Calling all South Park fandom members!

Introducing project La Resistance!

I am hoping to gather as many voices as possible to help recreate the infamous song from the movie Bigger, Longer and Uncut- and I need your help!

Both solos and group parts will be available, so depending on your ability and what you are comfortable with, I assure you there is a part for everyone. The more the merrier!

Solo Parts:

  • ·        Gregory (I might possibly do this part, not sure yet)
  • ·        Stan
  • ·        Kyle
  • ·        Sheila
  • ·        Satan
  • ·        Terrance and Philip

Company Parts: (We may have each person in the group sing all of these depending on how many people we get bc we need a lot of voices!)

  • ·        La Resistance Kids
  • ·        Blame Canada Moms

  • ·        Army Guys

If you are interested, please message me through tumblr messenger or through email, Let me know the part of the medley you would like to sing, your name, and if you would like a solo, an example of your voice. (Group parts do not need to submit an example but it is appreciated!)

After we have all the sign ups, you will submit your audio to me and I will do all the mixing. I don’t mind how you record as long as it is clear and in time with the instrumental :)

Thank you all so much for your participation (or reblogging if you choose not to), and VIVA LA RESISTANCE!


@p-aurisan : “SP Wendy in cyberbullies palette?”

@creekkenny : “if ur still doing the palette challenges could u do stan marsh in constant rambling?”

@bunnyweasley : “Cartman for conversation hearts? Yes, i do member when this was a SP blog ;-; We member”

I did these all today~ This is the most art I’ve done in the past week tbh