south korean rp


I’m honestly heart broken. As someone who struggles with mental illness and suicidal tendencies, I always fall down a little more when I see things like this. I wish more idols/models/musicians in Korea talked more about their mental illness and the pressure of being in the industry.

Prayers for his family and friends.

got7 at a sleepover


- the gayest one giving dares for boys to kiss each other
- kisses mark because he said ‘no homo’
- brings over beers
- passed out drunk at 2am
- last one to go to sleep


- brings a book
- doesn’t actually read it because everyone keeps him occupied
- looks like he could be someone’s father
- takes a nap
- doesn’t actually want to be there
- savage


- the shy potato
- does the most gay things because he was ‘dared to’
- somehow ends up naked and afraid
- smokes weed in the living room
- eats whatever he can
- wants the succ


- orders kfc and tries to keep it to himself
- everyone eats the fried chicken anyway
- brings over his 50 cats
- first one to sleep
- complains about how stupid everyone is (bambam)
- stays in the kitchen most of the time


- dabs constantly and gets others to do it
- runs around naked screaming
- gives horrible lap dances
- bumps trash rap music
- eats all the candy
- feels grown after drinking a can of beer


- dancing competitions at 10pm
- orders pizza and other food
- wakes up in a dumpster
- gives everyone piggy back rides (mainly Jackson)
- has to get everything from the top shelf
- is dared to kiss someone so it’s bambam


- the pure marshmallow who suggests watching a Disney movie
- plays seven minutes of heaven with JB
- suddenly gay in one night
- doesn’t actually drink the alcohol
- eats like a beast
- is dared to drink alcohol
- actually does it and is falling over everywhere

Most to least likely to smoke weed (BTS)

(a/n) Weed is illegal af in Korea so don’t do this lmao









Explanation- Idk i feel like rapmon would def do it if you offered he seems like the type that low-key admires the whole weed thing idfk.

 Suga is a savage and he just don’t give a fuck and he’d probably do it no questions asked.(low-key would get high w suga) 

Jungkookie is a curious lil bean and he’s the adventurous maknae so I’m pretty sure out of curiosity he would try it.

 I feel like Jimin would try after seeing all of his hyungs and Jungkook do it. 

V probably has no idea wtf is going on so he just kind of says fuck it and does it just to do it.??

 Jin idkkk he has like a mothery like feel to him but he might do it,  he might not. 

J-hope is scared of his shadow for god’s sake people I think it would be hard to convince this lil ray of sunshine to ever smoke weed.

 February 2017 Agenda 

  •  Bangtan Continuation comeback for WINGS scheduled for February 2017.
  • School State Tests Scheduled for beginning to end of February
  • single on Valentine’s day 
  • stress
  • stress
  • stress
  • stress
  • crying
  • anxiety

     It’s cool i’ll just die then (ʘ‿ʘ)