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//Twaig’s friends at South Park Elementary School aka Twaig’s gang + her mortal enemy

Can you guess who is the kid of who? at least the dads lmao you can decide yourself who their moms/dads are

Tweek and Craig are highly concerned about her friends. (They can’t decide if they should be glad or start worrying)


about that one time jimmy had sex with a prostitute when he was freaking 10 years old

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Camp camp is known as a washed down version of South Park, of course it's gonna have a couple f slurs in it. I do agree the joke wasn't the greatest, but it is an adult show. Not to mention Max is a freaking ten year old. You hella know kids spout that word off like crazy (if they do know it)

agreed 40000%

okay not with the south park comment (i haven’t actually sat down to watch it so eh?) but otherwise you are absolutely correct

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Kyle you seem pretty chill today arent you mad at craig

Kyle: What makes you think this is a good time to film for your blog? We invited you over for breakfast, don’t you think it’s a little-
Tweek: Kyyyle-
Kyle: Ugh, no. I’m not mad at Craig. I haven’t actually had a real conversation with him in years, how can I hate someone I don’t know?
Craig: Wow, I feel the love. 
Kyle: Just eat your freaking pancakes.

Just reminding the fandom as a whole: Counting from the release of the first “official” episode, Cartman Gets an Anal Probe, August 13th marks the freaking TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY of South Park! Now I haven’t actually watched that many episodes, but I like to think I’m familiar enough with them anyway to make a post listing some in my opinion important milestones that happened during those the last ten years once the date arrives. If I remember to that is.

CLYDE: Don’t change your gender for me! Or anyone but yourself.
CLYDE: You can marry me, but you have to take me out to dinner first. Taco Bell, to be precise. And I’m not gay.
CLYDE: I dated Bebe for like two years during our last years of High School!

RUBY: I was pretty sure he was straight until I walked into this room and saw how…
KEVIN: Saw what?
RUBY:  Uh, Nothing.
CLYDE: And nah, I’m actually bi. Like, I was in the closet I guess, but… 
RUBY: But?
CLYDE: Hey, Stan fucking Marsh outed himself recently. That guy was definition of a straight guy. If he can out himself, so can I.
RUBY: Any guy would do it for Gary.
CLYDE: And now that the’‚secret‘ is out, I might you all know that me and Butters used to… have a thing.
RUBY & KEVIN: Wait, whaaaaaat?!
CLYDE: Yeah, I was drunk once and Butters was at a party as Marjorine and then one thing let to another and…

CLYDE: *shrugs* I freaked out the next day. But Marjo’s cute and so I went out with her. And Butters. Like a few times, nothing too serious.
RUBY: I can’t fucking believe this. Why does nobody know this?
CLYDE: Hey, contrary to popular belief, I can keep a secret!
RUBY: Do you think Kenny knows?
CLYDE: … Fuck. I doubt it. Do you think he’ll kill me?
KEVIN: No, it’s a long time ago, right?
CLYDE: Yeah, like a year. I’m all yours now.
KEVIN: What?
CLYDE: Nothing.

Making a single episode of an animated show takes most of a year, and you’d better have a shitload of people working on it. Here’s the long, torturous process:

It starts with a team of writers spending up to seven weeks fleshing out a story idea, like Bob’s restaurant being overrun with sentient bees or facing some similarly relatable problem. Then one writer goes away for a week to write the script, which is then given to two teams – one team focuses on improving the plot, while the other team punches up the jokes. For each joke in the episode, they write around a dozen alternatives, which means at one point Homer Simpson’s catchphrase may have been “Derp,” “Dang,” or “Sweet tickling fartscuttles.”

At that point, you have a script that is entirely too long for a 22-minute TV show. So another week gets spent getting it down to a reasonable size, and from there it goes to the network for notes, such as highlighting jokes they feel are too risque and suggesting that Bob’s five-minute speech on the benefits of peeing in the shower be cut from the third act. Then the script gets read by the actors in front of the writers, animators, directors, and showrunners, all of whom give more notes. So, already a typical episode involves more notes than most of us took through our entire academic careers, although these notes actually get used for something.

Then, finally, all the actors record their lines. Those lines get edited and cut into an audio play, basically like an episode of an old-timey radio program without any sound effects. Then the producers meet with the animators and decide how they want each scene to look. That leads to an animatic, which looks a little like a flipbook, only much more expensive:

Then, after yet another round of fucking notes, it’s shipped off to Korea to get fully animated and colored. There, dozens of animators grind out tens of thousands of drawings. Other than the wages being roughly a third of what American animators make it’s not nearly as sweatshoppy as it sounds (although we can’t speak to the quality of the North Korean animation studios that helped bring you The Lion King).

When they get the episode back, which usually takes about four or five freaking months, they add the sound effects and music, typically completing the production process two weeks before the episode airs. That’s anywhere from nine months to a year for a single episode, which takes less time to watch than it does to return a bag of socks at Walmart. You can make a freaking human being in the time it takes to create that episode you had playing in the background while you were microwaving a Hot Pocket.

Now, it’s true that shows like South Park cut this way down by going with an intentionally rough, low-budget look (and we’ll get into that in a moment), but most forms of animation involve a staggering number of man hours, if for no other reason than the medium inherently requires many more steps than a live-action production. If you get back an animated scene only to discover that it’s hideously drawn and the jokes aren’t working, you can’t just go reshoot it – you have to wait another four or five months for it to be reanimated.

“5 Dark Realities Of Animating Shows Like The Simpsons (by animators and writers from Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Oblongs and more)

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I am kinda over-saturated with the concept of Tweek being a little weakling in need to be protected, so if you could write anything where Tweek is still a paranoid little twitch but he's not socially awkward? :D You can combine it with any prompt you get :) Thank you :)

Combined with- 
worldismyne:  Craig messing with Tweek at work by ordering hot chocolate when all the shop sells is coffee, and Tweek just can’t understand why this kid comes in every week when he doesn’t ever order anything on the menu.

(So I wrote these two combined but then realized that there’s not really much of a focus on Tweek being not socially awkward so I’ll probably incorporate that head cannon again in another request later on~ Also, worldismyne, your other request with Cartman and Butters is still on my list to be written! Since I rarely write with those two it’s a real challenge for me to write so it’ll probably take me some time! PS: I have five more requests still so if you’re waiting on yours I’ve received your request and it’s being worked on! I’m still accepting requests until said otherwise~) 


I like regulars. Regulars make work so much easier. They tend to be nice and they’re used to my not-so-normal behavior. Regulars don’t call me awful names. Regulars always order the same thing. Regulars are constant and easy.

But, there’s one new regular I don’t like.

His name is Craig Tucker.

I only know his name because I had English with him last year and the teacher always yelled at him. But now stuff like school doesn’t even matter because we graduated. I thought most of our graduating class ran straight out of South Park but I guess not. I guess I’m not the only one cursed to live out their days in this ho dunk town.

Craig Tucker is kind of cold and silent but that’s not why I don’t like him. I don’t like him because he orders hot chocolate.

Every. Single. Day.

First things first, this is a coffee shop. A freaking coffee shop man! We make coffee, and the occasional pastry. Hot chocolate is not on the menu. Coffee is on the menu.

Either way every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I heat up a giant cup of milk and mix in chocolate syrup and call it hot chocolate.

I can’t imagine it’s very good. Every time this kid comes in and orders that same stupid drink I always try to convince him not to get it.

“You know i-it’s an overpriced chocolate milk. I l-literally just threw it in the microwave.”

“Wow, I literally don’t care.”


“Y-You know Harbucks across the street m-makes actual hot chocolate.”

“Shut up and take my money idiot.”


“You know, how a-about try a Mocha? I-It’s pretty much hot chocolate flavored coffee.”

“You know, how about you just make my hot chocolate already.”

Yeah, I think you get the point. Three times a week this cursed giant comes in and orders that cursed hot chocolate and it drives me insane. Because after he gets his drink he goes and sits in the back corner of the shop and drinks his hot chocolate while doing something on his phone.

I think he’s secretly just after me.

I catch him staring at me a lot, but he always looks away when I notice. I have several theories as to what he wants with me. My biggest theory is that he’s out to kill me because I’m actually kind of friends with his two best friends and he doesn’t like that. But his friends are off at college now anyways! Craig and I might have been friends way back in elementary school but I think we got into a huge fight or something.

I can’t really remember.

My other theory is that he want’s to sell me off to slavery. My parents always told me I’d make a good slave and often threatened to sell me off. My next theory is that Craig is a vampire and he wants my blood because I have that one blood type that’s more rare than the others. I actually have a lot more theories and I tried telling them to Jimmy over skype once but he told me I’m probably overthinking things.

Okay there’s no probably in that sentence, he told me I’m being paranoid. But I’m always paranoid so there’s no helping that. I like Jimmy because he’s also stuck in South Park and as two kids with ‘issues’ he understands me in ways that sometimes my other friends don’t.

Unfortunately today is a Tuesday. And it’s nearly one in the afternoon and that means Craig will be here any second. Oh wait, there he is. He’s walking straight to the front doors and as he pushes them open his blue eyes lock onto my own greenish brown ones. People say my eyes are hazel but I think my eyeballs are just confused.

“Welcome to Tweek. B-Bros. What can I get you?” I know I don’t sound very welcoming like I’m supposed to but I think this just kind of amused Craig. I’m pretty sure he knows that he’s been freaking me out for the last month and a half. Maybe he’s a sadist and just likes to see me suffer. I’ve had a lot, lot, lot of coffee today so I’m pretty hyper and it almost makes me want to challenge him to a fight.

But not actually. I don’t want to fight him. I think he’d probably win. He’s taller than me now so I’m pretty sure that gives him an advantage. Plus he always wears this baggy blue jacket that kind of hides his physique so I’m not risking accidentally challenging a bodybuilder to a fight because I was to dumb not to realize that he indeed is a body builder. I don’t think he’s a bodybuilder but I want really ever know.

“Do you really need to ask?” I stare at Craig in silence for a few moments because I’ve gotten so wrapped into the idea of fighting him that I forgot that I asked what he wants.

“It’s protocol. I h-have to ask or I’ll get fired.” Actually my parents own the shop and no one’s even in here right now so I think I’ll be okay. But still. Do I really want to risk that? No. I don’t. Jesus.

“Well Tweek, I think I’d like a hot chocolate.” Craig sounds kind of condescending and challenging. Maybe I should fight him. But Dr. Norris always said that violence is not the answer. Okay but I still don’t actually want to fight him.

“Well C-Craig, m-may I suggest you take a closer look at our m-menu and reevaluate that choice?” The black haired not-quite-a-teen-but-actually-a-young-grown-up scoffed and flipped me off. I’m not actually that offended that he flipped me off because he flips everyone off. I watched him flip off his sister at the grocery store last week and then three seconds later he flipped off his own mom. They all flipped him off right back.

“Hmm, well what would you suggest, Tweek?”

“Well y-you know I still stand by my suggestion of a mocha. The s-seasonal peppermint mochas are p-pretty good.”

“Wow Tweek, that’s a pretty good idea!” I’m so surprised to hear that from him that I actually start choking on my own spit. “I think I’ll actually order a peppermint hot chocolate.”

Of course.

I finally manage to calm down my coughing just to reluctantly ring up his order on the cash register. I think Craig is like one of those internet trolls but instead of the internet he trolls real life. Most of all he trolls me.

“Why do you always order h-hot chocolate?” I finally ask out of impulse. I’m still really hyper and jittery from all that coffee. The several,several, several cookies I ate also probably didn’t help.

“Coffee is nasty.” I almost yell at him for calling coffee nasty because coffee is not nasty. But he’s the customer.

“Well that’ll be four twenty-five.”

“What’s your favorite coffee?” This can’t be good. I feel like Craig’s gonna troll me all over again.

“Hazelent M-Macchiato.”

“Get me a large one of those too then.” I tell Craig the total owed and after he pays I start making the drinks.

Craig hovers at the front counter while I brew the drinks and it makes me very uncomfortable. He openly stares at me and I try my hardest to pretend he’s not there. Luckily considering I’m really only making one coffee and some hot milk it doesn’t take very long.

I slide the drinks on the counter and push them towards the taller person.

“Can I borrow your marker.” His question isn’t really a question but more of a demand. I reluctantly hand over the inking device. I watch confused as he uncaps it and starts writing something on the macchiato. Once he’s finished he sets down the marker and picks up his hot chocolate and starts leaving the shop.

“Hey! You left your coffee!” Craig just flips me off and continues on his merry way. Of course the one time he orders coffee he’d leave it behind. He’s such a troll.

With a groan I pick up the coffee to see what he wrote on it.

Movies. 7 PM. Date. Be there or be square.

Clyde: Hey, we’re heading back into taco bell for dinner before we go chill out somewhere. But oh my god, you guys are wild.
Craig: Wild?
Clyde: Yeah, okay so- I got a sweet ask about my relationship with Bebe, and you got a sweet ask about whether you’d prefer your death with a side of watery agony or firey terror.
Craig: Wonderful.
Clyde: I can officially say they like me more. Oh my god.
Craig: Well then answer their question.

Clyde: Alright, well, she agreed to marry me, so I’d say it’s going freaking fantastic. We also just bought our first house a few months ago. It’s a piece of shit right now, but we’re gonna fix it up!
Clyde: We’ve been together for four years now, and I still love that woman just as much as I did the first time I told her so.
Craig: *gags*
Clyde: You’re just jealous you’ve been single for like a year. You should have never broke up with Marjorine, you know.
Craig: We were too good of friends, you know how it goes.

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when is the creative arts emmys?

It was tonight! Steven Universe was nominated for Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program for their work on “Lion 3: Straight to Video”. The win went to Adventure Time's “Jake the Brick”

CN did well at the Creative Arts Emmy’s this year also with Over The Garden Wall winning Best Outstanding Animated Program over shows like Archer, Bob’s Burgers, The FREAKING Simpsons, and South Park!