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Was I more than it’s worth or will you see my name and I’ll fade?
Pitch my camp in your mind
Sat by the fire, behind your eyes
And I’ll look through them just once or twice but I might see something I don’t like
Like your hands in his shirt
Entwined in cotton, his loving smirk

Losing my way
Seeing your name
But I’ll be fine yeah

Fitness Instructor;

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

Summary: Kyungsoo decided enough is enough and decided to hit the gym, only to lust after the fitness instructor

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @glorious-soobooty for the gif

Member: Kyungsoo from EXO x fem reader

Rating: Mature

Words: 2263

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A Past Life ASOIAF Group Verse


It has been a over a thousand years since the Second Rebellion of Westeros, and the events are lost in the annals of history, all that remains of the once prominent families are old and ruined castles. King’s Landing is now a strong world-worthy capital, filled with penthouses and culture and the rich elite. Winterfell is a ruined castle popular with tourists, and the Eyrie, now considered far too dangerous even for the most experience climber, rots away on it’s high perch, and fast train and plane services now mean the North and the South are mere hours from one another. The current King and Queen are no more than figure heads, and have more of the English Tudor blood in their veins than the Westerosi Targaryen. 

Yet, things have a way of repeating themselves, and unfinished stories must be told, and amongst the innocent citizens of a modern and peace-filled Westeros, wandering the unknowing reincarnations of the Westerosi past. All it takes is one small trigger to bring those memories back, to recall who they once were and all that they suffered; should they find another they once knew, should their hands touch, their memories are unlocked, and as modern travel and business makes Westeros a smaller place, it seems more and more people are remembering who they once were….and grudges, even thousand year old ones, are hard ones to forget. 

The Essentials

+This is a past life verse set in the modern world of Westeros. Our reincarnated Westerosi do not remember who they were unless they connect with someone they loved in their past life. I.e a child, a husband, a parent, a sibling.
+Memories can return to them quickly or in stages; that is up to you.
+Our reincarnated characters’ ages vary. Just because Bran was 7 in ASOIAF doesn’t mean he has to be 7 now. He can be 70 if you like.
+Variance of ages is encouraged. For example imagine the interesting dynamic of Tywin being 17 while Cersei is still in her 40s. Or Olenna being a wild and free teenager, while her granddaughter is the old woman etc. You can be as young or as old as you like as once memories are recovered, age will be irrelevant; as in a 5 year old would have the memories/attitude of the 35 year old he remembers he is. 
+The layout of Westeros is still the same, but with trains and planes we are no longer stuck in certain regions since you can travel from the town of Winterfell to King’s Landing in a few hours.
+Characters can live wherever they want. If they were born in the Riverlands, they do not have to be in the Riverlands now etc. 
+All the old families (Starks, Targaryens, Tullys, Lannisters etc) have long since died out, much like many old families have in the UK. Therefore places like Casterly Rock, Winterfell, Riverrun are now no more than tourist sites. 
+Icons/Gifs can be of your current FC (or an older/younger version depending on what age you’ve picked) or you can choose an entirely new FC since they are reincarnated. It’s your choice

Please submit to me an application including the following:
+Who your character is (In case it is a sideblog for example) and their current name
+What age they are in this verse
+What their occupation is
+A brief bio (just enough to inform other RP-ers, nothing major. Should include who their new family is)
+Where they live
+Whether they already have some of their memories or not

OCs are welcome to apply, as long as they are an ASOIAF/GOT specific OC, not a generic OC. 

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tikaon  asked:

What is the one thing about themselves Dorian and Bull most want the other to like?

Thanks for your forbearance with me being so late with answering this! It’s been, like, three damn months. This summer has been a bit difficult. 

The things Dorian most wants Bull to accept about him are probably the things he tries the hardest to hide. His much-denied romanticism, how much he wants to love and be loved in return. Things that would have been harshly rejected or ridiculed in Tevinter, or laughed off as childish fantasies. He’s tired of hiding who he is but used to having to do so for survival. Most of his sweetness is hidden beneath sharp words and sarcasm. He needs someone to be patient enough to wait for him to feel safe to show himself and then to accept him graciously. The trouble is, he doesn’t truly believe that safety exists. 

Bull would probably wouldn’t think in terms of what he wants Dorian to like about him. Either people want to be with him, in which case they must like him well enough, or they don’t. Can’t win ‘em all! He’s a pretty secure guy that way. 

However, one thing we know he won’t stand for is being a dirty secret for the Inquisitor, and I think that would stand true with Dorian. He wants Dorian to like being in a relationship with him. He wants Dorian to find him a source of comfort, not stress. He wants Dorian to feel safe with him. This is especially true if Bull is Tal Vashoth and worried about going berserk. Anyone can see he’s physical powerhouse. Too often he’s taken in the south as merely a savage creature, exotic or threatening depending on the viewer. His size and power is probably the most noticeable thing about him, but he uses this obvious trait to help sooth his own, less obvious, wounds. He needs to be a protector to feel safe himself. 

I’m sorry, I got a bit deep for just liking. But that’s what I see them most wanting approval of, what they want each other to enjoy. Dorian wants Bull to like and accept his softer side. Which Bull does: “Dorian’s a sweet guy.”  Bull wants Dorian to like his company as more than a ‘savage beast’ and to feel safe with him. Dorian, as seen from in game dialogue, is an incredibly sarcastic guy. (”You’re incredibly dull and I hate you,” he says to his Inquisitor boyfriend.) His actions speak a lot louder than words. In the end, he chooses to stay in Skyhold to be with Bull. They’re good for each other.

Cold Nights, Warm Hearts

Title: Cold Nights, Warm Hearts (subtitle: and other novels by Varric that Dorian refuses to admit he’s read)
For: @doozer-doodles
From: @redeemer-headcanon / @coveredinfeels
Beta: @chocobofangirl
Warnings/etc: mild Trespasser spoilers/references.
prompt: ‘Snowed in’

Ferelden, late autumn, winter nipping at its heels.

There are times, in these years, when Dorian can spare time to come south, not merely over the border into Nevarra, but South, times when excuses of diplomacy give them weeks together at a time, Bull playing bodyguard and joking about what Varric’s books would have to say about well-muscled bodyguards.

He enjoys these trips. He could have done without the snowstorm that appeared to have blown up overnight and sealed them in the little mountain hut they’d stopped at to rest themselves and their horses, but only because if he’s going to be shut in somewhere with Dorian, he’d prefer that his Kadan was happy about it.

“I should have listened to my mother.” Dorian mutters, staring out the window– or at least, attempting to. There wasn’t much to stare at.

Bull has never met Lady Pavus, and doesn’t particularly expect to any time soon, but from what Dorian has told him of her, directly and indirectly, that statement doesn’t really fit the context. “Had a lot to say about coping with blizzards, did she?”

“Not as such, but she did always insist that one should never step foot inside any accommodation described to one as quaint.” Dorian says, giving the carved mabari bootscraper by the door a look of utter contempt. “At least there are no holes in the roof, I will give it that.”

“We’ve got firewood, food, and a fairly nice bed.” Bull points out. “You know what one of Varric’s novels would have to say about the situation, right?”

Magister Pavus, highly respected luminary of the Tevinter Magisterium, turns on him and expresses his opinion on that in language that would make a Rivaini sailor blush, ending with “…and stop helping the dwarf!”

“So, we’re not going to conserve body heat?” Bull asks, and laughs when Dorian’s response is a rude gesture, wreathed in flame, before he stalks off to investigate their food– and wine– supplies for himself.

Dorian’s concerns about missing the various important meetings his presence is probably required at aside, it doesn’t look as if they’re really in danger of much more than a slight delay. Once he’s settled down, he uses the sending crystal to contact the Inquisitor, and Red’s networks are more than able in the matter of getting word to whoever needs word got to.

Secretly, Bull’s a little glad. It’s not as bad as it once was, but he thinks Dorian still fears that if he takes his eyes off his homeland for a moment, it will slip back into the madness of the old days, the Tevinter of the Venatori and of Corypheus. That he, alone, is the sea wall holding back the flood, and shit, that sounds pretty damn poetic in Trade, but it’s none less true for it.

So he thinks it does his Kadan good, this, to accept that there’s little he can do about the situation except complain about the paltry amount and undistinguished quality of the wine he fishes out of their luggage, and then relenting when Bull offers to mull it for him.

“One of the few good things to come out of the South.” he says, smiling. It makes his scar curve in a way that reminds Bull of a Tallis he knew, in another life. He still wishes he’d been there to see it, Dorian striding into the Magisterium the day after with the wound still bright and fresh, breathing more fire and ice than all the dragons the Inquisitor had hunted down put together. But reminding Dorian of it makes him frown, still, makes him too self-conscious.

So, he holds his words. Says it without words, instead, when despite his earlier protestations against 'sharing body heat’, Dorian curls his hands around his mug of mulled wine and his body against Bull’s own. Tries to say: wouldn’t have ever thought I’d be here. Not sure what 'here’ means. For one: stuck in a mountain hut with a gorgeous, grumpy mage who against all odds appears to still be in love with me, certainly, beyond anything he’d ever been able to consider a possibility.

But also: wouldn’t have thought I’d be in love. Wouldn’t have thought I’d be Tal Vashoth, clear and free of mind and happy for it. Would probably have given even odds I’d even live this long. Some days, would have given even odds I’d live to see the sunrise.

“Amatus…” he hears, and looks down to see Dorian’s fingers against a scar of Bull’s own. No points for guessing which one he’s fussing over.

You risked yourself, and the Chargers–

“Yeah.” he says. “Me too.”

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Defying tradition

Korra was slightly put off, to say the very least, by all the negative responses to the news of her engagement. She’d thought people were angry when she’d opened the spirit portals, but it was nothing compared to the public outrage that followed the announcement of their wedding.

Asami seemed untouched by it. Her smile was bright in every single picture that was taken of her, proudly showing off the engagement necklace sitting around her delicate neck. She held her head high, and every time she obliterated the press by her sheer presence, Korra was more sure she wanted to marry her.

But Korra had always been a less graceful public figure than her soon to be wife. They asked her the tough questions, and in today’s age of media and public opinion, she had to answer them. It didn’t always go well. One day, after a particular pesky reporter had asked her for the nth time what point she was trying to make by marrying ‘the wrong sex’ that she flipped. Korra told her that ’obviously, the they were having is great’ and then continued to freeze the woman to the ceiling. The newspapers had loved that one.

But the worst questions were about the previous avatars. “technically” some reporter reasoned. “You are the same person reincarnated again and again, so how could you be gay?” Korra didn’t immediately have an answer for that, and the reporter took the somewhat baffled silence as a validation of her point.

Asami was furious when she read the article the next morning. She always tried to hide it from Korra, saying that she didn’t read tabloid and bullshit, but they’d been together for five years, and friends for even more and Korra knew what kind of liar her beloved was: a horrible one. They didn’t talk about it, though. But it seemed that with every article that was written about them, Asami seemed more intend on making this wedding the greatest party of all time. She spend all her days preparing for it, putting all her effort in a ceremony that seemed trifle to Korra. It had never been about the dress for her, nor the food or the rings. It had been about becoming one with the woman she loved more than life, and no specially designed limousine was required for that.

They fought over it one night, and the next morning things were awkward and painful.

Two weeks after the interview she got a letter from Katara though, congratulating her on her engagement and adding in vague terms that if anyone would have supported her and her bisexuality, it would’ve been her late husband. Korra tried not to read to much into that, because she really didn’t want to know too much about her predecessor’s sex life and/or preferences, but it warmed her heart.

She received many other letters soon after. Mako, on duty somewhere in the earth kingdom, wrote a particularly emotional letter addressed to both of them in which he wished them both happiness and a long life together. Bolin’s letter had been much less formal, but nevertheless overflowed with happiness. Both of them vowed to make it to the wedding whatever the cost, and it warmed her heart that despite the fact that maybe the world had some trouble accepting them, their best friends were genuinely happy for them.

Only, they were not. The wedding, the reporters and their different views on life were giving Korra doubts. Surely, things had been better, if not easier before she’d proposed to Asami? When she’d confessed this thought to Tenzin, he laughed freely in a way he rarely did. “Cold feet” He’d called it, and told her that all of it was a normal trial before marriage. He ensured her with a hearty tone that there was surely more to come of it after the rings were exchanged. “But you have to take the good with the bad.”

That evening she went home with a conviction, feeling restored. Surely, this was not the first time they’d fought, and surely, Korra reminded herself with a happy heart, they would have many more if their relationship lasted as long as Korra had in mind. (A lifetime or six to start with.)

She encountered Asami in her workroom, her brow wrinkled in concentration and small lines of exhaustion under her eyes. Even with her hair and dress a mess, Korra’d never loved her more than that moment.

Before Asami could protest, she lifted the woman in her arms, and kissed her with all the passion she’d withheld during the past few weeks. In between wet lips and greedy tongues she managed to apologize, and somewhere between the moment she’d taken of Asami’s dress and the instance she woke up on the floor with her naked fiancé staring lovingly in her eyes that she realized that all this time, the solution had been very simple.

That evening fourteen letters left the desk of Asami, and the next morning a boat brought them to the south pole. A mere two weeks later Asami and Korra wore traditional watertribe dresses while they promised each other eternal love and devotion. A small crowd of their loved ones cheered for them.

By the time the news of her small yet fairytale like wedding reached the press, they were somewhere far away in the fire nation on their honeymoon, just enjoying each other and the eternity they had ahead of them. It was all that counted, anyway.


I don’t think I’ve fully expressed my love for this pairing before, so a little tribute was long overdue.