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Tonight in Seoul, South Korea

Photo source : Reuter reporter James Pearson’s twitter

About 1 million people joined massive protest against President Park Geun-Hye. (Gwanghwamun square, Seoul, South Korea / November 12, 2016)

This is the 3rd weekend protest since the scandal was revealed, and also the largest protest in the history of South Korea.

Ironically, this worst president made South Korean people united once again. Her approval rating is just 5% this week.

Step down, Ms. Park. If not, you will face more than 2 million people holding a candle to protest against you next week.

p.s. South Korean president is a woman, but she is not like Hillary Clinton at all, but more like George W Bush or Trump. In short, South Korea has suffered from Trump-like bullshit presidents for the past 9 years, and now finally graduating from this dark age. So, Good luck Americans. I hope you can do this in the future.

p.s.2  Seoul city officially announced next day that the number of protesters was 1.26 million.

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