you, do you really think it was easy to tell the Serpents I am dating a damn North Sider, but I told them cause all that mattered was you. Not their opinions but you and us being happy, without lies and secrets. I did it because you make me happy and I wanted everyone to know that.” Tears were starting to escape his eyes now, you could see on his face how much pain you were putting him in.

“Well maybe it’s a little bit harder for me.” You mumbled out through your tears.

“Why is that Y/N. Is it because I’m the bad guy? No, you couldn’t be caught dead dating a South Sider. What would your North Sider snobs possibly say?” He spat each word out like venom.

“That’s not true, you know I couldn’t care less about you being from the South Side.” You try to reach for his hand but he rips it away from you.

“You really think I can believe that after tonight, your actions say something very different.” You eyes are begging him to stop don’t let this go where you think it’s going.

“Whatever lie of a relationship we were leading it’s over. I’m done with being your shameful secret.” He spits turning to your door.

“Sweets…” You plead with him, he can’t do this, you can’t let your relationship end like this. He interrupts before you can tell him all this, beg for him to hear you out.

“Don’t fucking bother Y/N, you’ve made it clear how you feel.”

The tears were hopelessly streaming down your face now.

“Sweets please…” but your words were lost as he slams the door in your face. You crumple up into a sobbing mess as you hear his truck speed off, away from you.

A/N: Sorry this isn’t the best work. 

The Serpent And The Cheerleader Pt 2| Sweet Pea x Reader

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Pairing: Sweet Pea X Reader

Warnings: Honey there’s a lot of angst but Fluff between reader and Sweet pea so eyy

Genre: Angst And Fluff

Fandom: Riverdale

Summary: Reader And Her Family Have A Long Discussion Over Dinner. Things End On A Tense Note And Reader Find’s Herself Finally Breaking Down. Once Her Favourite Serpent Show’s At Her Window, Some Things Are Said.

Parts: One

Authors Note: Thank you all so much for the support on the first part :) I hope everyone enjoys this just as much also should this become like a little series thing? i’m thinking about it but I’m not quite sure

Tags: @penisprkr

It was silent among us, the only sounds filling the room being silverware clashing against plates and the occasional clink of glasses. The tension in the room was high and dangerous. No one dared to say a peep.

Finally someone had built the courage to speak up. My mother cleared her throat and set her gaze on me, the gaze reminding me of an hungry predator cornering a helpless prey. I felt myself shift uncomfortably waiting for her to throw in her opinion.

“Alice told me she saw someone hanging around our house, but she also told me that you let them into our house using your window. Who have you been sneaking into our house (Y/N)?” My mother asked me, Her calm expression masking the rage that was building inside.

I felt my throat close up as I stared at my parents, my face obviously mirroring that of an animal in headlights. “Nobody mom. Nobody has been hanging around the house and I haven’t been sneaking in someone using my window” My voice came out in a hoarse whisper.

It was than when my father made a sound, almost reminding me of something between a laugh and growl. “You know I hate liars, So why don’t you just tell us who the serpent boy is (Y/N)?” I felt my heart drop into my stomach as I heard my father say this. I could feel myself begin to shake lightly from fear.

My eye’s began to burn as tears began to form. I opened my mouth, attempting to choke out a response when my father held his hand up, a sign to stop even trying. His expression was calm but his body betrayed him with its slight rage filed shakes.

“I never want you to meet that boy, Don’t even attempt to talk to him either. You will bring embarrassment to the family if your seen with him.” He paused “That boy will drag you down.”

I quickly brought my hand up to wipe my watering eyes, as I quickly stood up from the table. “He’s my Boyfriend! I’m not going to just drop him like that! He’s the best thing in my life right now, He makes me happy and he actually cares about me!” My voice was loud in volume and filled with anger.

My mother quickly copied my actions, Standing up quickly her chair scrapping harshly against the floor. “He is a south sider, to make it even worse He’s a Serpent! He will burn out eventually and I’ll be damned if he takes you down with him!” She yelled at me, Her eyes wild with rage.

“Its my life! why can’t you support me on one little thing! Us being together is hurting nobody!” My voice was loud and firm as I quickly stepped away from the table and went towards the stairs, I could hear both my parent’s stomping after me much to my distaste.

I quickly began to climb the stairs, but was forced to stop when my mother caught my arm in a tight grip. “You will not throw your life away like your brother did. You will not follow his footsteps, I forbid you from Seeing that boy. If I even see or hear him, I am calling sheriff Keller.” She hissed out.

I gave a glare towards my mother as I ripped my arm out of her grasp. “He left because he was done with you. He was done with the perfect life that you tried to make him have. Just like how I’m done with you having control over my life. You can’t control me anymore.” I hissed out as I quickly scaled the steps and went into my room.

I slammed my door loudly and turned to a mirror I had resting on my wall. My eyes were red and puffy, my face wasn’t the best either. My mascara was running down my face, my cheeks stained with tears. I sniffled lightly as I wiped my cheeks, smearing it even more.

A gentle knocking brought me out my moment as my head turned to stare at the window. With quick steps, I moved towards the window and opened it. I was greeted with the drenched form of my boyfriend, who wore a well fitting smirk on his face. I silently stepped back, giving the male room as he climbed in and shut the window.

I felt awkward as I stood there, finding my fingers interesting for the time being. Cold fingers brushed against my cheeks causing me to jerk back quickly, my eyes darting towards the male who stood in my room. His dark clothing clashing against the light pastels and florals in the room.

“Hey baby..what’s wrong?” he whispered out, gently taking my face in his freezing hands. I felt myself begin to unravel once more as more tears began to form and slowly drip down my face. He was silent as he brought me into a hug, gently rubbing my back as I clung to him tightly.

Sweet pea moved, eventually reaching my bed and somehow managing to lay on it with me still attached to him. It was silent, But the silence brought comfort between us. Both of us stayed quiet as we laid there, soaking in each others presence.

Eventually I sat up, wiping my eyes as I repositioned myself. I let my gaze rest on the serpent laying on my bed beside me. I took a shaky breath. “My parent’s know about you. They know about us and you sneaking in here.” I mentally cringed at my hoarse voice.

His gaze immediately snapped towards me, His dark eyes filled with a storm of emotions as his hand reached out and grabbed one of mine, beginning to play with my fingers as a distraction. My words lingered in the air as we both stayed completely silent. He released a shaky breath before finally returning his gaze towards me.

“what are we going to do? It’s already hard enough to see each other and now their probably going to start fucking watching everything you do.” His tone was low and sad. “I’m not quite sure honestly” I give a small dry laugh as I pause. “What can we honestly do? They want me to drop you and never interact with you again. But I can never imagine myself doing that.”

The bed shifts beside me as the male now sits at the edge of the bed, his back to me. “Maybe their right. Maybe we should just call this off before we get any deeper. You can live your perfect life while I live what ever the fuck my life is. And eventually you can get married to some jock asshole and have a perfect life together.”

I felt my heart break as I climbed off my bed and went to the side the male was on, taking his face in my hands forcing him to have eye contact with me. “Sweet Pea, I don’t want a miserable life with some jock from my school. My life is perfect when I’m with you, I’m perfectly fine where I am with you. Maybe we won’t be perfect, but that’s fine with me as long as I’m with you.” my voice was kind and gentle as I whispered to the male.

A small genuine smile formed on the males face as he wrapped his arm’s around my waist bringing me closer to him. “Can we maybe forget about this and sleep? We can worry about this tomorrow, Today was stressful and I think sleep can fix it” His smile was now a sly smirk as he stared at me.

I give a playful glare towards the male, happy the subject wasn’t something so harsh. I stepped out of his hold. “Well maybe change and dry off then we’ll talk bout it. While your doing that, I’ll change the sheets since their soaked now thanks to someone laying on them.” I made my way towards the door pointing towards the dresser. “Remember you have a drawer for your clothes and theirs a towel somewhere.” I quickly stepped out of the room and closed the door behind me.

I quickly made my way towards the hallway closet and pull out a spare blanket, quickly turning around and making my way back towards my room. Just as I was about to open the door, my mother came up the steps of the stairs and stood there watching me. I quickly mirrored her gaze, before bringing up the blanket in my grasp.

“I’m just grabbing a spare blanket incase for tonight. I’m turning in early.” I softly said as i adverted my gaze away from her, Unable to hold her icy gaze for long. A hum filled my ears as she shuffled past me. “Well..Goodnight dear. Sleep well.” was all she said as she disappeared into the bathroom.

I quickly stepped into the room, locking the door behind me as i did. I was met with a majority of the lights off and sweet pea laying on my bed obviously waiting for me. I gave a small hum as i side stepped the blanket that had been lazily tossed on the floor. I crawled onto the bed and spread out the blanket over our bodies.

We both quickly cuddled up together. Sweet pea wrapped his arms around me and gave a small kiss to my forehead. “Night Pea.” I whispered out quietly as the male not even inches away from me laughed quietly before whispering out a small “Night Princess.”

With that We both fell asleep, Not caring about what was slowly brewing waiting to be released.

Choosing Betty (Jughead x Reader)

Imagine: After your dreams of being with your best friend Jughead are crushed by his newfound relationship with Betty Cooper, you have no choice but to move on and find someone new. Your new boyfriend isn’t as great as you think, and Jughead won’t let you forget it.

When Jughead saw you walking down the hallway hand-in-hand with James, something about him changed.

It had been almost two months since you had built up the courage to tell your best friend, Jughead Jones, about your feelings for him. It had been almost two months since your attempted confession of love was interrupted by his excitedly announcing to you his new relationship with Elizabeth Cooper.

Likewise, it had been almost two months since you feigned happiness for him, and later relented to the romantic advances of James Tanner, a classmate and football player who made it no secret his attraction towards you. He was charming, somewhat kind, and handsome no doubt.

But he was no Jughead.

You smiled at everyone as you bounced down the hallway with your beau, showing off your new River Vixen uniform–James insisted that you join so you could spend more time together at the football games. When you noticed Jughead’s fowl expression, your brow furrowed in confusion.

What is it? Your expression seemed to say.

Jughead turned away, shutting his locker. Never mind. Betty walked up to him in her own Vixen uniform, sweetly planting a kiss on his cheek. I don’t care.

Your eyes narrowed, but he wasn’t facing you to see. Fuck you, Jughead. You squeezed your boyfriend’s hand and continued on your way.

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Always You | Sweet Pea x Reader

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Request: Could you do a sweetpea imagine where she’s good friends with him and they like each other but she has a a-hole boyfriend? @foriternity

A/N: This is my first imagine ever, I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Feedback and requests are welcome.

Part 2

Sweet Pea loved you with all his heart which was very out of character for the Serpent. However he couldn’t help it when it came to you, his best friend for years. You were one of the first people who actually cared about him, to him you felt like home, you were the safety he had craved all his life. Unfortunately for him he only realised this undying love for you after you started dating your now boyfriend Jeremy, a well known South Sider trouble maker. He would never understand how you a loving caring person could date that obnoxious jerk. Sweet pea denied his feelings for you for so long because he was so scared of your rejection, he couldn’t handle being rejected by you and now it’s too late.


“So are you coming to Fangs party tonight? Everyone’s talking about it.” Sweet Pea sidled up next to you at the lunch table. Even though you weren’t a Serpent your friendship with Sweet Pea gave you an honorary Serpent status, and the fact that you got along well with all the other Serpents at the high school.

“Nah, I promised Jeremy I would spend the night with him.” You say exasperated, crossing your fingers that Sweet Pea won’t delve deeper into the matter. The moment you suggested going to the party to Jeremy he flipped out, you knew he didn’t like any of your Serpents friends and has tried on many occasions to keep you apart from them, he has always been possessive like that.

“Really Y/N,” he raises an eyebrow at you “Fangs is going to be disappointed if you don’t show, hell we all will be. It won’t be as fun without you, who am I meant to hang out with?” he pleads

“I’m sure you will be fine without me, you have Toni and literally all your other friends.”

“But it won’t be the same without you.” He pleads

“Stop you’re making me blush.” You joke only to be met with his serious stare.

“Are you actually going to let your boyfriend tell you what to do?” He eyes full of concern.

“It’s my decision Sweet Pea.” He rolled his eyes not taking your lie.

“If you must, bring Jeremy along.” He spat sneering your boyfriend’s name.

“Yeah, no party’s complete without a fist fight.” I sarcastically say. “The Serpent’s and Jeremy can’t seem to be near each other without fighting.”

“I wonder why.” He muttered sarcastically, You shoot him a glare.

“Look I promise no fighting.” Putting his hands up in surrender.

“Pinky Promise?”

“Really Y/N are you trying to ruin my reputation?”

“No pinky promise, no party.” Pointing your pinky as threateningly as possible.

“Fine, fine.” Hooking our pinky’s as quickly as possible.


“Let’s get this over with.” Jeremy sneers, slamming his car door shut. You were shocked you had managed to convince him, it took at horrible screaming match to get him to finally agree to go with you. The moment you got into the party you felt the Serpent’s eyes on Jeremy, Jeremy was known for causing trouble for the Serpent gang, and the tension was thick.

“I see this party is full of South Side scum.” He loudly says to me, causing even more eyes to turn in our direction. As much as you wanted to protest and stand up from your friends, you wouldn’t dare talking back to Jeremy and risk causing a scene. He grabbed your arm practically dragging you to the bar area.


“Hey, hey. Can I some damn service here?” Jeremy slams a fist on the bar rattling all the glasses.

You hadn’t even been waiting a minute for drinks, the poor barman who had a line of orders turns to Jeremy with a glare. You keep your head low knowing all the attention Jeremy’s behaviour was getting, though by now you were used to it. You tuned out Jeremy’s snappy replies to the barman searching for your best friend Sweet Pea. You are going to murder him if he doesn’t show up after everything you went through to get here. You doubt he would be able to miss you with Jeremy’s loud behaviour.

“And for the lady?” The bartender brings you back from your thoughts.

“Just a coke please.” You didn’t feel much like drinking especially knowing that you will be the one driving home when Jeremy gets wasted.

“Don’t be so uptight, would you live a little.” Jeremy cruelly mocked.


“Well, well, well look who finally decided to show up.” You fumed when you spot Sweet Pea pushing his way through the crowd towards you. Jeremy had left you stranded by the pool table at least half an hour ago, leaving you furious. Mad at him for leaving you, mad at not being able to spot any of your other friends and especially mad at Sweet Pea who you haven’t seen all night after dragging you into this whole mess.

“It’s called being fashionably late Princess.” He smugly joked.

“It’s called ditching your best friend.” You grumbled.

“I didn’t ditch you, I’m here aren’t I.” He countered.

“Sweets you pinky promised.” You jokingly whine.

“I didn’t agree to being on time.” He teases

“It was an unwritten rule to the pinky promised.” You mutter pretending to still be mad at him. You can never stay mad at sweets for very long especially with that adorable smile.

“So where is your charming prince.” Sweets snarled. He always got so tense when he mentioned or heard about Jeremy.

“His around here somewhere.” You gesture at the party.

“Guess that means it’s just us.” he says smugly wiggling his eyebrows. You gently nudge his shoulder giggling.

“Let’s go dance.” You burst out, now that Sweets was here you felt relaxed and giddy.

“Y/N… My reputation.” He whined childishly.

“Pretty please, it will be fun.” You grab his hands interlacing your fingers, gently tugging him towards the dance floor. His face lights up at your the actions, tightly gripping onto your hand. You and Sweets join Toni and another serpent girl on the dance floor, you start having fun and letting your worries melt away. All that mattered in that moment was Sweets and you.

It all changed when the slow song sounded through the speakers, Sweets jokingly bows “May I have this dance?” You both spin around the room though it wasn’t the most graceful dancing, tripping over each other’s feet until you settled on a gentle sway. It seemed in that moment everything clicked into place, you felt so safe in Sweets arms and his touch made butterflies burst in your stomach. You couldn’t help but stare up at Sweets who was looking affectionately down at you. He stared to lean into you his soft lips gently landing on yours making you melt inside, you had never felt this way before, this happy … this in love. You forced yourself to abruptly pull away no matter how much it pained you. Sweets hurt expression sent a stab of pain through your heart, he looked crushed. You stumbled away from him.

“Y/N please I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Sweets reached out for you.

“Sweets I can’t. I’m sorry.” There was so much more to say but you turn and run. Going to look for Jeremy to take you home, away from the pained expression on Sweets face, away from the man you realised you love.

A/N: Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed. Probably going to do a part 2 for this imagine. Requests welcome!

Strong, Chapter 1: First Impressions

Welcome! :)

I’m so happy to be here, writing another multi chapter fic for you lovely people.

So, without further ado:

This is completely AU. No Jason murder, no events of S1. Jughead is a born and raised South-Sider, he knows no such thing as an Archie, Veronica or Betty. (Not for long!) He does know fellow South-Sider, Cheryl though ;)

God, I’m so excited to write these characters. I really wanted to write JB, and Gladys also. You may have some questions after the first chapter, but hold on, they shall be answered.

*DISCLAIMER* I know absolutely nothing of the American school system, so please just take it with a grain of salt as it is more than likely not accurate. I’m not American, hence ‘Mum’. Although I’ve read so many fics with 'Mom’ I almost slipped up a couple times! Ha.

Also edited myself so sorry for any mistakes!!

Also posting this from mobile so sorry for the no read more break, and anything else that could potentially go wrong with this shitty app.

Aaaaand I think that’s all! Enjoy, buggies. ❤️

Read on AO3!;

<b>Summary:<\b><i>Betty Cooper swore she only signed up to tutor a young girl from South Side High, and definitely not for what followed.

And Jughead Jones didn’t sign up for anything.


It was sunny out.

And Betty thought the temperature was high enough to warrant the black denim high waisted shorts she had changed into, paired with a simple white tank top she tucked in. As she turned herself in front of her bedroom mirror, she spared a thought to how her Mother would disapprove. <i>'Far too much skin, Elizabeth.’ </i>A smirk grew on her face. Well, she wasn’t home from work in time to scorn her choice of clothing today. And in a last minute act of rebellion Betty didn’t even grab a cardigan as she popped her feet into a pair of converse, tightened her ponytail, and left the house. 

Her phone started to buzz in her back pocket. She reached for it as she continued her journey to Pops. It was nearly August and the warmer weather was coming to an end. Which meant that Summer Break was also, and Betty had put her name forward for a “Big Sister” volunteer programme at a school on the other side of town, Southside High. She was hoping this is what the phone call was about. It was basically after school tutoring for any student who was put forward, Betty had done it last year with a different young girl and she was looking really looking forward to it again. Regardless of <i>'how good it looks on a college application’ </i>, in her Mothers words. 

Not that it mattered. Betty already had early acceptance to the Medill school of Journalism at Northwestern, starting in the Spring Semester. Chicago was far enough for Betty to gain some independence, but not far enough that she couldn’t visit often. 

“Hello, Elizabeth Cooper speaking.” She answered, always polite, always the full name if the number was unknown.

“Hi, Elizabeth? This is Gladys Jones. I’m ringing in regards to the Big Sister programme at South Side High. How are you?” The voice through the phone sounded maternal, and younger than Betty had expected. 

“This is she, but Betty is fine. I’m well, thank you Mrs Jones. I’m glad to be hearing from you.” And she was, it was genuine. Betty loved to offer a hand to any student who wanted to better themselves. 

“Well, Betty, I’m glad to be calling. I was shown a few profiles from some of the volunteers, and yours stood out to me the most. You seem to have a wide range of curricular, extra and otherwise.” Betty smiled on the other end of the phone, she did look awfully good on paper. “And I was hoping, if you haven’t already been snatched up of course, that you would buddy up with my daughter." 

"I would love too, Mrs Jones, thank you for considering me.” She smiled while checking the road to cross. 

“Of course.  Would you like to come over tomorrow and meet myself and JB? Say around 4pm? I will be home from work then" 

"Yes, definitely, I’ll see you both then. I look forward too it.” Betty replied. 

“As do I, Betty. I’ll send you through our address, and I’ll see you then. Thanks again." 

She couldn’t wipe the smile from her face after the phone call had ended, and it still resided there as she walked through the front door at Pops, the ding of the bell alerting her arrival to her best friends. 

"There she is, my own personal ray of sunshine. I took the liberty of ordering your usual for you.” Veronica nodded at the vanilla milkshake that was waiting for Betty as she slide into their usual booth opposite her and Archie. She smiled at Veronica in thanks. “And what, or who, has gotten into you to make you look so happy, huh?" 

"V, honestly.” She joked, rolling her eyes. “I actually just got off the phone with the Mother of a Southside High student about the Big Sister programme. She wants to meet me tomorrow.” She explained, taking a sip of her shake. 

“Oh that’s cool, Betty.” Archie chimed in, smiling across the booth at Betty. “I remember how much you enjoyed that last year." 

"Thanks, Arch.” She returned his smile and gave a thought back to other things he probably didn’t remember from last year. Or chose not too. Like her unrequited feelings of what she thought was love towards him, but turned out to just be a silly childish obsession gone on too long. As soon as she had seen Archie with Veronica, she was simply happy for the both of them. There was no jealousy, and Betty found relief in finally letting go of that Andrews fantasy. Besides, Veronica was such a permanent fixture in Bettys own day to day life now that she would not have it any other way. 

Even if that meant being the third wheel more often than not when there was no one else to act as a buffer. 

“Well, that’s less risque than I was hoping. But, you are the true star of Riverdale after all, Betty Cooper. What will this town do without you?” Veronica was only half joking. “What will I do without you!” She reached across the table to take Betty’s hand in her own and gave it a squeeze. 

“Chicago really isn’t that far from NY, V. We will see each other all the time, I promise.” Betty squeezed back in return. 

“Oh, I will make sure of it. Daddy’s jet will be getting so much use it won’t know what hit it.” Archie sniggered at how pretentious she had sounded, and Betty couldn’t help but join in. Veronica waved her hand in dismissal and rolled her eyes at her boyfriend. “Oh Archie, please, don’t act as though you haven’t been begging me to take you on your first flight." 

Now Betty was laughing in Archie’s direction, the look on his face one of a boyfriend who just got shut down by his own, entitled girlfriend. The sound of their laughing was cut off by the ding of the bell above the door again, Archie watching the group who just walked in over Betty’s shoulder. 

"Those Serpent wannabe kids do hang out here a lot lately.” His eyes were trained on the leather jackets of the group as they made their way to the back corner booth. “I wish they would fuck off, they give me the creeps.” Betty shot him a dirty look. 

“Jeez, Arch, louder for those in the back please.” But the curiously had gotten the better of Betty as she glanced quickly over her shoulder into the back corner of the diner. It was the same group as always, 3 boys and the red headed girl. One of the boys, Betty had noticed, never seemed to be without his grey beanie, detailed to look like a crown. It stood out against the harsh of his leather jacket, and she wondered how the two fit together. 

“They might be scum but those jackets make them super hot, right Betty?” Veronica asked, watching the group with hungry eyes. 

“They aren’t scum, V.” Was all Betty would reply, she refused to admit that there was something about the leather that did make them seem more attractive. Unattainably  so. The attitude that seemed to come with the jacket probably helped the cause. They looked miserable, all the time, Betty thought as she looked back toward her friends. Especially the one with the beanie. She wondered if it was part of the act. 

“Say, Archiekins, do you think if I got you a leather jacket like that, you would swap it out for you letterman? Just for a night or two, just for me?” Veronica made eyes at her boyfriend, the way she held the straw in her mouth more than enough to imply exactly what she meant. 

“Only if you wear one to match, and nothing else." He winked.

"Okay, guys, ew!” Betty pulled a face, covering her ears with her hands. This was the kind of thing that made her resent being a third wheel. She could handle watching them try and eat each other’s faces off, but sex talk? No thanks. She didn’t get paid enough for that. “There’s a minor present." 

Archie threw his arm around Veronica’s shoulder as they laughed, pulling her closer to him. "You’ll get there, Betty.” Archie joked. Betty just rolled her eyes at the both of them and quickly finished her milkshake. 

“Well, there won’t be any leather jackets, that’s for sure.” She shimmied her way down the bench to exit the booth. “And on that note, I’m going home. I need to get some more reading done in advance for school, seeing as I’ll have just less time when the new term starts up with this tutoring." 

"B, you just got here! You bore.” Veronica sighed, her mouth shaped in an exaggerated pout. To anyone else it would seem condescending, but not to Betty. She knew Veronica well enough to know she always meant well.

“Bye guys, I’ll text you later, V.” She climbed from the booth and walked backward toward the door, waving at her friends. Just as she turned back she walked into something hard. And leather. It was the chest of one of the serpent group, one of the beanie less boys. “Shit, sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” She offered the boy a forgiving smile. He wasn’t much taller than Betty, his jet black hair quiffed back from his face. 

“That’s okay, darlin’.” He looked her up and down, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. “I’ll watch for you instead." 

"Oh Joaquin, please.” The red head rolled her eyes, but was watching Betty with a look she couldn’t quite grasp. Her lips were blood red, matching her hair, and her arms were crossed right across her chest. And even though she was shorter than Betty, the look she was giving made her feel small. “We all know she’s not your type." 

Betty faked a laugh, but she could feel the colour creeping into her cheeks. And she figured you could see it, at least the rest of the group who were stood behind this guy definitely could. She gave him another smile before getting out of there as fast as she could without running. She could feel all their eyes burning into the back of her head. 


It was 3.30 the next afternoon, and Betty was yet again stood in front of her bedroom mirror. But this time she was dressed just how her mother approves. Dark blue jeans, and a pastel pink sweater with a white collar. 

"Elizabeth, downstairs quickly! You don’t want to be late. Punctuation is key!” Betty rolled her eyes at her Mother, but did as she was told. With one more tight tug of her pony, she slipped her feet into a pair of black ballet flats and hurried down the stairs. Alice Cooper, her overbearing, ever concerned, painfully punctual Mother was already waiting for her at the front door. She was tapping her foot, and giving Betty a look that she was all too familiar with. 

“Sorry, Mum.” she murmured as she slipped past her out the front door, avoiding her gaze. As she walked to the car, she could hear her Mother muttering as she followed. 

“It’s not just you that would look bad, Elizabeth. It would also fall back on us, your parents.” Her tone was condescending, and Betty was all too familiar with the words that fell from her Mothers tongue. “Would you want to disappoint us like that? Like your sister?” Betty could feel her fingers curling into her palm, her nails itching to break skin. She shook it off, stretching her fingers before opening the door and climbing into the car. 

“Mum, it only takes 15 minutes to drive to South Side. We have plenty of time.” Betty crossed her arms over her chest, purposely looking straight ahead to stare at the garage door. Alice sighed as she sat in the drivers seat, angling her body to face Betty and tilting her head in concern. 

“Are you taking your medication, Elizabeth?” There was that tone again, always with that tone. If she actually paid any attention at all to her daughter, she may have noticed that Betty hadn’t been taking any of her medication in weeks. Months, for that matter. Betty would hold the pills under her tongue until she had opportune moment to spit them out again.  With everything that had happened with Polly, both of her parents had been rather distant lately. But that didn’t mean Betty wasn’t still nagged at every minute they were around. She continued to ignore  Alice, averting her eyes to stare out at the front garden through the car window. “Answer me, Elizabeth.”  

“Yes, Mother.” Betty finally answered through gritted teeth. “Twice a day every day.” She heard her Mum sigh beside her. 

“We just want the best for you, sweetie. We want you to be your best.” She was being genuine, but that didn’t make it any easier for Betty to swallow. It was never about what she wanted. It was just about how good she could make her parents look. Alice reached out her hand to rest on the side of Betty’s arm, an attempt at being sincere. Betty turned to her Mother, a fake smile plastered on her mouth. 

“Thanks, Mum. But we need to leave.” She nodded to the clock on the dashboard that now showed the time as 3.35pm. “Punctuation is key!” She mocked. Now it was Alice’s turn to roll her eyes as she turned in her seat and started the engine. They were backed out of the drive and on their way before Alice spoke again. 

“Look, Betty. I know sometimes we are hard on you. But, but after Polly, can you blame us?” <i>Can you blame her?</i> Betty thought. No wonder she threw it all in and ran half way across the world. Polly had needed her freedom, she wanted to make her own life decisions, and Betty was starting to understand that more every day. “We gave your sister everything. She had every option she could have wanted, and yet she threw it all back on our faces.” Alice’s voice had started to falter, and Betty knew talking about Polly made her upset. 

“Mum, I’m not Polly.  Please don’t get upset.” She glanced in her Mothers direction. “I’m just nervous, okay?” Which wasn’t a complete lie. She needed to make a good impression today, although that wasn’t an entirely new concept. She had been taught that first impressions were everything. Alice looked at Betty in her peripheral and offered a light smile that didn’t touch her eyes. 

“You’ll do great, Betty. You always do. Just remember, chin up. Don’t slack.” Betty unfolded her arms in favour of wringing her hands together. They had driven over the rail bridge that separated the North and South sides of Riverdale, which meant they would be arriving to the Jones’ shortly. Betty could feel her hands slick with sweat, but she tried to push away her anxious thoughts. She had done this before, and as long as the girl wasn’t a complete nightmare she knew she could handle it. Betty thrived off of helping others. 

“It’s this next left, Mum.” Betty directed Alice down the right street, eyes squinting to read the numbers on the letterboxes. “It’s number 44 so it’s on my side.”  The neighbourhood was nice, it looked as though the street could blend in just fine on the other side of the tracks. 

“These houses are much tidier than where I dropped you last year. Thank god." Alice Cooper, the queen of laying judgment. She pulled into the driveway once they had reached the right house. Alice turned to Betty in her seat once again, reaching out her hand to dust off Betty’s shoulder. "Now, do well. And call me when you need me or your Father to pick you up.”

“I could get the bus, Mum. It’s just down the road an -”

“God, no. I don’t want you walking around here on your own. If anything comes up, I’ll ask Archie to get you.” Alice smiled a small smile at her daughter. 

“Okay, thanks Mum. I’ll call you later.” Betty offered a smile in return , opened the car door and climbed out. She knew her Mother would wait until she was in the front door before she left, so Betty took in the house quickly as she walked to the door. It was lovely, and looked well kept. There was a red Mazda CX3 in the drive, which was a sight in itself. Obviously this family had money. Betty took a deep breath before raising her fist and knocking on the door. 

The woman who answered the door was younger than Betty was expecting, yet again. Or maybe she just looked that way. Gladys Jones was of a similar height to Betty, her black hair fell just below her shoulders. Her blue eyes were striking. 

“Betty? Hi, please, come in.” Gladys pulled the door open wide, holding her arm out to welcome her in. Betty stepped foot through the front door into the kitchen, which was open plan with the living room. Everything was white and bright, and there was a young girl sat at the island in the kitchen. The girl, with hair longer than her Mothers but the same exact colour, smiled a dazzling smile at Betty. 

“This is JB, and I’m Gladys.” The older woman says, moving around to stand behind her daughter, her hands grasping thr girls shoulders. “Welcome. Can I get you a drink of something?" 

"A water would be lovely, thanks.” Betty moved around the island and perched on the stool next to JB. She smiled down at the young girl, and she noticed that her eyes were the same deep sea blue as her Mothers. She smiles a thanks at Gladys as she puts the glass in front of Betty. “Hi, JB. I’m Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Betty. Is JB a nickname?” The girl offered Betty a shy smile. She must be around 13, Betty thought. 

“It stands for Jellybean.” She answered, ducking her head a little. Betty looked up at Gladys, who just shrugged her shoulders and laughed. “Which is still a nickname, anyway.”

“Her Dad fought a hard case, and she won’t tell you her real one unless she trusts you with her life.” Gladys smiled, and Betty noticed the lines at the corner of her eyes. She was beautiful, but she looked tired. And not tired like she didn’t have enough sleep the night before, but more like she had been exhausted for a long time. Betty commended herself on how she could read people. “Well, I’m going to go and sort out some washing, how about you two get to know each other some more.” She ruffled JB’s hair as she walked passed them, leaving the kitchen into the laundry attached. 

“You know,” Betty nudged JB’s shoulder with her own, “I’m going to make it my goal to get your real name out of you. I’ll prove you can trust me, JB.” She offered the young girl a warm smile, that was returned ten fold. “So, tell me, whats your favourite subject in school?" 

"Science.” Jellybeans face lit up, and then it was hard for Betty to get a word in. Not that she minded. She told her all about her school, her friends, how her 14th birthday was coming up and she didn’t know if she was allowed to invite boys to her house just yet but one of her best friends was a boy. She told her how her teachers always compared her to her brother and she hated it. 

“Your brother?” Betty asked, her interest peaked. She had gotten the impression that it was just JB and Gladys, but then again, this house was awfully big for just the two of them. Betty was trying to pick up as much information she could without directly asking, rather waiting for JB to when she felt comfortable.  "Does he go to school with you?“

"He’s in senior year, same as you I think?” Betty nodded at JB. “He’s a shit head in school, and all the teachers think I’ll be a chip off the old block." 

"Oh, well that’s not fair.” Betty was taken a back a little by how easy JB had sworn, but she had to remind herself that just because she still couldn’t say the word crap in her parents house without some alarm going off didn’t mean it was the same for everyone else. Jellybean just shrugged.

“It’s okay, he’s not a shit head to me.” She smiled, spinning herself side to side on her stool. “He’s my big brother, he’s the best.” Betty felt warmth in her chest, the way that JB felt towards her brother was the same that she felt with Polly. 

“That’s nice, JB.”
“Him and Mum don’t get along that well, but..” Jellybean trailed off, catching herself before she spilled all their Jones family secrets to this girl she has just met. Sure, Betty was nice and seemed understanding, but JB liked her and didn’t want to scare her away. This house was a good facade for how much they were a South Side family, through and through. 

“I know what thats like.” Betty nudged her shoulder, realising that JB didn’t want to carry on with that sentance just yet. “My Sister and Parents definitely do not see eye to eye.” Jellybean gave Betty a small smile in gratitude, and was about to ask about her sister when she heard the distinct rumbling of a motorbike coming into the street. 

“Speak of the devil.” Jellybean joked. Betty turned her head toward the window, watching a dark figure park up in the driveway on a motorbike.

“What’s your brothers name, dare I ask?” Was all Betty had time to ask before he made his way through the front door.

“Jughead.” Jellybean answered Betty, and announced his arrive at the same time. As the boy took off his helmet, Betty was shocked to realise it was the beanie wearing serpent from Pops. As if in time with her thoughts, Jughead reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled the hat onto his head. He walked around the behind Betty to Jellybean, ruffling her hair on his way to the fridge.

“Hey, Kid. Where’s Mum?” He asked, not really taking any notice of Betty. She couldn’t help but feel slightly flustered, especially after how much she floundered after the interaction she had with him and the rest of his gang yesterday.

“Doing laundry, you’re safe.” She joked, smiling at her brother.

“Good.” He opened the milk and drank straight from the carton, something Betty found kind of gross. He raised his eyes brows in her direction, a question to his sister.

“Oh, this is Betty. She’s my tutor for the new term, for after school.” Jellybean turned to look at Betty sat beside her. “This is Jughead.” Betty smiled at him.

“Another nickname, I’m presuming?” God, why did she ask that. Like it was any of her business. She could feel the flush rising in her cheeks. Jughead just gave her a sly smile while he screwed the lid back on the milk. This was the most she had gotten to look at him properly, not just from the far corner of the diner. He was good looking, that she wouldn’t deny. He had a sharp jaw, and those blue eyes that seemed to be a Jones trait. She also couldn’t help but notice his hands, the way they grasped the bottle.

“It’s far better than the alternative, trust me.” He shut the fridge door, making to pick up his helmet on his way to the hall that on the opposite side of the kitchen. “I’ve seen you
around, at Pops.” Betty was slightly shocked, she didn’t really think she was someone Jughead would notice. His eyes were trained on her now, and she suddenly hated the fact that she blushes so easily.

“Yeah, I’m there a lot with my friends.” She smiled at him, hoping her face wasn’t as red as it felt.

“That’s it, you’re always third wheeling with that ginger kid and his rich girlfriend, right?” He snarked, a smirk on his face. Betty dropped her smile, his comment kind of pissed her off. She knew she was a third wheel, she didn’t need others pointing it out for her.

“Didn’t realise I was that obvious.” She shot back, a sharp tone to her voice.

“Sometimes, to me.” He still had a smirk on his face, and Betty couldn’t help but find herself enjoying his face. Her heart was beating a little faster, had he really noticed her? He looked her up and down before he spoke again. “When you’ve got those legs out.” He winked, before turning around and walking into the hall.

“Jug! Can you not!” Jellybean called out to her brother, shaking her head in shame. She shot an apologetic look to Betty. “Sorry, told you he was a shit head.”

“It’s okay.” Betty laughed. And as much as she probably wouldn’t admit it, she had kind of enjoyed those comments. It usually wasn’t her who got hit on, that normally fell to Veronica. But she kind of liked it. Or maybe she just liked the way he looked at her. She shook her head, trying to rid herself of those thoughts. Jughead was just a boy, this is just what they do. They liked to play games. Wasn’t it similar to what happened at Pops yesterday? She reminded herself. “Where were we?”

Betty had stayed for a little longer, Gladys came back and the three of them sat and talked. She turned down the invitation of dinner, claiming that her Mother would have already accounted for her, although in reality she wanted to avoid another run in with Jughead.

Later that night while she was trying to sleep, she convinced herself that he was just trying to irk her. He was in a gang after all, it was probably a territorial thing. She wouldn’t let some tiny little run in get to her, she was Betty Cooper after all.


Poker Face - Cheryl Blossom

Anonymous said:

Could I request a Cheryl imagine where she’s dating a tough (south serpent kinda) girl who’s friends with the core four and Cheryl finds out she’s super ticklish and uses it to embarrass her alot? Like coming up behind her and/or kissing her neck as she walks past when she’s sitting on the couch with her friends? Thx I love your blog, it’s my fav😊

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Aw thanks for the compliment darling!!! I hope you like this!

When Sophomore year rolled around, you didn’t expect to get many friends. Especially not after Jason Blossom’s murder; but it was that very event that gave you friends. Gave you a girlfriend. You had known Jughead all your life, since you lived among the Serpents. When you met FP Jones, he thought you actually were a South Sider Serpent.

“Thick skin. Scales of a snake,” he had said. Jughead just rolled his eyes, but you felt accepted by the Jones family after that. You and Jughead became basically inseparable. So when he was drawn into Archie Andrews’ rag-tag group of misfits, so were you. You got caught up in the madness surrounding the murder of the Blossom boy. During that time, you also saw, truly saw, Cheryl Blossom. It had started when Betty sent you to do some digging about Thorn Hill, the Blossom’s mansion. Instead of actually sleuthing around Riverdale, you decided it was best to ask someone that lived there. You walked up to Cheryl with a coy smile and politely asked about the home in which she lived.

“Why don’t you come over and see it for yourself?” Her flirty tone was undeniable and it drew you deeper into the darkness of the Blossom family. The first visit turned into another one, and another after that. Visits became frequent before you started staying the night in the gothic castle. On nights like the one now, you were curled up on Cheryl’s bed listening to her rant about the River Vixens practices and routines. As she spoke, you played with her long, manicured fingers to occupy your mind.

“She can’t even land a forwards flip and-you’re not even listening to me.” She let out a soft giggle when you pulled your eyes away from her hand. You rolled onto your side, mirroring Cheryl’s position and looking into her eyes more clearly.

“I was, but then your evil hand took mine captive and I had to fight back.” She let out a laugh, a true one that was all too rare nowadays. She pulled her hand away from yours and traced her fingertips along your jawline. Your eyes instinctively shut at the soft touch as you revelled in it. Her nails gently, lightly, tickled your skin, making their way to your sensitive neck. All of the suddenly, goose bumps rose in your skin and you curled in on yourself. Cheryl let out another laugh at your reaction, smiling slyly.

“You’re ticklish,” she teased and you just shook your head. She rolled her eyes, continuing to touch every inch of exposed skin. After a bit, she worked her way back up to your face, more specifically your neck. You flinched away from her touch, causing the both of you to giggle.

“As much as I love that you’re smiling,” you whispered, “I’m very sleepy.” Cheryl nodded, still smiling at you. You scooted over, getting closer to your girlfriend; because that’s what she was. It was unspoken, but it was there nonetheless.

“Goodnight Cher,” you whispered. You leaned your head forward slightly and pressed your lips to her soft ones. She pressed back against the touch, smiling lazily into the kiss. With that final touch, the two of you drifted off to sleep.

After getting ready at Cheryl’s house, you both headed off to school. You said a meaningful goodbye in the school parking lot before heading off to your separate classes. The day seemed to draw on and on, until you reached lunch.

“Where were you last night Y/N? I tried calling you but you didn’t answer.” You glanced at Jughead and shrugged. The raven-haired boy scoffed, waiting for a better answer.

“I must’ve been asleep,” you said and continued eating.

“I called you at five in the afternoon,” Jughead said dramatically. You shrugged again, looking back to your food. An awkward silence fell over you and Jughead, being the only two people at the table as of that moment. You quietly ate, searching for something to say.

If anyone from your friend group found out what was between you and Cheryl, they’d flip. Betty and Veronica might even grow to hate you, since they hate Cheryl. Hopefully, as the year goes on, their hearts will change; and they’ll realize Cheryl isn’t a bad person. You disliked the fact you kept your relationship with her on the down low, but it was best to keep it that way for a little while longer. Maybe when everything with Jason starts to fade away.

“Hey how’s the casework going, with-” your train of thought was cut off by the feeling of lips on your neck. Soft, teasing, the familiar pair of lips tickled your neck. Jughead’s eyes widened as your poker face faltered and you started to giggle. You moved your head and blocked Cheryl’s lips from attacking the sensitive skin of your neck. Cheryl laughed, pecked your cheek and left you and Jughead alone once more. Your cheeks burned brightly at the sudden affection and fit of childish giggles.

“Care to explain that?” Jughead’s tone was surprised, but sassy as usual. You stared back at the boy across from you, ready to send a biting answer back. Before you could reply, the rest to the merry crew sat down at the table.

“Why was Cheryl Blossom sucking the blood from your neck? I assume that’s what she was doing,” Kevin asked as he sat down.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were dating the Devil incarnated?” You glanced at Veronica, giving her a serious look.

“This is exactly why,” you said, “I knew you guys would be this way and-”

“Hey, Hey, Y/N relax.” You glanced up at Archie who looked at you with worried eyes. “They’ll just have to learn to live with it.” Veronica slapped his shoulder and let out a gasp.

“This is Cheryl Blossom we are talking about here Archikins! She is not to be trusted,” you glared at Veronica while she spoke.

“So all the information I got from her was just thrown away from the case? Since we can’t trust her word and all.” Your counter argument silenced everyone at the table.

“Well while you all mull it over,” you grabbed your tray and walked over to Cheryl’s table. You sat beside her, much to the surprise of her friends.

“Too embarrassed to sit by them anymore?” Cheryl wriggled her eyebrows at you, making you smile. You met her eyes and you mimicked her teasing tone.

“I just can’t keep myself away from you,” you said back. A blush bloomed on the girl’s cheeks and your grinned. So what if your friends didn’t approve of your relationship yet, with time they would; but for the time being you had your girlfriend who was just as tough as you.  

Riverdale Fairy Tale AU

So I Randomly Got This Thought, What would Riverdale Be Like If It Was All Fairy Tales? This Might Be Confusing But Hear Me Out Okay?

Okay So I Have This Idea To Write Imagines/Headcannons/Whatever For Riverdale Characters But It’s Fairy Tale Themed. An Example Or Well Two Could Be.

Little Mermaid AU: Mermaid!Reader x Prince!Jughead. Basically The Imagine Or Series Would Follow The Lines Of The Fairy Tale/Disney Movie.

But We Could Also Do Something For The Mermaid AU (That’s Gonna Be My Example) Like: Mermaid!Cheryl x Princess/Prince Reader.

Basically it’s just fan fiction with everyone in the place of fairy tale characters. If you want a certain fairy tail just request it like for example: Beauty And The Beast AU and than (insert character) and reader. If you want other characters as the side characters feel free to give certain characters roles. Like using the Beauty AU, Like I Don’t Know The Beast Is Sweet Pea And Goston Is Archie Idk It’s Up To You.

If your not sure about it, feel free to Message me and ask me about it. Also! If you would like to write using this AU please tell me as I would love to see your writing. My Requests Are Open So Feel Free To Start Writing Your Requests! It doesn’t have to be Fairy Tale AU Either, It doesn’t have to be from a Fairy Tale Either It Could Be Things Like: Servent!Reader x Princess!Veronica It’s Just Mostly That Type Of Stuff.

Also if you don’t see a certain fairy tale on here, feel free to tell me about it and I’ll add it.

Some Fairy Tales off the top of my head

  • Beauty and The Beast
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • The Princess And The Frog
  • Snow White
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Cinderella
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • Alice in wonderland

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Netflix? (Toni Topaz x Reader)

This contains spoilers from season two!

request from anon: “Toni Topaz x Andrews Reader. Reader is related to Archie. Read effectively doesn’t feel safe now ever since their dad has begun shot. Reader joins the south side serpents and is very intrigued by a certin pink haired girl, Toni Topaz. They then pursue Toni. Thank you🙏”

Warnings: Light threatening(?) SPOILERS!

Word count: 982

A/N: I’m not totally satisfied with this, but anyways! Also, i wasn’t in the mood to write a kiss scene, so i  left it for your imagination;)


request here

I don’t own the characters, i don’t own the GIF)


Originally posted by roadtoriverdale

When your brother told you your dad had been shot, it came as a shock. Nobody had expected it to happen, and there were tons of different theories about who had shot him and why. Archie was your twin, and you had been supporting each other a lot after the shooting, you had calmed I’m down and convinced him to take it easy on his little murder catching game. But you still felt like nobody was trying to catch the murder and now that Moose, Midge and Grundy had also been killed or at least tried to be, your were even more nervous. Was the reader going for the people Archie cared about? Would you be the next target? Or some of your friends? You slowly began to understand why Archie wanted to take it in his own hands, it was terrible living in that fear. So you decided to ask Jughead, one of your brothers friends that you also knew a bit, about joining the Serpents. Jughead had told you that it was possible for you to join but that you had to think it through, because if you get in, there’s no out.

You opened the door to the whyte Wyrm, it was dark and dirty and not the kind of surroundings you were used to, but that didn’t stop you. you had made up your mind, you wanted to feel like someone was protecting you, someone other than your brother, and the only way you could think of was joining the Serpents, they would always protect their own, and you didn’t have to get involved with drugs or anything like that, just watch from the sideline. You looked around the bar and spotted a familiar face, Forsynthe Pendleton ‘Jughead’ Jones lll. He caught your eye and smiled and waved you over. You nervously walked over to your him while trying not to look to scared and vulnerable. Most eyes in the bar was on you and you heard a few men yell things like “What’s that north sider doing here!?” and “This place is for south siders only!”  You tried to ignore them but more and more people began yelling at you. Suddenly one man ran towards you like he was going to physically fight you. When he was just about three meters away from you, a powerful voice yelled up the whole bar “What the hell are you doing to the poor kid!?” Everyone shut up and you tried to identify the voice, it sounded like it came from a girl. “Clearly they have something to say! let them speak for gods sake, what is wrong with you
all!?” You now found the source of the voice; a little girl with pink hair. How did she manage to get thirty full-grown men to shut up like that? She walked towards you eying you, she stopped when she was just a feet or two away from you, “so, north sider, did you want anything? Or did i save your ass for nothing?” You were really intimidated by her and it didn’t help that everyone in the bar just stood there waiting for you to answer. “I- uhh, Jughead is my friend and he said it was possible for me to join the Serpents” you tried, The girl snorted, “And why do you want to join? This isn’t some dance troupe, this is serious. We don’t just let anyone in.” She stared at you waiting for you to give her a comeback or a reason. “Well, my father, Fred Andrews, was shoot and i thought i might- uhh, be able to either catch the murder or just be protected by joining you” You hoped that was a good enough answer. apparently it wasn’t, because several of the serpents began laughing at you. Jughead then stepped forward, “Listen, (y/n) might not be the most dangerous person in the world, but they’ve got a point and they are my friend and they need protection and we can give them that!” The pink haired girl nodded, “Okay, well Jughead has spoken and since FP is in prison and Jughead is his son, i think we should listen to Jughead.” You smiled widely until you remembered that smiling wasn’t the most badass thing. You nodded and thanked them, trying to play it cool.
The girl with pink hair introduced herself as Toni Topaz, you were really intrigued by her and you talked to her for a long time that day.
You had now been pat of the serpents of 1 month, and you and Toni had become closer. Your friend and Archie wasn’t quite happy that you had joined the serpent , but you felt so much safer and powerful after joining.
your phone signaled you had gotten a message from Toni, you wondered what she wanted at 11pm on a Wednesday. You looked at the text ‘hey, wanna meet up, netflix maybe? Just the two of us.’ Your heart beat faster as you answered her, ‘sure, see you in ten’. You began getting ready as you got another text, ‘great! Bring popcorn! see you<3’ A heart! a heart!! You wouldn’t lie, you did have kind of a crush on Toni. But, hen again, who didn’t have a crush on Toni?
When you got to her house you heart ponded faster than ever. Was this just a friendly hangout or was it something more? You knocked on the door and she opened it quickly after. “Hey (y/n)! Great to see you!”
You got comfortable in the sofa and put the popcorn in a bowl and started the movie. Halfway through she cuddled up next to you. almost laying on your chest. She looked up and caught your eyes, she looked down at your lips and leaned in.
Lets just say, the night ended better than you had dared to dream of ;)

what do you guys think of toni so far?? Send me an ask!

Dilton Doiley is the Black Hood and here’s why

Okay bear with me here people, I’m about to get long an rambly. But here’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.

First of all, when I say he’s BH, I don’t mean he’s the shooter. I think the shooter is hired muscle and that Dilton is the brains. Sherrif Keller said that the letter Betty got and the one her mother got looked to be written by two different people…. I think one was from the Black Hood Shooter and one was from the Mastermind.

So the two main things we know about Dilton are that he’s a “hardcore survivalist” and that he’s highly intelligent. Back at the start of season one, Dilton was the one that found Cheryl by Sweetwater River after her brother dissapeared. He was in the woods that morning teaching his scouts to fire a gun. If I’m not mistaken, at some point it’s mentioned he thought this was a good idea “based on the way this town is going”. He also convinced the gang to not tell anyone he shot the gun, saying that he had better information… in this case, seeing Grundy’s car. A fact which he just two episodes later shares with everyone else, also quickly pointing out Archie was there that morning as well. This says to me he put two and two together about Grundy and Archie, and would explain why Grundy was a target of his. You could also argue that perhaps Grundy had tried to pick him up at one point or another and then dropped him, OR the possibility Dilton simply figure out her game and felt slighted for being passed over. However there’s not really any evidence for this beyond the fact Grundy was strangled, not shot, and that she’s on the only victim so far who has actually died, making her death more personal.

Dilton likely grew up in Riverdale, meaning he’d know what Betty’s favorite book was as a child. He’d know a lot of things about everyone honestly, and given how smart he is it wouldn’t be a huge leap to believe he’s observant as hell. When Betty gave her speech at the Jubilee, that could have been the last push he needed to stop PREPARING to survive, and actually fighting back against the threats he sees in this town. We know BH thinks Betty is just like him, which is apparent with him having her put on the hood and look in the mirror. She’s his fuel.

Also in regards to Betty, he tells her that Jughead “doesn’t deserve her love”. Not that SHE’S too good for HIM, but specifically that he doesn’t DESERVE it. Dilton seems to harbor a lot of hatred for the South Side, and seeing as Jughead is basically Serpent royalty, that alone would be enough to make him feel he’s undeserving of someone he sees as so much like him.

We’ve seen Dilton get a gun for Archie as well as direct him to a place to get ammo and other supplies. If Dilton has all this intel it’s not unrealistic he could find someone to do his dirty work and actually pull the trigger. Besides that, I again point out the Dilton is smart. If he never actually physically kills anyone, he has that going for him in his defense if he’s ever caught. He can say he never killed anyone and technically he’d be right.

There’s also the matter of him getting stabbed in the rumble. We see him pull out his knife (after weapons were banned in the fight mind you) and we see him having been stabbed with it, but we never ACTUALLY SEE HIM GET STABBED. Sweet Pea later tells Jughead he stabbed himself. Sure Sweet Pea could just be trying to avoid the blame but what real reason does he have to lie? Dilton’s already injected himself into the Red Circle by filming their message to the Black Hood, couldn’t he also have stabbed himself to further the rift between the North and South Siders and the war that’s brewing?

And finally, when Betty and Jughead decipher the clue about striking “where it all began”, I find it very important to point out that not only did nothing happen at the town hall, but later in that episode Jughead in a voiceover makes a statement about Sweetwater River and calls it the place where it all began. Which circles us back to the death of Jason Blossom… and Dilton finding Cheryl.

TL:RD I totally think it’s Dilton behind the Black Hood and I’d love to hear you build on AND poke holes in this idea. Feed my addiction to speculation here people!!!


This week’s episode it’s called “When a stranger calls” or 2x05

Here’s what i have to say about this week’s episode

First of all BULLSHIT, THIS IS BULLSHIT! They just broke my heart, it’s just to much, poor Betty!

Okay, lets start from the beginning, shall we

  • Why Betty? Why her? Black hood has her in his nasty hands, she can’t say or do anything without his permission

  • Why Jughead has to choose a side? He was raised in the North side but his roots come from the South side, he belongs to BOTH WORLDS

  • Seems like Archie it’s a little bit more in control, we wont see rebellious dark Archie in this episode.

  • Really Alice? Really sheriff Keller? Do you seriously think Betty and Jughead made everything up? Because they were bored? Screw you two

  • This episode brings me Gossip Girl vibes with the arrival of Nicholas St. Claire a New York’s Elite and Upper East Sider who by the way reminds me of Chuck Bass.

Let’s keep the GG vibes a little bit longer

  • Hello north and south siders, Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Riverdale’s elite. Seems like everyone it’s part of a small reunion this evening, the PussyCats, Riverdale’s golden boy Archie Andrews, The it girl Cheryl Blossom, Reggie the hottie bulldog, loyal Kevin Keller, New York’s bad boy Nick St. Claire, ice queen Veronica Lodge and golden girl Betty Cooper, except for our outsider and dark prince Jughead Jones. Be careful B, there’s a serpent behind your man, and you know what they say about serpents, they are sneaky. The reunion starts to get naughty, seems like NY’s Bad boy Nick likes to add a little bit of jingle jangle and everyone seems to enjoy it except for Riverdale’s golden boy and girl, watch it V, Archie doesn’t like that kind of fun but of course you don’t have a choice since daddy’s business it’s on the table. Oh my my B & V having a fight, no one saw this coming. Seems like B it’s putting out V’s true colors. And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl

I just realize that basically Jughead would be Gossip Girl, okay enough of the Gossip Girl vibes, I have to admit that I loved writing that, I miss GG.

  • So it’s official, Jughead is joining the serpents.

  • NO TONI, you don get to call him Juggy, only Betty can do that, and darling YOU’RE NOT HER

  • That bughead kiss was so special and now that we know it might be the last for a while, let’s treasure it.

  • Imagine Dragons it’s playing and we have hot mama cooper in the scene. Seems like Riverdale uses Imagine dragons for hot moments

  • WHY IT HAS TO BE SO CRUEL? Make Betty do that, end things with Jughead, take literally everything from him since Betty was all that was keeping him from losing himself and joining the serpents even if it was for stopping a war, she was his anchor. Poor Betty couldn’t even do it herself, it was too hard. And Archie, you had one job, end things with Jughead in a gentle way but of course you couldn’t even do that. Poor kids, They’re both broken.

  • Nick trying to rape Cheryl was just too much, seriously this episode was too much. Thank god Ronnie and The Pussycats stopped him, and kicked his ass.

  • What the hell Jughead, seriously Betty broke up with you like five minutes ago and you’re already letting HER kiss you? I know you’re in pain and broken, but you don’t need a girl to fix all the pieces, it seem like you think that being with her it’s going to help you heal and darling, things don’t work that way. ( please don’t hate Vanessa, she’s a great actress and she’s just doing her job )

  • It seems like black hood is going after Nick. Yes the guy did something wrong, it’s not okay what he did, he should’ve been charged but that doesn’t mean he deserves to die. Also poor Betty didn’t had a choice.

In resume, I’m upset, my heart is broken, and I cant wait for the next episode.

the black hood is a priest - my riverdale theories

so I re-watched the last 2 episodes and noticed something I just dismissed the first time, and it made me think of a theory of who TBH is, my theory that TBH is a priest or the priest (if there’s only one church in Riverdale) of the north side and here’s why:

1. He’s a white male in his 40′s who Cleary knows the town very well, well enough to know how to commit these crimes and run away without a trace from the crime scene. 

2. the FACT he knows thing that are private/secret and town’s gossip such as:

A) Fred having an affair with Hermione, they never really show off to the town they were actually dating or anything, i mean not so many knew they were dating/having an affair and it ended before it had a chance for it to be a real thing or for anyone to actually suspect they were dating, but Fred seems the type o guy who would feel guilty about dating a married woman and he seems the type of guy who would go to church and confide his sin to the priest.

B) Miss Grendy, now I’m pretty sure a woman who likes teenagers wouldn’t go to church herself nor will she confess for her sin but I’m also sure Archie wasn’t the first (and he’s clearly not the last) teenager she had a relationship with, so maybe some of the boys she dated in the past went to church and confide in the priest or maybe Miss Grendy went and confessed of her sin then just went on doing it again.

C) those two teenagers clearly don’t go to church and confess their “sins” but they were at lover’s line and lover’s line is just known around town is where teenagers go to have sex and do drugs. 

3. TBH style of writing, so far we heard (because they were read out loud) two letters he wrote, and just pay attention to how it’s written:

A) “this the black hood I’m the man who shot the ADLUTERER at Pop’s, I killed the CHILD PREDATOR in Greendale, I shot the drug and sex ADDICTED teenagers at lover’s line, Riverdale is NOT INNOCENT it’s a town of hypocrites, degenerates, criminals. my wrath is the price of your LIES, your SECRETS, your SINS. I’m the wolf, you are the FLOCK, this is the BLOOD LETTING….”

yes technically Fred is an adulterer but who would describe him like that?? and he called Grendy child predator rather than pedophile which is the description most commonly used these days, and who considers having sex (without marriage) to be a sin? or even doing drugs?? yes doing drugs is a crime but no one considers it to be a sin. he even used the word flock as in the regulars who go to church and follow a cretin priest  for gaudiness in their day to day lives

B) “betty your words at the Jubilee  inspired me, the town’s S SINNERS MUST show their  CONTRITION, if not there will be more suffering and bloodshed, enclosed there’s  cipher where I will PUNISH the next SINNER”

again look at the words he used sinners and contrition which means repentance and he only threatened to “punish the next sinner” if  the sinners do not show repentance for their sins

the whole town a.k.a only the north siders (not including the south siders nor the serpents) were there which means even the town’s priest was there as well and he hear betty’s speech, was inspired by it and took manners to his own hand because he out of all people would feel as if it’s his responsibility to lay the law and punish sinners for their sins.

he also seems to know betty very well, he knew her favorite book (book she’s obsessed with) when she was younger, while it’s true we haven’t see betty go to church, she’s the type that would have gone to church as a kid and maybe even talked to the friendly priest about her favorite book.

now he may not actually commit  the crimes himself (or maybe he does) and he’s just simply  manipulating a criminal/guy  to “repent” for his past crimes by punishing the sinners hell maybe even said criminal/guy  is from the south side, and he’s also punishing (committing crimes against them) the south siders by only punishing the north siders thus manipulating the north siders to think/believe strongly that the south siders are behind it because they’re NOT being punished them (committing crimes against them ) but he actually is punishing (committing crimes against them)  making the north sider blame them for what’s happening even though there’s no proof, like I stated he might not commit these crimes himself but I think he’s behind it or at least involved.

my SECOND theory

now my first theory could be very wrong and he only wrote the letter in that manner to make them and us (the fandom) believe he’s the priest  and he’s nothing more than a criminal tug hired by Hiram Lodge to cause panic and chaos in town as a distraction for him to be able to do whatever illegal thing he’s doing without anyone noticing.

anyway those are my theories for the black hood please re-blog if you like my theories.  

Diversity is pretty big for young adult series these days, and Riverdale is no exception. But one of my biggest critiques of the show is that it includes people of color to break up the monotony of whiteness but fails to actually challenge any of the cultural norms. Everyone, even the fictional south siders, speaks that same. They all listen to the same music and end up at some of the same events. And god forbid someone talks about racism. For a show that seems to go out of its way to avoid being political, characters like Toni come with a lot of political baggage that can’t be swept under the rug, especially when she’s from a place that is literally described as by its position on the other side of railroad tracks.

Sesali Bowen; Refinery 29


diana cassidy + male relationships

the reality is that i’m still a south sider, no matter how much makeup they tell me to put on or how many high heels I walk around in. i’m still plaid shirts, denim jackets, ripped jeans, and leather boots. I still have ink. i’m still a serpent.

THEORY: Betty’s mom (Alice) is clearly hiding a secret. We already know she was a south sider and has some kind of secret past. What if Betty has a brother (or half-brother) that Alice had and gave away because she was too young and wanted to leave behind all traces of her past. This brother could be the black hood because maybe he has a psychotic obsession with Betty since she has the life he could have had. When he says “we are the same” it would make sense if they are siblings.

just a theory tho

Frankly, I’m surprised at Betty for still being so adamant in believing that the Black Hood is a South Sider, after getting that letter. The letter indicates that whoever it is was at the Riverdale Jubilee, which was held in the North Side. Which indicates a decent possibility that the Black Hood is a North Sider. So really, he could be from anywhere. Betty’s insistence that he’s a South Sider, even in the face of her personal relationships with 3 of them, shows me that she may not be as different from her mother as she would like. Because Alice Cooper seems to be forgetting that she’s a native South Sider her damn self. 

this is not a hate post i love Bets and like Alice i’m just sayin