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Lord  Okay so idk hw long this actually took but IT TOOK AWHILE (might’ve forgotten a country or two)

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Which one out of Hetalia siblings would slam the doors and open the curtains on purpose while , the other one was having a hangover just to teach them a lesson about drinking too much for the first time?

Lmao, I love this request but it took me forever to do. There are a lot of characters in Hetalia and quite a few siblings. So I tried my best and if I’m missing any or got any wrong, please don’t come to my house and kill me.  Btw, I did some research on the micronations and whatnot to make sure I was getting it right. It was a bit difficult at times because there are a lot of relationships where they act like brother and sister, maybe even call each other that, but are not canonically related. That’s what I used for siblings on this list, canon siblings. So if there are characters not on here that you’re like, uhh wait, it’s probably because they’re fan characters (like Scotland) or not actually related. Or because I’m human.

It was fun to do though I took it way too seriously. X’D

Belarus and Ukraine:

The One Hungover- Ukraine
Teaches Them A Lesson- Belarus

Belarus and Russia:
The One Hungover- Russia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Belarus

Russia and Ukraine:
The One Hungover- Russia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Ukraine

England and America:
The One Hungover- England
Teaches Them A Lesson- America

America and Canada:
The One Hungover- America
Teaches Them A Lesson- Canada

Germany and Prussia:

The One Hungover- Prussia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Germany

South Italy and North Italy:
The One Hungover- North Italy
Teaches Them A Lesson- South Italy

Japan and China:
The One Hungover- Japan
Teaches Them A Lesson- China

England and Sealand:
The One Hungover- Sealand
Teaches Them A Lesson- England

France and Monaco:
The One Hungover- France
Teaches Them A Lesson- Monaco

Liechtenstein and Switzerland:
The One Hungover- Liechtenstein
Teaches Them A Lesson- Switzerland

Iceland and Norway:
The One Hungover- Iceland
Teaches Them A Lesson- Norway

Belgium and Netherlands:
The One Hungover-Netherlands
Teaches Them A Lesson-Belgium

Belgium and Luxembourg:

The One Hungover- Belgium
Teaches Them A Lesson- Luxembourg

Luxembourg and Netherlands:
The One Hungover- Netherlands
Teaches Them A Lesson- Luxembourg

Moldova and Romania:
The One Hungover- Moldova
Teaches Them A Lesson- Romania

South Italy and Seborga:
The One Hungover- Seborga
Teaches Them A Lesson-South Italy

North Italy and Seborga:
The One Hungover- Seborga
Teaches Them A Lesson- North Italy

Wy and Australia:
The One Hungover- Australia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Wy

Wy and Hutt River:
The One Hungover- Hutt River
Teaches Them A Lesson- Wy

Hutt River and Australia:
The One Hungover- Australia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Hutt River

-Mod Lily

Hetalia Characters' Human AU Jobs (Part 2)
  • Sweden: judge
  • Finland: nurse
  • Denmark: bartender
  • Norway: professional skier
  • Iceland: refrigerator technician
  • Estonia: I.T. guy
  • Lithuania: literature teacher
  • Latvia: office assistant
  • Netherlands: debt collector
  • Belgium: waitress
  • Switzerland: banker
  • S. Korea: auctioneer
  • Taiwan: model
  • Vietnam: construction worker

Happy Ten Year Anniversary to Hetalia! I’ve only been in the fandom for a short time, but already this series has affected me greatly. So, I made ten desktop wallpapers of some of my favorite characters! (I have a lot of favorites tho). 

transparents belong to @heta–transparents and @transparentalia!
art belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya!

please reblog and/or like if you use! (if there’s a character you want that isn’t here, feel free to send me an ask!)

bonus moscow wallpaper:

just because i liked it a lot.

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Hi, I'm new to your blog and I saw that you answered a ask for the allies with a s/o who randomly grabs their hands, kisses it and says "I love you". Could you make that scenario for Poland, Romano, Norway, Switzerland and Portugal, please? (They're my baes and Poland, Switzerland and Portugal need more love)

Hello, welcome to insanity! (jk… maybe :D)

Poland: He’d laugh brightly, being pleasantly surprised and would directly tell them that he loved them, too. He values love a lot.

Romano: He’d smile a tiny bit (which yeah, is a lot for him), touch their nose and kiss them back. However, inside, he’d be incredibly happy and full of joy.

Norway: He’s the classical one, here. He’d reply: “I love you, too, s/o.” And he’d kiss them, too - surprisingly passionate, actually.

Switzerland: oh, who’s a tomato? HE IS! He’d blush so hard-core and would mutter like: “Y-yeah, I love you too.” But, like, beneath his breath. He’d hold their hands firmly and hug them.

Portugal: He’d flash a bright, honest smile at them and would kiss them back without saying a word. He doesn’t need them. He shows it.

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Which nations get obsessed with movies after seeing it in theaters and which just think it was good and go on with their lives?

Hello dear! I’m going to do this as a category ask. :) But for this I’ll only be doing the characters that appear in anime (including ones that only briefly appeared or make silent cameos), alright? This is based on my opinion, taking the countries personalities into consideration so please no coming to my house with angry picket signs. :P Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone~!

Becomes Obsessed:

North Italy, France, America, Hungary, Prussia, Liechtenstein, Poland, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Turkey, Seychelles, Ancient Rome, Bulgaria, Seborga, Holy Roman Empire, Sealand, Thailand, Wy, Kugelmugel, India, Hutt River, Australia

Able To Move On: 

Germany, South Italy, Japan, England, Russia, China, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Greece, Monaco, Egypt, Hong Kong, Cuba, Germania, New Zealand

Have a random gif of my third favorite character, Romano~! <3 

-Mod Lily

Nyotalia Height Headcanons

Feel Free To Add More

England: 5'2"

America: 5'6"

France: 5'7"

Canada: 5'10" (When not slouching)

Japan: 5'2"

North Italy: 5'6.5"

Germany: 5'9"

China: 5'4"

Russia: 6'3"

Lithuania: 6'0"

Poland: 5'6"

Sweden: 6'3"

Denmark: 5'10"

Norway: 5'7"

Finland: 5'8"

Iceland: 5'6"

South Italy: 5'6"

Spain: 5'8"

Prussia: 5'6"

With the US Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage, let's not forget those that came before it

Countries with the Freedom to Marry:
The Netherlands: April 1, 2001
Belgium: June 1, 2003
Spain: July 3, 2005
Canada: July 20, 2005
South Africa: November 30, 2006
Norway: January 1, 2009
Sweden: May 1, 2009
Portugal: June 5, 2010
Iceland: June 27, 2010
Argentina: July 22, 2010
Denmark: June 15,2012
Brazil: May 14, 2013
France: May 29, 2013
Uruguay: August 5, 2013
New Zealand: August 19, 2013
United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland) February 4, 2014
Luxembourg: June 18, 2014
Finland: November 28, 2014
Ireland: May 23, 2015
Mexico: June 3, 2015
The United States: June 26, 2015

Finland and Sweden: Finland gets really excited and starts running around the place while rambling cheerfully. When, to iceland’s horror, he starts planning their wedding, sweden has to step in

Denmark and Norway: they’re cheerful and kind to hong kong, but as soon as they get him alone, they flip into their DEADLY viking personas, promising that if HK hurts iceland even a little bit, they’ll dismember him and feed him to the wolves

China and Japan: they immediately sit iceland down at the table, and china runs around throwing weird foods at iceland and saying “OH THANK GOD HONG KONG IS FINALLY DATING SOMEONE, WE THOUGHT HE WAS HOPELESS” while japan smiles at him silently from across the table but in a really intimidating way

Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam etc: as soon as they see iceland they drag him off to god knows where and all start talking at once and trying to do his hair and telling iceland that he’s “ONE OF THE ASIANS NOW” and iceland basically gets really flustered


No, nobody’s asked for this before. Congrats, you’re the first. Also it seems Japan has a crush on a certain Baltic…and we all know America can’t keep a secret.

Yes I ship all of these shut up

I want more mertalia, but with nations having things other than fish tails.

Like, I want graceful nations like Austria and Norway to have beautiful jellyfish bodies. I want strong nations like Germany and Russia to have powerful shark bodies. I want slender nations like China to have long eel bodies. I want cute nations like Italy and Finland to have chubby little octopus bodies.

Then I want fics where two nations are two different species but they end up being together anyways.

Like Norway not wanting to get close to a particular Danish shark merman because he’s secretly scared that he’ll accidentally sting him but they work around it and become a couple anyways.

Or little octopus merman Romano’s grandfather wanting him to marry another one of their species and not the obnoxious Spanish outsider merman, but when he sees how happy they are even though they’re not the same he can’t not allow it.

Idk it was just some thoughts.

Countries that vote in the BILLBOARD! <3

Here is the list of countries that have so far voted for Bangtan on the Billboard:

  1. -New Zealand
  2. -India
  3. -Kazakhstan
  4. -Italy
  5. -Spain
  6. -UK
  7. -Philippines
  8. -Portugal
  9. -Algeria
  10. -Russia
  11. -Turkey
  12. -France
  13. -USA
  14. -Brazil
  15. -South Korea
  16. -Norway
  17. -Thailand
  18. -Argentina
  19. -Chile
  20. -México
  21. -Finland
  22. -Dominican Republic
  23. -Israel
  24. -Jordan (the country)
  25. -German
  26. -Japan
  27. -Puerto Rico
  28. -Bangladesh
  29. -Ecuador
  30. -Ireland
  31. -Qatar
  32. -Kuwait
  33. -Tunisia
  34. -Paraguay
  35. -Malaysia
  36. -Armenia
  37. -Colombia
  38. -Somalia
  39. -Romania
  40. -Pakistan
  41. -Peru
  42. -Australia
  43. -United Arab Emirates
  44. -Poland
  45. -Egypt
  46. -Austria
  47. -Sweden
  48. -The Netherlands
  49. -Serbia
  50. -Indonesia
  51. -China
  52. -Morocco
  53. -Canada
  54. -Algeria
  55. -Bulgaria
  56. -Hungary
  57. -Turkey
  58. -Switzerland
  59. -Saudi Arabia
  60. -Croatia

It’s so great to see so many countries united by one cause: seeing our babies happy.

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Hetalia Nicknames America Style
  • England: Iggy or Princess Leia
  • Canada: Baby Bear
  • France: Kermit the Frog
  • China: Dragon King and Panda Bear
  • Russia: Commie or Jabba the Hutt
  • Germany: G.I. Joe
  • Japan: Spock
  • Italy: Mama Mia
  • Romano: Luigi
  • Spain: Spanish Jack Sparrow
  • Prussia: Brother from Another Mother
  • Hungary: Hungry
  • Austria: Piano Man
  • Switzerland: Ranger Rick
  • Liechtenstein: Angel
  • Belarus: Psycho
  • Ukraine: Fairy Godmother
  • Estonia: Twin
  • Lithuania: Sidekick
  • Poland: Pony Boy or Barbie
  • Latvia: Cry Baby
  • Sealand: Seaworld or Mini Me
  • Finland: Mama Bear
  • Sweden: Chewbacca
  • Denmark: Viking
  • Norway: Jack Frost
  • Iceland: Ice Cube
  • Hong Kong: Karate Kid
  • South Korea: K-Pop
  • Taiwan: Mulan
  • Seychelles: Seashell
  • Greece: Sleeping Beauty
  • Turkey: Turkey Burger
  • Belgium: Waffle
  • Netherlands: Big Bird
  • Romania: Transylvania
  • Australia: Crocodile Hunter