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I made it back alive, but after a migraine saturday afternoon I didn’t have as much time in the costume as I’d hoped. I’ll just have to make up for it with more cons in this monstrosity.


My interest in weary tormented Turkish men passing out needs to stop.

Quick recap of the scene, Kuzey had sworn to avenge his murdered best friend and wears himself thin in grief and restlessness to find the killer. He winds up in jail in the process and his father is there to bail him out. He desperately tries to pull his son out of this suicidal mission, but Kuzey is too despaired, too tired, too drained… and passes out.
Landmark transgender rights bill passes in South Australia but fails in Victoria
Significant transgender reforms were debated in two Australian states and met very different ends.
By Lane Sainty

Good news and bad news out of Australia this week: 

The good news is that the state of South Australia passed a law that will lift the requirement for surgery before a transgender person can legally change the gender marker on their birth certificate! The bad news is that a similar bill was being considered in Victoria, Australia, but it did not pass. 

The passage of the SA bill is a significant moment for transgender people in Australia, where surgery, forced divorce, and bureaucratic wrangling before correct documentation can be granted is common across most states.

The bill, which passed 10-7, overturns the current requirement for transgender South Australians to submit a court application and prove they have had sexual reassignment surgery in order to change the sex on their birth certificate.

Under the new law, transgender adults just need to provide a statement from a doctor or psychologist saying they have “undertaken a sufficient amount of appropriate clinical treatment in relation to the person’s sex or gender identity”.

Transgender people under 18 will still have to get a court order to officially change their sex.

The bill also repeals South Australia’s forced divorce requirement. Previously, a married transgender person could only change the sex on their birth certificate after divorcing their partner.

Hooray, SA! Victoria and beyond: Don’t worry. It’s not over yet. We’ll get there.


Today, Latvia was once again growling in an untranslatable language, this time at the Italy brothers during the conference.

When North Italy made the sign of the cross in response, Latvia threw himself across the table and mercilessly attacked him.

Latvia only stopped attacking after multiple nations had to forcefully pull them apart.

On those long drives south, you will pass fields of wind turbines.
They will stand so stoically, you will briefly ponder how they got there,
and how they can be so perfect.
You will realize they were put there for that very purpose.

You will pass billboards for businesses
that feel like home to somebody,
but to you are only brief glimpses to be immediately forgotten.
You will pass oddities.
A beaten down store that sells only bottled water, advertised proudly on sun-faded signs.
A barn on the side of the road with โ€œREPENTโ€ painted in large letters across the roof,
surrounded only by emptiness for miles in all directions.
Large animal statues that at one point,
long ago,
were built for a reason.
Mostly, however, you will pass normality, in all of its bustling stillness.

Wherever you are at 5:37 p.m., the sky will look beautiful.
And it will look beautiful until nighttime falls, masking the vast web of highways
in a blanket of familiarity,
because darkness looks the same from one side of the world to the other.

You will spend hours counting down the miles until you are home,
and once you are home,
you will wish that you were anywhere else.
Home is lonely. You will be reminded of this.
Reality will fall like dust across your suitcase,
now only a chore to be unpacked.
And when it begins raining in your backyard,
you will wonder how the weather is
in Decatur.

—  G.S.

Zulu Animal Vocabulary

Ape - inkawu
Baboon - imfene
Bird - inyoni
Crocodile - ingwenya
Dung-beetle - inkumabulongwe
Elephant - indlovu
Giraffe - indlulamithi
Hippopotamus - imvubu
Lion - ibhubesi
Meercat - umhlangala
Ostrich - intshe
Leopard - ingwe
Rhinoceros - ubhejane
Snake - inyoka
Spider - isicabucabu
Springbok - insephe
Warthog - intibane
Zebra - idube