south park plush


                              Here is a dump of my recent South park Dolls I did. 

                                         These were all for trades or for gifts.!

                                                 Do not re-post my work

                                                          Thank you !

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HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! I’m trying to sell some South Park plush so I can earn some money since I can’t get a job rn bc of mental illness. I’m trying to earn some money so I’ll be able to live in NY, and also for T. I don’t want to just beg for money so I decided it’d be better to sell some things. Rn I am in need of top surgery because while my mom supports me, she isn’t helping me at all. And I still need to see a therapist for dysphoria and shit. :// So I thought I’d start by selling my south park stuff I’ve been collecting for years now. I would love to get top surgery bc it’d honestly take away most of my anxiety. Also so I can start testosterone.

The huge Cartman plush you see w/ the tag will be anywhere from $40+ but just make an offer to message me. PLEASE REBLOG!!!!!!!!! I don’t find it fair to just beg for money, no matter what it’s for, so please message me if you’re interested in any of them!!!!!!!! The others are only $20!!!!!!!!

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I want this even though it was like 16 years ago