south ronaldsay

The Cairns: Day 7

Today started with a bit of dark cloud in the sky I expected to turn to rain however by lunch time there was glorious sun shine and warm breeze. 

New team members, such as myself, we given a site tour. Martin genuinely loves this site and he is so enthusiastic about what The Cairns offers. It was amazing to get to look inside some of the structures as well as learn about them.

After the site tour I was put to work mattocking a newly opened trench, and did this for most of the day. We recovered lots of animals bone from the area as well as a stone tool! However due to the physical strain of mattocking I can feel the muscles in my arms starting to tense up, hopefully a long and very hot shower followed by some muscle rub will keep any pains to a minimum. 

After we had leveled the area we were working on we went back to our section and started troweling back. Here I found a couple of pieces of bones and a potential polished stone. 

Overall another fantastic day excavating, can'y wait to get back tomorrow.