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Aerial views of south Lake Tahoe with chunks of granite sticking from the middle, California


Jaycee Lee Dugard was a victim of kidnapping and was kept a prisoner by her captors Phillip and Nancy Garrido for 18 years. Jaycee left home and made her way to school in South Lake Tahoe, California on the morning of June 10, 1991. She noticed a vehicle slowing down behind her and eventually a van pulled up beside her and the driver was a middle-aged man. Jaycee thought the man would ask her for directions but, instead, he shot her unconscious with a stun gun and quickly got out of his van, pulled Jaycee inside and sped off. The man, Phillip Garrido, laughed and said “I can’t believe we got away with it” as his wife Nancy pinned Jaycee down in the back of the van. Heartbreakingly, Jaycee’s stepfather Carl Robyn witnessed the whole event and attempted to pursue the van on his bicycle but eventually lost sight of them.

During her time in captivity, Jaycee was repeatedly abused and raped by Phillip Garrido, who kept her as his sex slave. Jaycee eventually became pregnant and gave birth to two daughters, named Angel and Starlet. Jaycee gave birth to her first child, Angel, at age 13. She and her daughters lived in squalid conditions in a makeshift home hidden in the large backyard located behind Garrido’s house. The living quarters were made up of a series of tents and shacks which Garrido had cleverly built and disguised beneath the thick trees and shrubbery surrounding his compound. Garrido’s wife Nancy was fully aware of the situation and tried to play the role of a mother to Jaycee, bringing her books, toys and chocolate milk. But gradually, Nancy became jealous of Jaycee and blamed her for what had happened.

The subject of much controversy and frustration was the fact that the opportunity to rescue Jaycee Dugard was missed multiple times. Garrido was a convicted felon on parole at the time he kidnapped Jaycee and the police made trips to the Garrido home many times but never discovered anything was amiss. At one point during the time Jaycee was living with her young children in the backyard, a neighbour looked over the fence and noticed the girls and contacted 911 with her concerns as she was aware of Garrido’s mental state and criminal background. A policeman made a visit to the house and spoked with Garrido but never bothered to check the backyard.


Just back from a camping trip in the Sierra’s, CA. Check out this dazzling Golden Buprestid (Buprestid aurulenta).
I dedicate this post to David Bowie ~ I bet he’d appreciate their flamboyant glittery shine ✨
#insect #beetle #buprestidae #nature #naturephotography #tiffanybozic #colorful (at South Lake Tahoe, California)

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