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Pepeca Peca: Zaoka’s Mother. Originally hailing from the isles of the Southern Seas, her family migrated to Limsa Lominsa while she was of a young age. She worked as a herbalist, peddling her wares on the market district of the South Isles. She was a woman possessed of great kindness and infinite warmth and Zaoka strives to live by the tenants she set. After the death of her eldest Son, she took ill and her health deteriorated over the years before she eventually passed away in her bed.

Oruma Taruma: Zaoka’s Father. A dockworker from Limsa Lominsa, and something of a con artist. Often times he would spend what little coin he and his wife had earned on his latest get rich quick scheme. Zaoka has an intense dislike for his Father, and will go to extreme lengths to avoid him.

Nalaji Nolaji: Zaoka’s eldest Brother. As a child, he developed a knack for smuggling things into the city, earning a neat little profit which was often distributed fairly amongst his family. His career was cut short when a squadron of Yellow Jackets ambushed a deal he was making with a particularly nasty pirate. Beleiving Nalaji to be a spy for the Yellow Jackets, the pirate brought his blade to the Lalafell’s stomach and left him to die. Nalaji was able to escape the Yellow Jackets and saught out his youngest Brother for succor, fearing that the port Chirurgeons would hand him over to the Yellow Jackets should he arrive at their door. Zaoka was unable to save his younger brother as he succumbed to blood loss. This first great failure being something that haunts the Lalafellin Doctor to this very day.

Iri Biri: Zaoka’s elder Brother. Despite his rather amicable appearance, he is something of a Lalafellin brute, capable of bringing blows to anything bigger than himself. Even Roegadyn are no strangers to having their legs swept from under them and being thrown bodily off deck. He is often found following his older sister around, carrying out her orders obediently.

Poramo Koramo: Zaoka’s eldest Brother. A classic example of “Like Father Like Son”. Poramo is a schemer through and through. He often spends his time devising plans to rob others of their hard earned gil with his father.

Koroko Koro:  Zaoka’s elder Sister. Much like her older brother Poramo, she takes after her father in terms of devising various ways to con people out of their coin. The only difference is, her schemes actually work.

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A slide show of Janet Delaney’s photographs of San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood:

Top-Left: Boy lifting weights, Langton Street.

Top-Right: Chinese jump rope in front of Bessie Carmichael School, Folsom Street.

Bottom: View of the financial district from south of Market Street.