south portico

Arrow Ficlet: Love Actually

This is all @andcreation‘s fault.  AU based on Love Actually, with Oliver as the President and Felicity as his babbling assistant.

Pulling up to the White House–to his new home–Oliver Queen, the forty-eighth president of the United States, tried to soothe his nerves.  But his thumb and forefinger kept rubbing together.  It was his one nervous tic, one he hadn’t been able to eradicate.  

“Nervous, sir?” asked John Diggle, the first Secret Service agent he had been assigned and the one he trusted the most.

“What do you think, Digg?”

A soft chuckle escaped the agent.  “You’re hiding it very well, sir.”  

Oliver couldn’t help huffing out a laugh as the car pulled in under the South Portico.  “Nice to see you lie about as well as you shoot.”  

“You wouldn’t want me to lie better than I shoot, would you?” Diggle asked before stepping out of the car.

When Oliver stepped out of the car, waving to the photographers, there was a smile on his face.  One that would be described as “the charming grin of Ameria’s new president, only the second bachelor to hold the highest office in the land.”

But then it was a whirl of introductions and that charming grin faded, as the duties and responsibilities piled onto his shoulders.  

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