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The Smallest Break in the Clouds by Scott Olver


Sunset Over Hilton Head by The Mr and The Mrs
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Last week, our family arrived to Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort’s Private Beach House and stepped out on Hilton Head Island. The winds from the tropical storm were active but the sunset was beautiful. There was a boat with a tall mast in the distance beyond the dunes. The kids had time to explore in the wind. This is one of our favorite places to be.


Spent my early August with the weekend getaway kids at Hidden Beach, Aloguinsan.

We were the only people there.. and three Portuguese tourists, who were on the other stretch of the beach. It was on the 2nd of August, a Saturday. A freaking Saturday and no other people were there. Crazy! It was like the whole beach was ours. They only started pouring the next day, Sunday morning.

The place is great. No banana boats in sight! There were only a few fishermen at that time too.

No corkage! Bring all the booze you want! And, if that’s not enough, there’s a sari-sari store open till 7pm.

It’s a nice place to stay overnight. It’s safe since the caretakers lived there and there’s a pack of dogs roaming the beach. Seriously. We even woke up with one laying beside our tent. Guarding us. Crazy!!

The morning is good. Although you can’t see the sunrise in this area, you will love the subtleness of the sunset.

For this getaway, we only shell out 300-400+php. Not bad.

I’m not good at making reviews but I hope the photos are enough.

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