south park thanksgiving

BTS as Thanksgiving Dinner

Jin- Turkey

Yoongi- Green Beans

Hoseok- Sweet potatoes

Namjoon- Dressing

Jimin- Macaroni & Cheese

Taehyung- Rolls/ cornbread

Jungkook- Peach cobbler/ pumpkin pie

turkeyjay  asked:

Can you make South Park icons for thanksgiving?? Because ily your drawings,, and thanksgiving for meric and others have it coming up

A sorry i dont celebrate thanksgiving(im canadian)), but ill make christmas icons for sure!

jonathansherwin1991  asked:

Thanksgiving plans?

Usually, we have one week where we go to Cartman’s family down in Nebraska, then we spend actual Thanksgiving with my mom, my dad, Ike, Kenny, Stan, Wendy is most likely not coming, Stan’s parents, Karen and Kevin, Stan’s kids, our kids, Rebecca, Cartman’s mom and we might invite Heidi this year. Cartman’s not exactly happy about it but Abe wanted his mom to come. That’s basically our plans every year. It’s very busy but we make it work.