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Students who still have a lot ahead of them. Students like me, who still have dreams, goals, and students who still aim for achievements. But because of this tragedy, it all faded away. 

I bow and salute to the brave students who saved the lives of others and sacrificed themselves. They are heroes. They are people who deserves a lot better than awards. They deserve to be in Heaven, a place full of happiness and there will be no more sufferings. I also pray for the lives of the family and the people involved in this accident and specially the souls of these heroes.

I hope that the students who were saved by these mighty students will live their lives to the fullest, achieve their dreams and goals and love their family more. I also wish that they will live being inspired by the heroes who saved their lives. Please do so.

And for the captain, my middle finger salutes you. Live well. In guilt. Thank you.


Messages faked

South Korean police say that text messages and kaokao talk messages claiming to be from survivors inside the ferry had been faked.
The messages surfaced at around 10 pm on Wednesday and quickly spread through twitter and Facebook.

POLICE say that those behind the messages hurt the families of the missing and caused confusion in the search efforts, will face criminal charges including defamation and obstruction of justice by deception.


For those who are not aware of the misdeed of Captain:

I didn’t want to post anything about the tragic accident of South Korean ferry because it has already broken my heart into pieces but I saw some misunderstood opinions online and thought this isn’t right. 

Captain’s behaviour was completely HUMAN?!! WTF am I reading. That son of Satan knew he was sailing on a wrong track and when he figured out the ship was malfunctioning, he announced the passengers to stay still. What did he do after that?  He gave up the ship and ran for his life leaving all 474 people behind. 

What’s more,

After he got rescued and sent to a hopital, he was drying a bunch of paper money on a radiator. WTF????!!! Does this even make sense? SAVING MONEY INSTEAD OF HUNDREDS OF LIVES????????? Do you still think his behaviour was COMPLETELY HUMAN?????

Remember this line from Pirates of Caribbean ( Captain J. Sparrow) and Star Trek: Into Darkness (John Harrison) :

No ship should go down without her captain.

I am truely devastated by the news that more deaths are confirmed. We shall not lose hope for our young students and other victims down under somewhere dark and cold. RIP to the bravest heroes who died while saving others and those who deserved a better life. Let there be mercy.

What ferry incident I hear some of you say?  This ferry incident.

At least 2 dead, 293 missing after S. Korea ferry full of students sinks

459 on board; 2 dead 164 rescued 293 missing

Please be sensitive as this does mean that South Korean entertainment items will be delayed out of respect and caution. And yes, this does include EXO’s overdose. Please be calm and remember that human life is more important than an on-time music video. http://

[EDIT:  I am now extremely saddened to tell you that the death count has risen to 24 and the missing count is 272.  Please remain respectful and patient.  This is an awful tragedy.  #PrayForSouthKorea ]


Its a really heartbreaking news for South Korea.

South Korea has helped Malaysia by looking for MH370 for weeks. Now its time for us to help them.

This is not a reminder for Malaysians only but for all of the people all around the world. Please, it wont take time, in fact, it takes only less then five minutes to pray for south korea. Many lives have died and missing. Please pray for them as human beings.

#PrayForSouthKorea 대한민국

Official confirmed update.
475 On Board
6 Dead (3 male student, 2 female students, 1 female crew member)
179 Rescued
290 Unaccounted/Missing

(ETA) Update:

As of 11:00AM the toll is: 9 (4 unidentified) dead, 287 missing, 179 rescued, 475 were on board. 

The ferry appears to have sunk deeper:

External image

Coast Guard says Sewol ferry was out of its normal routine. (Yonhap)

Current weather, foggy, expecting 10-40 mm of rain:

External image

External image

Cranes are en route to take the ferry out of the water.

555 divers trying to search Sewol in vain amid strong current/low visibility (20cm). Giant cranes to lift the ship to arrive only tomorrow.

Coast guards attempting their rescue efforts this morning:

External image

There is currently no ID of the captain or a statement from him or the crew.

We are still unaware if all the passengers are still trapped in the boat or if any were able to escape and are wading out in the waters.

The US Navy is now joining efforts in search of more passengers.

Awaiting further word from officials on the matter.

Very small update

Toll is the same.

A video taken by a survivor while on the Sewol Ferry as it was tilted:

Messages left on a chalk board in Danwon High School for passengers to come back safely:

External image

Cars parked outside of Danwon High School:

External image

Somber mood of the auditorium of Danwon High School as friends and family await news:

Fishery ship captain that saved 27 passengers (Yonhap).
(Note: Not the captain of Sewol Ferry)

External image


Current toll: 475 on board, 179 rescued, 26 dead, 270 missing.
To put things into perspective of Danwon High School: 75 rescued, 12 dead, 238 unaccounted. 

Search and Rescue efforts have stopped again due to severe weather conditions. Will restart at 1PM.

The reason why the ship capsized remains unconfirmed although reports suggest it might have hit a submerged rock (Yonhap).

Crew member Oh Yong-seok, who escaped with several others including the captain, has told the Associated Press that rescue efforts were hampered by the ferry’s severe tilt. “We couldn’t even move one step. The slope was too big,” he said.

YTN reports that it’ll take about a month to lift up the sunken Sewol Ferry by using cranes & other machines

Crew member Oh Yong-seok, who escaped with several others including the captain, has told the Associated Press that rescue efforts were hampe…

“Very Sorry, Nothing to say now” response of captain to coastguard investigating him:

External image

One S.Korea navy ship crew member who has worked in the rescue operation is now under unconscious state.

Local police stated some messages claiming “We’re still alive” are mostly fake.

“Madam President, please save my child.” Parents are holding South Korean President and crying (Newsis):

External image

“We’re inside the ship” - text messages sent from the sinking South Korean ferry

The blue line stands for Sewol ferries normal route, but JTBC expects Sewol ignored that and moved onto the path dictated by the red line:

External image

South Korea coast guard resumed its rescue operation. Unmanned Robot to join to have a better findings of people.

All major TV channels here in South Korea have decided to halt the regular broadcast of dramas and entertainment programs temporarily.

South Korean LA Dogers pitcher, Ryu HyunJin’s (@HyunJinRyu99) message - 모두들 무사히 가족품으로 돌아갔으면 좋겠네요 … 모두들 힘내세요. Remembering the Sewol disaster.

LA Dogers message - paying respect to those affected by the sinking of the Sewol ferry in South Korea:

External image

“You didn’t replied my text, Please reply ASAP, I miss you” A friend of Sewol Passenger message (via: 조재환):

External image

YTN - People staying at Jindo Gymnasium are showing moving up to the podium and showing their anger.

3 out of 4 cranes now arrived at ferry rescue scene. One Crane about to arrive 4pm KST.

Picture shows family members of Sewol passengers waiting for their loved ones at port:

External image

Korean media is commonly saying: “Still, we have a little bit of hope”.

16-year-old Russian Girl is still missing.

9am KST look of Jindo Gymnasium. Family Members are saying “We cannot trust the government” (YTN):

External image

Very emotional scene in Jindo. Parents screaming and crying “captain, come out” and “government help us” (via Kyung Lah):

External image

South Korea ferry: Messages from a sinking ship

Hospitalized Kwon (6) brought back to Gym for Park. I believe she should have gone to the traumatized child:

External image
For those of you who do not know young Kwon’s story: This young girl and her family were moving to Jeju via boat because airfare was too expensive. Although she was rescued, her parents are missing. She was hospitalized then brought back for a meet/greet with President. Her brother is still missing and is currently the only survivor of her family. 

(10:45AM) Update: Rescuers have started to inject oxygen into the ship again.

The ferry is completely/nearly completely submerged.

(ETA: Misinformation between government and coastguard; NOT been entered.)

YTN live shot : Divers are now preparing to go under the water for Sewol rescue:

External image

(12:37PM) Update: The ferry is now fully submerged.
(Unsure how deep the ferry has sunk.)

External image

Current toll: 475 on board, 179 rescued, 27 dead, 269 missing.

(12:50PM) Update: Death toll is now 28. 268 missing.


(1:10PM) Update: Many are saying unethical reporting is happening where reporters are targeting children or going too far pushing the issue.
-Please stop, it is the time to inform, not inflict more harm upon others.

(2:49PM) Update: Prosecutors could get arrest warrant for captain as early as today. New info says he gave wheel to 3rd mate during time of incident.

Names of missing Sewol passengers will not be revealed to respect family members.

8-year-old Kim Kiwoong and Cheong Hyunsun, who are victims of Sewol incident, were a couple to soon marry. They promised to marry this fall. They were the crew members of Sewol.
-Absolutely heartbreaking. Please Rest In Peace, both of you.

External image

(Kim Kiwoong funeral parlor.)

Parents/families are highly fed up with the situation and journalists. They just want peace of mind and results.

(3:51PM) Update: Combined Investigation unit to claim arrest warrant on Sewol ferry captain within a day.

More than 150 ships are now on the scene for rescue. Operation progress is not going better than expected. 268 still missing.

Yonhap - “As of 3:38pm KST, divers are trying to enter the cargo area which is located on the 2nd floor of Sewol.”

54 hours into the Sewol incident: 28 dead, 179 rescued, 268 still missing. Water temp is 13ºC.

(4:05PM) Update: 
Coast Guard said they are working on the door and efforts are underway.

(4:40PM) Update: YTN: 10 out of 28 bodies are still unidentified.
-Hoping one is not my lovely angel…

S. Korea Coast Guard: “Still no bodies found within the ferry.”

A post-it message at Danwon High-school saying “Please Come Back” (via @Medrowdia):

External image

(5:20PM) [!!] [BREAKING] [!!] UPDATE:Tragic news. Vice Principal of Danwon High School found dead. He was found to have committed suicide. 
Sources say that the Vice principal of Danwon High School escaped earlier from Sewol ferry than students.
The body of Vice Principal of Danwon High School was found near Jindo Gymnasium. He was 52 years old.
Vice Principal of Danwon HS ranked top on Naver’s trending search:

External image

Danwon HS homepage no longer accessible as of this current time.

Officials at Jindo gymnasium just asked parents to come and take a DNA test. It seems they are, indeed, preparing for the worst.
Parents asked in shouting voices why that was needed. The official soon after left the stage.
The official once again came on stage saying that, only those desiring to, can take the test.

(6:20PM): YTN Anchor who is located 50m away from the rescue scene stated, “Divers are doing the rescue operation and having many difficulties”.

A DSME Crane is positioned at the Sewol rescue scene. The rescue operation is on-going:

External image

YTN shot - Inside look at Sewol ferry. This photo was taken when the happened on Wednesday:

External image

(7:04PM) Update: Someone at Jindo gymnasium has collapsed, currently receiving medical treatment. Everyone here at Jindo looks exhausted, weary from waiting.

(7:15PM) Update: We have hit the 58 hour mark, the latest toll: 29 dead (including Danwon’s HS VP), 268 missing, 179 rescued.

South Korea’s government decided not to reveal the full names of people who passed away from Sewol.

Coast Guard officials gave a briefing at the gymnasium with no new developments. Bowing and saying he is sincerely sorry..

A parent went up, asking for the mic and said he has lost all trust in the government and all domestic medias.

Spats between parents are showing they all have reached a breaking point. With really nowhere else to turn.

(7:35PM) Update: The Coast Guard informed the Gymnasium that another body was found. The identity is unknown, so officials read out physical traits for someone to identify.

-Things are looking so very grave, everyone. Though I am beyond fearful of future news, I will continue to update until the end.

(8:10PM) Update: Officials have announced DNA testing will will be conducted tomorrow 10AM for those who want it

[IMPORTANT] Underwater rescue efforts– divers have been attempting to get access to the third floor, where passenger rooms are located, since 7PM. An hour with no luck so far.

(9:35PM) [IMPORTANT] Update: Suicide note found in Danwon Vice Principle’s wallet. Says “I’m sorry that I survived myself” and that he wishes to be their teacher in the afterlife…

The found bodies condition are too clean. It is likely they survived and then died from the sunken Sewol ferry.
The bodies found could have been rescued, but they were too late (hence condition of bodies).

(10:35PM) [IMPORTANT] Update: Fixed toll of Sewol Ferry - 476 Total, 174 rescued, 28 dead, 274 missing (Coast Guard official)

The Coast Guard stated “Some people on the list of board used other transportation. So the number has changed”.

The Coast Guard also went back to say rescue operations did begin around 1PM, the original time reported.

Oxygen is no longer being pumped into Sewol. Plans are to pick up oxygen pumping again tomorrow morning.

Prosecutors file arrest warrant for captain, third mate, and one other crew member on charges of manslaughter.

Video: South Korean journalist 조재환 reacts to reports that teacher who planned ferry trip has been found hanged:

(11PM) Update: 62 hours has passed since the Sewol disaster. YTN reports divers are finally at the entrance of 3rd floor. Rescue operation is in progress.

(4AM) Update: Yonhap - Captain of Sewol ferry claims “I did the broadcast saying ‘Evacuate the ship immediately’”
-do not even start. You are gaining sympathy from no one.

This Yonhap photo shows a diver is suffering because of high tide at incident scene:

External image

[IMPORTANT] Crews & Captain of Sewol have been taken into custody.

The South Korea ferry disaster: Here’s what we know so far: 

External image

At 65 hours past the incident: 30(+Danwon HS VP) dead, 174 rescued, 273 missing. (Yonhap web)

External image

Captain of Sewol saying : “When ferry begin sinking, there were no ships to assist or rescue”
-That is a poor excuse and you know it

External image

3am scene of Paengmok Harbor in Jindo, S.Korea. The lights still on as we wait for survivors (KBS):

External image

KBS Camera Staff took inside water look of Sewol rescue scene. Poor Visibility for divers. 

Sources say that 26-year-old, 3rd officer (Woman), operated the Sewol ferry and that decision was made by captain Lee Jun-seok.

Main Rescue Operation resumed this hour, but no news of Survivors yet.

(8AM) Update: 3 bodies seen near the window on the 4th floor of Sewol.

(8:40AM) Update: 
8:35AM scene of Paengmok Harbour in Jindo, S.Korea. People are now waiting for their loved ones.

External image

(9AM) Update: Official Sewol toll - 30 dead (+Danwon HS VP), 273 missing, 174 rescued 

External image

(10AM) Update: The US Navy is now joining the rescue effort.

72 hours have passed since the Sewol incident. Current water temperature is 12.8°C. Rescue efforts still in-progress but no reports of survivors.

Water current remains strong today and wind speeds are expected to increase .

The combined investigation unit will summon more than 10 Sewol crews today. Further assisting the investigation of Sewol ferry.

External image

Link to video:

(10:15-11AM) [SERIOUS/CONCERNING/MAJOR] UPDATES: It’s being reported that there may be an oil leak from Sewol that could impair rescue efforts.

The ferry is continuing to sink. Currently, no problems regarding issue. Oil leaks confirmed. Working with urgency.

76 ships and 28 aircrafts are at the Sewol rescue. Rescue workers found 3 bodies within the ferry and tried to bring them out.

Coast Guard briefing: We use holes within ship for oxygen injection. No new punctures to ship are being made (new holes could affect pressure).

Coast Guard briefing: 3rd floor operations were unsuccessful due to strong currents under water

Coast Guard briefing: 652 divers to go inside of water more than 40 times today. We don’t have much time.

Yonhapnews TV reporter: “Still difficulties remaining on Sewol rescue effort”

Rescue operations have made the most progress in the last day with divers making it into the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors

Water current is, at present, difficult to handle, but expected to calm in the near future.

Gas from the ferry is now leaking at the rescue scene of Sewol. This could be the major problem for rescue efforts.

Right now: Coast guard briefing parents about search. Holding hands, crying, others yelling at coast guard (via Kyung Lah):

External image

A new Yonhap photo shows how the Sewol Rescue effort is on-going:

External image

“Korean ferry captain arrested now. He says he gave evacuation orders. Surviving passengers say he didn’t. HM.” (via connieleeTV):

External image

(11AM-11:59AM) Updates: Scores of ambulances are lined up at the harbor in Jindo, South Korea.

Currently, there are 3 lift bags keeping the ferry from sinking more. Cranes will most likely be used later diving efforts.

Korea University Briefing: Large chance patients will fall into severe depression following incident

Korea University Briefing: Stabilizing mental conditions of patients is a top priority“I wish they had this priority for the 6 year old girl two days ago. Instead of using her as a photo prop.” (via @josungkim)
-I wholeheartedly agree.

Korea University Briefing: There are 73 students here at the hospital and no teachers; That means almost all students are at that hospital.

Current suspicions as to why the Vice Principal was released from the hospital without shock treatment and counseling.

(12PM) Updates: South Korea Prime Minister apologized for the troubling number of unaccounted passengers in the Sewol disaster. He states, “We’ll fix the current system ASAP”.

Such madness! Education Minister, Seo Nam-soo, is eating instant cup noodle at the gymnasium Sewol ferry family members are camped at.

External image

Families follow the research underwater on big screen (via @StephaneLagarde):

External image

Disaster Headquarters: No visible damage to body of ship.

Disaster Headquarters: Top of the ship is now 10 meters under water.

Combined Investigation Unit : There is no evidence that the Sewol ferry crashed on rocks or other materials.

(1:30PM) [IMPORTANT/UPLIFTING] Updates: Joint Police Prosecutors: Captain said the accident happened when he left to go to his room. Said he was not intoxicated.
When questioned about the announcement telling passengers to stay inside, he said it was because at that time, rescue boats weren’t showing up.
He knew the water was very cold and they were in an area where the tidal currents were very fast.
Captain also on video among first to get off the rescue boats and onto land -Someone remove his tongue for the lies he is telling.

[!!] Oil slicks starting to affect rescue operations at site.

For those curious about food and blankets:

External image

The cause of the sinking was due to a sharp turn when the 3rd mate was steering. Why the turn was made is unknown currently.

Joint Police: Third mate, who was steering, did not speak

All Ansan Citizens are wishing passengers of Sewol get well soon - a Parents union message at Korea Univ Ansan HOSP:

External image

[…] Tears and Worries.. Many people here at Funeral Area are losing their hope.

“We wish missing Sewol passengers to come back shortly” a message from National Tax Service Ansan:

External image

Wish all passengers to come back as miracle - a message of church which located nearby Ansan Danwon High school:

External image

“We’ll pray, Please come back.” post-it messages at Ansan Danwon High School: 

“Welcome, Thank You” Danwon High School students are now welcoming visitors right now:

External image

“Flowers are still beautiful. If you come back let’s go out and take a picture.” message at Danwon:

External image

I hope all these messages at Danwon turns to a 'Miracle’:

External image
External image
External image
External image

Big applause to the volunteers here at Danwon High School:

Here at Danwon HS auditorium, people here are watching live stream of Jindo auditorium:

External image


(3:40PM) Update: Gas from the Sewol ferry is spreading all around at the incident scene. It represents the difficulties of rescue:

External image

The underwater operation scenes. Divers hold ropes with flashlights. It’s tougher for the divers to see underwater (via Jae Hee):

External image

-Aside from the current oil spill, there seemed to be great chances of finding survivors due to condition of bodies found until now. Let us keep our fingers crossed for survivors being found soon.

(4:40-5:30PM) Update: SBS says that rescue efforts have been underway for the past hour

Total passenger count has gone back down to 475… let the frustration ensue…
-I will not comment on how frustrated this is making me.
South Korean journalist: “This is crazy [regarding number changes].”
-You’re preaching to the choir, buddy.

Wind speed is expected to decrease significantly in the next 40 minutes. Possible positive in light of all difficulties.

The Government is saying is that the passenger list is incomplete.
- H O W . ?!?!!?

SBS just announced the number change as well.

25 year-old third-mate of the Sewol, who was at the wheel of ship when it sank, was navigating those waters for first time.

Tonight, Coast Guard to shoot more than 790 light bombs to light up the Sewol rescue effort.

'An earnest prayer’ A mother is waiting for her child to come back soon at Jindo:

External image

Funeral of 24-year-old, Choi Hye-jung, Danwon High School homeroom teacher:

The first underwater operation scene was filmed by civilian divers & family of the victims of Sewol, NOT by navy divers:

An article that talks about how the accident happened earlier then what is being reported: (Korean)

New death toll of Sewol: 32 (including Danwon HS VP), a woman’s body found a few minutes ago.

(6:30PM) Update: 33 people (including Danwon HS VP) now confirmed dead…. Absolutely heartbreaking. It’s now 6:45PM here in South Korea.

Officials reinstate 476 as total passenger count. YTN says to no longer post numbers until confirmed.
-I am done with you people and your numbers. I give up. Fine.

A crowd gathered at Cheonggye Plaza Seoul in memory of the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster (via @amnseoul):

External image

Children hold banners calling for Park Geun-hye’s resignation & Out! Out! Incompetent government (via 안서연):

External image

The entire country has been thrown into utter chaos due to the recent Sewol ferry incident & incompetent government:

External image

People hold a rally at Cheonggye Plaza Seoul for the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster:

External image

A mother of ferry victim got down on her knees and begged to the President for rescuing, but no change:

External image


(5:30-6:30AM) Update: Sewol Toll: 174 rescued, 36 dead and 266 missing.

External image

Crane operation needs to get a permission by family members of Sewol passengers. Rescue effort is still-on going to find 266 people.

Protesting against the fraudulent election & Sewol Ferry Disaster (via Jae Hee):

External image
External image

Air could be limited at this point, shown by continual sinking of the ferry.

Analysts believe passengers most likely in 3rd, 4th and 5th floor.

3rd floor search was incomplete due to strong currents.

Those following Sewol this is a MUST WATCH. Parent: “Nothing’s being done. It seems they are just wasting time.” (Korean)
Parent: “You have to know that what broadcast are showing isn’t close to the real picture”
Parent: “We pooled money the first day and rented a boat and there were barely any rescue operations happening.”
Parent: “They said that divers spend 15 minutes under water but after subtracting the in/out time, they really only spend 5 minutes.”
Parent: “What can they find in 5 minutes?”

They are predicting they had 72 hours of air to live. They also hope the oxygen injections help increase the air pockets.

Officials have registered DNA’s of 90% of unaccounted for.

Officials say rescuers broke the window on 4th floor and have retrieved the 3 bodies 40 minutes ago. Death count now at 36.

“Truly appreciate Sewol articles that show the country’s grief. I question journalists critiquing culture/tendencies at this very moment.” - Joseph Kim

A sister of missing at gymnasium: “I just want to be reunited with her. I don’t care about anything else [regarding the governments effort].”

Family members are still showing their anger against South Korea GOV. Painful moments still remaining..

People are arriving for an Easter memorial service in Ansan, for the passengers on the Sewol ferry;
Church in Ansan is packed. Several thousand here;
Most people in church are crying as a teacher of missing pupils reads a letter to them;
Candles lit for Sewol passengers at special Easter service in Ansan (via Lucy Williamson):

External image
External image

Family members to go up to Seoul and are planning to meet the president at Cheongwadae (Presidential House) today. 'Clash’ expected soon.

Search term 'Cheongwadae(청와대)’ now ranked 2nd on Portal site Naver. It means eyes are on family members plan:

External image

Outburst of anger by ferry family members. Confrontations between family members of Sewol ferry and the police:

External image

6AM KST look of Sewol rescue scene. You can see the lift back shows the location of ferry(SBS):

External image
External image

(7:30-8:30AM) [IMPORTANT/BREAKING] Update: Parents who planned to go to Cheongwadae decided to go back to the Jindo auditorium (SBS report).

[!!!!] YONHAP BREAKING [!!!!]: Rescue workers found 10 more bodies at the Sewol incident scene.

Latest Sewol
toll: 46 confirmed dead, 256 still missing, 174 rescued.

We do not know the current location of the 10 bodies right now. Death toll currently skyrocketed. Truly heartbreaking.

For those curious about the three bodies found last night, all 3 were male students. Keep them and their families in your thoughts.

Experts say there is a likely hood that air pockets have collapsed due to number of bodies in recent hours. But also says that’s worst case scenario.

(9AM-10:30AM) Updates: The last ten bodies found (8 males, 2 females) are still unconfirmed, but officials say they were found in cargo area.

Weather conditions have been announced to be impairing the rescue efforts (rain/wind), but the divers will focus on cafeteria/passenger rooms.

The inaccuracies reported until now. And it’s a wonder why parents are angry?:

External image

49 families en route to Cheong Wae Dae (the presidential house) for call for urgency, have been stopped at the Jindo Bridge.
Police have been stopping parents since last night.

Death toll now up to 49. 253 still missing.

(10:30AM-12PM) Updates: 100 families are out in Jindo bridge, standing off against police who are blocking them from leaving the island.
They’re being blocked from leaving the area and even if they reach Seoul by bus, riot police are waiting at 고속터미널 gate.
No media outlets thus far are covering what is going on with the parents of the missing students.
Update: MBC has finally (12PM) reported some of it.

Death toll now 50.

[Ferry Disaster] Funeral takes place for sunken ferry victims:

External image

[!!!!] IMPORTANT [!!!!]:
Family members of Sewol passengers are demanding to meet South Korea president.
We need your support, please share this and spread the word:

(12-1:30PM) Updates: A navy sergeant who served the Sewol rescue effort finally passed away because of a head injury.

[!!!!] MBC and other channels don’t report this scene, watered-down reporting:

External image

Riot police are now stationed at Seoul Express Bus terminal to block Sewol family members path to Cheongwadae now.

Analyst on KBS: “We have to search [the boat] with the assumption that passengers are alive.”

South Korean Prime Minister about to enter Jindo auditorium for an announcement.

“We do not trust the government, the only thing to do right now is to meet South Korea president.” Common thought of Sewol passengers family.

When Sewol family members showed anger towards police; A Policewoman is showing tears.. Another heartbreaking Yonhap photo:

External image

(2-3PM) Update:

2 more bodies found. Still awaiting confirmation.
Update: Death toll now confirmed at 52.  2 more bodies are found. Death count at 54. Death count now at 56.

Students standing in prayer outside Danwon school gates;
Flowers and messages outside Danwon high school in Ansan. (via Lucy Williamson):

External image
External image

101 hours have passed since the Sewol disaster.

Divers are searching through the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor. Expanded underwater operation today.
Guidelines are in place so operations can sustain two divers.

(3-4PM) Update: 
Update from investigation: Sewol tried to communicate with Jindo traffic control center 11 times, starting 31 minutes before 1st distress signal.

Possibility that attempts to call for help were made before distress signal.

A very important read:

KBS: Crew members of Sewol didn’t have any lessons of safety before they went on-board (Combined Investigation Unit Official).

VTS told Sewol to begin emergency procedures. The two made last contact at 9:37AM, which is when the crew reportedly abandoned ship.

Lying YTN news says a sea soldier died due to rescuing Sewol passengers, but the accident happened April 15. Regardless, RIP.

Control tower in Jindo ended up sending emergency help response on VTS to entire country to try and save Sewol, transcripts show.

(6-7PM) Update: JTBC’s Lawyer: Captain of Sewol can be sentenced life-in-prison, but based on his age( 69) the level of sentence can be changed.

5pm scene of Sewol. You can see the crane which is preparing to lift up the ferry (on stand-by only):

External image

KBS is airing the problems of Korean media covering Sewol ferry disaster. Main point is “interviewing family members is rude behavior”.

Korean authorities admit private divers are more capable:

Tragic story happens again. 2 male bodies recovered. Death toll now goes up to 58.

Sewol disaster latest toll: 476 Total, 174 Rescued, 58 Deceased, 244 Still Missing.

South Korea Government finally declared Jindo, Ansan as a special disaster area.
It means the government decided to expand its support or budget on Jindo, Ansan.
This late? You wait until now? I am speechless.

Transcript reveals confusion over Sewol ferry evacuation:

Joint Investigation are gathering Kakaotalk messages as evidence to compare with captain’s testimony and the ship’s transcript.

(7-8:15PM) Update: 2 months prior to incident, Sewol ferry received “satisfactory mark” for emergency drill training.

That was under the original Sewol captain. However, rescued crew members have conflicting testimonies saying they did not receive training.

“Horrifying news: Just heard from a colleague in Jindo that there were scammers who told families they’d find their child for $100,000.” - Joseph Kim 
-This just made my heart sink.. What kind of monsters would do that…

For the 4th day of the rescue mission alone, roughly 30 bodies have been recovered.

-Things are not looking up right now, everyone, but let us keep strong faith.

Lee Ju-Young, Maritime Minister, posed for souvenir photo after visiting Jindo. Angers Sewol victim families (via @leesanghoC):

External image

VP of Danwon High School suicide note. He was investigated by the police for 11 hours as soon as rescued: *in the afterlife; not underworld

External image

30-40 people, crew members, and others associated, have “overseas travel ban” and are prohibited from leaving the country until further investigation.

No one knows the whereabouts of the original captain or has had contact with him.

Passengers are now saying that they did not receive any emergency procedure instructions before the ferry set sail.

(4/21: 7-8AM) Updates: Sewol disaster toll: 174 rescued, 59 dead, and 243 unaccounted for. 174 rescued, 61 deceased, 241 unaccounted for.

External image

According to TV조선 뉴스, 2 more bodies are now recovered. Seems like they’re female. This report is not confirmed by the government yet.

Police will now pursue culprits who posted fake SNS & text messages, saying Sewol passengers are alive.

A YTN report says country is not the same. “If my child was missing I’d go crazy.” Report states country waits for at least one survivor.

Reports are saying crew were unaware of how to help passengers during the crisis. States they didn’t receive training prior to disaster.

Listening to the conversation recording gives me chills… (Korean)

The headline: “Can anybody just tell me the situation please?
Anchor: What’s the main problem? Reporter: [Information is delivered] far too slowly

Forecasts are saying velocity of water and visibility is fine at the Sewol rescue area this morning. Cloudy weather expected in Jindo.

South Koreans hold candlelight vigil for missing to return safely:

External image

(9AM-12PM) Updates: 64 confirmed deceased, 238 still missing. 174 rescued (Yonhapnews TV shot):

Most of bodies were recovered today are female bodies. It is expected that most of them are high-schoolers.

"Most of family members in Jindo are exhausted. Concerns of their health is a major issue.” - Yonhap News Agency’s Morning report

Today’s “Joongang Ilbo Daily” heartbreaking headline photo (newspaper):

External image

Sewol ferry has sunk below 15 meters now.

YTN reporter asked expert why cranes can’t be used during rescue operations. Analyst says there are large risks of shifting the boat inside.

Suspicions over why they named the site a special disaster zone yesterday, yet brought in the cranes first

Expert: Fact that passengers texted parents during crisis shows crew failed 'golden opportunity’ to properly evacuate/inform.
To clarify: Only messages sent during the ferry’s capsizing are real (hence, prosecutors using it as a cross reference in investigation).

Most networks reporting weather conditions to become favorable in coming days.
-Tell us how effective divers are being today, instead.

Coast Guard briefing on Sewol has begun.

“So far, the count is 37 males and 27 females deceased.”
“We are focusing efforts on 3rd and 4th floor.”
“Got into cafeteria early this morning.”

Officials say, following guidelines set yesterday, rescuers have created passage to cafeteria on 3rd floor, where passengers are expected to be. They’ll concentrate searching this area two hours from now.

 Citizens call local elected officials to be voice of people wanting answers following Sewol; “Answer, government” :

External image

For lawmakers to make a change on behalf of the people. Campaign started last night.

Fact: 208 students, 8 teachers of Ansan Danwon HS are missing. It accounts for 89% of Sewol passengers who’re unaccounted.

Sadly, 42 students & 3 teachers confirmed dead. Group memorial altar will be installed at Ansan Olympic Museum as of 23rd of April.
-I’m so, so sorry we couldn’t get to you in time.
…RIP, darlings.

Korea University Ansan Hospital: 2 foreigners of Sewol ferry disaster are having treatment because of anxiety. They’re from the Philippines.

Some people are failing to grasp that Sewol tried to communicate with Jindo Traffic Control 11 times, 31 minutes before distress.

President Park Geun-hye says government officials not working will be fired
-Hahaha, right.

Who evaluates the evaluator? Leadership is accountability. If someone below you fails their duties, how does that reflect on you? Hm?
Crew on board were not properly trained. Listen to the VTS recording. There’s mass confusion. Lack of training is a failure of leadership.

President also called the incident “almost mass murder”; President Park Geun-hye “Sewol captain and crews behavior is sort of like mass murder”.
-Uhm… almost. almost. a l m o s t; s o r t o f ?!??! Should I be laughing or crying???

Why did they (the passengers) think they were safe? Where was the safety manual? How did a ferry get satisfactory marks on crisis training even though no crew was trained?

Why were private divers hired just yesterday? Ironically, 30+ bodies found soon after.

Why did it take four days for the Sewol site to be made a special disaster zone even though it was claimed that the being responsible will be a priority?
Priorities were obviously straight…

“Whenever companies behave this way they are cutting costs–so the lives of the passengers were considered an acceptable loss.”


(12:30-2:30PM) Update: Just to clarify: Guidelines in the rescue sense, is not rules to abide by, but ropes/lines that divers can use for navigation.

Using guidelines secured this morning, divers expect to enter dining area within an hour.

Coast Guard said they reached out to special units in China & Japan. A 3-man team from The Netherlands also expected to arrive soon.

Diving efforts now: 10 guidelines, 2 divers per, thus 20 divers in water rotating every 15 minutes.

[Heroes of the sunken ferry Sewol] The 5 heroes who gave their own lives to save others. Thank YOU:

External image

Mokpo Maritime Police say an engineer aboard the Sewol has tried to commit suicide after being questioned for two rounds.

(3:30PM) Update: Sewol family members requested to finalize the rescue operation (find all bodies/survivors) by the 24th of April. This 'deadline’ request sent to government.

Candlelight vigils to be held all throughout Gyeonggi Province (Ansan, Uijeongbu, Seoul, and Uiwan) for Sewol.

(7PM) UpdateFemale body recovered. Death toll rises up to 65.

The sixth day of the Sewol ferry Incident, Korean caster crying for victims during live broadcast:
Full video:

Korea grieves for young victims of ferry disaster, laughter has faded:

Massive relief goods sent to the Jindo disasters headquarters are mostly from warm-hearted teenagers:

External image

(4/22 6AM) Update: 87 confirmed dead, 215 missing.

15 Sewol victims’ families from Jindo auditorium arrived at Paengmok harbor, will board ship to Sewol ferry accident site to see rescue ops.

People holding candlelight vigils all over Korea for Sewol “I love you all, I want to see your smiling face”.

For the past hour(2/21 8PM), people have stood in solidarity for the passengers of Sewol:

ROK education ministry bans school field trips until at least June in response to Sewol tragedy.

Danwon High School will re-open its doors for sophomores, seniors this Thursday. 325 juniors were on board the now-sunken Sewol ferry.

Returning students will be joined by about 100 doctors and counselors to help them through a most difficult time in their lives.

A missing student, whose parents’ store closed after the Sewol incident, now filled with messages:

External image

Transcript of sinking Sewol ferry’s first call for help released:

SBS exclusive: Sewol captain says, “I should have operated myself before the disaster happened, then everyone could be safe.”
-It’s kinda late for that now, isn’t it?

Investigators questioning why captain did not have his uniform on during disaster. Captain already admitted, was in his room during incident.

SBS reports before the disaster happens, Sewol ferry captain had a coffee, smoke break, and did some individual things.

Adding more confusion to timelines, Jeju Coast Guard reportedly called Danwon H.S. at 8:10 AM Wed. Why?:

Ferry disaster: excessive load and renovation caused Sewol to capsize:

Before Sewol ferry incident, Danwon High School 2-3 students took a group picture for homeroom teachers’ birthday:

External image

(9AM) Update: 104. Confirmed dead. Not even 10AM yet on this Tuesday in South Korea… Most bodies found in cafeteria.

Diver interview on JTBC: “Most of bodies expected to be found near or in cafeteria, which is located on the 3rd floor of ferry.”

Ministry of Home Affairs official resigns Monday after controversial picture taking in Jindo.
-He tried to take a commemorative group photo. People were critical because it “wasn’t an event”.

(11AM-2PM) Update: Danwon HS latest toll - 62 students & 3 teachers confirmed dead, 188 students and 8 teachers still missing.

YTN Reporter Jung Chan-hoon: Parents are on a ferry near site crying out to water for their children.
“Appreciate the tone, hope and empathy Reporter Jung showed in update. These journalistic characteristics have been rare throughout Sewol disaster.”

Rescue efforts: Currently guidelines throughout 3rd & 4th floors while underwater duration for divers has increased to 20-30 minutes.

Korea University Hospital: Parents urge rescue efforts. Rescued patients have reoccurring trauma when looking at windows, afraid water will come in.
Parent representative: “Do you not hear the trapped children’s voices?”
Parent representative: “Do you not understand the parents hearts who want to go into the ocean themselves to find their children?”

Parents of Sewol survivors: “All we need for our children is maintaining a stable condition.”

External image

Recovered bodies Sunday/Monday went up almost 40 while Tuesday (so far) another 40. Numbers in last 3 days most since 1st day rescue.

Divers say that even though they go in 2 at a time (on guideline), they cannot even see the person next to them. Searching by “feeling”.

The 2 ROVs (unmanned submarine) have been ineffective. Cameras cannot see through water.

YTN shows diver’s view…

External image

Today rescuers are going to attempt entering the dining compartment. Many missing passengers are expected to be in there.

A large Mackerel Fishing Ship was called in and is expected to arrive tonight. It’s equipped with underwater flood lights and lamps.

21 memorials to be held tomorrow. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

Combined Investigation Unit is reviewing all surviving crew members of Sewol to take into custody. (JTBC)

The discrepancies grow. South Korean officials say ferry didn’t take hard turn before sinking:

(4PM) Update: Crew member who tried to kill himself yesterday placed under arrest for neglect of duty.

South Korea’s TV조선 뉴스 panel strongly claims “Crew members of Sewol need to have a death penalty”.

Rescue effort: Coast Guard (90), Navy (35), Fishing Vessels (239), Aircrafts (37) and Divers/Rescuers (755).

(7:20PM) Update: Government official new toll of Sewol: 112 confirmed dead 190 still missing. Rescue number remains at 174. (18:20 KST standard)

Sewol ferry has sunk below 20 meters now and still sinking into the sea. The situation worsens.

Yonhap: Sewol crew members who are now under investigation are commonly saying “We ordered passengers to escape immediately”.
-Lol right.

Rescue workers are trying to put RAV robot (an unmanned robot which can search materials or movements underneath the water) into the Sewol disaster scene:

External image

Relief supplies came from around the country. Mostly from students:

Candlelight vigils will be held again 7PM tonight at Gwanghwamun in Seoul, Ansan and Busan Station in solidarity for Sewol passengers.
“Hoping for Miracles” is the name of the vigil.
Gwanghwamun will now hold the vigils everyday at 7PM.

Messages on the corridor for Danwon High School second-year grade pupils in Ansan:

An autopsy revealed a victim passed away a few hours before being found. It’ll be a big controversy over the slow relief work.
To clarify: Parents are opting for autopsy of children to check if the cause of death was drowning or hypothermia.
This could reveal if they passed away recently meaning cause of death was latent rescue efforts.

(9:20PM) Update: Anger towards Government goes up, and more bodies recovered. Now 117 bodies have been recovered so far.

The “Yellow Ribbon” is a viral campaign in South Korea for Sewol passengers to come home safely: (Korean)

External image

(11PM) Update: 121 confirmed dead, 181 still missing. Hoping 1% of miracle can be happened soon.

Waters are too rough, rescue efforts have stopped temporarily.

Unmanned submarines ROV’s have been deemed ineffective due to water currents and depth. They will use another robotic machine, “Crabster”, now.

Many parents saved their last pennies for students’ trip to Jeju:

External image

A navy diver has been hospitalized due to being under water too long. He’s getting treatment for “the bends” or decompression sickness.

April 17, the second day of the Sewol ferry incident, a message came from the sunken ship through FB. It was true.

External image

(4/23 1AM) Update:

Rescue operations have restarted earlier this hour, but the Mackerel Fishing Vessel still has not arrived meaning no light.

“One thing the parents would like to emphasize is that we want the rescue operations to speed up. Not to lift the boat using the crane”

Many ask the purpose of this rescue mission. Unlikely survivors, possibly decayed bodies… But what you’re asking parents is to give up their children.

Let’s not be like this. There is no next time, you can’t “count your losses” with this one. They are their souls, their world, their future.

“You have to stay alive and return” from today’s candlelight vigil: (Korean)

Posters popping up at Jindo Gymnasium and Pengmok Harbor made by siblings of missing Sewol victims criticizing government; Posters also promise to not become a complacent generation that believes “some things can’t be helped”:

External image

(10-11AM) Update: Divers are now concentrating to find missing passengers on cabin area which located is on 3rd - 4th floor of Sewol ferry. 139 dead. 150 now dead.

Weather conditions expected to be optimal starting 9AM today. Rescue efforts to go into full force then.

Neap tides, the lowest level of high tide or when the sea current is at its slowest, are contributing to these optimal factors.

South Korean local media have been fighting amongst themselves about how far they should cover Sewol events, including footage of recovered bodies.

South Korean MLB players are now doing their best to give hope to Sewol family members. Big applause for their effort.

Today’s Joongang Ilbo Daily headline strongly criticizes Sewol crew members behavior by using this image; “When Sewol crew members escaped, more than 400 passengers were inside and waiting for rescue.”:

External image

Messages for Sewol passengers at Jindo Paengmok Harbor. (via SBS reporter 이용식):

External image

There is a petition demanding that Pres Park Geun-hye step down. At Daum’s Agora, 11,870 signed so far: 아고라

A parent of missing child telling the truth about Sewol rescue operations and handling of the situation (translated):

An insane politician said Sewol ferry incident isn’t a misfortune, but a wonderful opportunity for learning:

External image

We’re on Wednesday full of tears. 152 missing, 150 confirmed dead. (Yonhap site capture):

External image

(4/24 5AM) Update: Death toll now marks 157, 145 still missing.

Teacher Jun So-young made sure all students in her vicinity had life vests without wearing one herself.
Jun’s mother on YTN said she’s proud of her daughter despite her loss.

Cheongwadae Spokesperson: “South Korea Presidential House (Cheongwadae) is not a control tower for disasters.”; This brings controversy.
-excuse you.

Coast Guard official relieved Tuesday following remarks inconsiderate to mourning families: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to rescue 80 people?”
-what do you think…

A portrait of Sewol victim is carried past her desk after her funeral, Goodbye my classroom:

External image

The rescued students shouted, “BREAK the windows, friends are trapped in there!”, but maritime police didn’t:

External image

YTN: “No bodies or survivors at the cafeteria, divers are concentrating to find passengers at 4th floor Sewol cabin”.

10 divers are now being treated with decompression sickness, “the bends”.

Reports here saying most of the bodies had a finger fracture. It shows how desperate they wanted to survive on the Sewol ferry. 

YTN is continuously blaming South Korea government control of Sewol rescue as incompetence.

“Please come back, you have much more things to do”; A message at Jindo Auditorium volunteer booth: 

External image

“We’ll not lose the hope” a message held at Ansan office of Education:

External image

Yellow ribbons on Danwon High School’s gate: 

External image

Yellow ribbons are also being wore at Peng-mok Harbor by families/reporters/rescuers, hoping for a miracle.

Many people gathered together to join the candlelight vigils in Ansan, home city of Danwon High School:

External image

Many post-it messages displayed at the entrance of Sewol memorial service area:

External image

YTN; More than 5,000 people gathered at the Sewol Memorial service area. Condolence messages now passed more than 20,000. 

Yonhap: North Korea just sent condolence message for Sewol ferry.

Day 8 night scene of Sewol Rescue. Divers are still working on their job:

External image

(4PM) Update: Death toll risen up to 171. 131 people still missing. No news of survivors.

JTBC: More than 100 bodies were recovered at 4th floor of Sewol ferry. 
Most of the bodies were recovered from tail part of Sewol ferry. (JTBC)

A boy and a girl who are in grade 2 at Danwon High School were found dead, tied their life vests with string together.

Maritime Ministry now trying to revise law: If a captain is involved in accident with deaths, license revoked–how is that not the case now?
Another revision: 6,000+ ton ships only be steered by a captain or 1st mate.

Coast Guard spokesperson says, “More than 700 divers are now doing its Sewol rescue operation.

Coast guard says, "We restrict civilian divers operation effort because of Sewol family member’s request”.

The Maritime Ministry in 2007 had VTS & vessel monitoring systems as top priority on its agenda, but was pushed aside by the 4 rivers project.
The 4 Rivers Project is a controversial issue with experts saying it destroyed ecosystems, displaced farmers and contaminates water with algae.

YTN ; 35 aircrafts, 260 ships are now on a Sewol rescue operation. Weather in Jindo expects rain this weekend. 

The helmsman of Sewol ferry says: I misunderstood the order and turned steering gear on opposite side of normal route.

Kim Su-hyun (김수현), an actor who is well known for Drama '별에서 온 그대’, donated 300 million won for Sewol victims. 
Including Kim Su-hyun, many entertainers, sports players are donating with their own heart to Sewol victims.

Chonghaejin Marine Co. (operator) spent $521 on crew training in 2013, but $900k+ in “entertainment expenses” since 2001 according to audit report.

Investigation for Semo group, an owner company of Cheonghaejin Marine Corp, is still on-going.

(Realmeter) South Korea President Park approval rating (23rd of April) plunged to 56.5% from 71%(18th of April).
-Good. Plunge lower.

Private taxis are at the harbor to support families. They traveled from Ansan, where Danwon high school is, 5 hours away.

Ansan Danwon High School resumed its 3rd grade student’s class today. I hope they do not lose hope and study hard for their future.

74 surviving Danwon students are at the hospital & cleared by doctors. But they decided they will all leave together when everyone is ready.
For now, they will stay at the hospital a little bit longer and support each other while getting more counseling support.

A diver stated that though sick, they will dive regardless after resting in the decompression chamber.

Today’s Joongang ilbo daily focused on Memorial service in Ansan. A mother holding a daughter showed tears:

Today’s Chosun Ilbo daily covered Volunteer story at Jindo auditorium. You can see sign of “Free laundry”:

The boy who phoned the 1st distress call from the sinking Sewol was found dead:

External image

Mourners visit group memorial altar in Ansan, home city of Danwon High School, but many victims are still in the sunken ship:

External image

Yellow ribbons hung on the civilian diver’s tents:

External image

Messages of hope near the harbor:

External image

Yellow ribbons of hope all throughout the harbor:

External image

Danwon High School students are now attending class. You can see the Yellow ribbon on school’s main gate (Yonhap): 

External image

Monks chant and beat rhythm where families first waited for news of loved ones:  (4/25 5PM) Update: 185 confirmed dead. Coast Guard: “86 (male) and 95 (female) bodies were recovered so far.” 5-year-old Kwon, Sewol youngest survivor’s mother found dead today.
In Ansan, home city of Danwon High School. Huge crowds gathered together to join the candlelight vigils:
External image
External image
Parents calling for civilian divers to be reinstated despite disagreeing with government earlier today to receive their help. Atmosphere here is filled with emotion and grief. The gymnasium and harbor has fewer families but the burden and weight has grown heavier. “If these kids were from Gangnam, would you do this? Do you know the citizens heart?” UPP Lawmaker Lee Chung-hee came to the memorial today drawing media attention and a mother spoke.
She rightfully pushed cameras and yelled, saying the government wasn’t doing anything. How pictures were being taken like it’s a show.
How the parents of victims are being ignored, but when officials or famous people come they are treated basically like royalty.
She’s told them to go down to Peng-mok harbor and take pics of the parents who are sitting on plastic sheets and given cup ramen to eat
-This is very, very true and enraging. With parents asking for the truth with why rescue operations have been slow, a senior diver said he will have to take a break and find out. Diver on duty communicated via radio saying they could continue operations for another 3-4 hours. The parents clapped. Tomorrow (26th), the US ship Safeguard will come to Korea to assist in rescue operations. New info shows owner of Sewol, Chonghaejin Marine Co Ltd, exclusively dealt with Undine Marine Ltd, the only private diving company the government hired for rescue.
Ties and dealing must be looked at thoroughly now, with heavy implications. Trusted journalist latest on Sewol disaster: South Korea Government: “US President is considering to visit Danwon High Sschool or memorial service in Ansan during his South Korea visit.”
-You better watch it, I’m side-eyeing you… “Captain Lee having enough sleep, watching TV without anxiety at Coast Guard detention room.” -Joongang Ilbo  “For Sewol passengers, we’re very sorry.”, a candlelight vigil near Seoul City Hall (Yonhap): 
External image
People like this woman here in Seoul are waiting for #Sewol passengers. We cannot lose the hope:
External image
US President Barack Obama is now having a silent prayer to Sewol victims at South Korea Presidential House, Cheongwada: (4/26 3PM) Update: Latest Sewol toll : 187 confirmed dead, 115 still missing. This is the hero who saved many; the one who made the first distress phone call. His parents released his photos. Please keep them in your thoughts:
External image
Teachers clad in black clothes hug third year students outside of Danwon High School in Ansan: A person in his eighties cried his heart out, Seoul: US President Obama promised to support Danwon High School & Sewol victims in the press conference at Cheongwadae. 18 people who wrote false/unconfirmed information of #Sewol ferry have been arrested and all of them taken into custody.  Civilian divers this morning stated they are working 47 meters underwater. Using the decompression chamber, they have 10 minutes to work.
Diver continued that the depth is becoming an increasingly big problem while the weather is expected to worsen. Analysts says diving bell is not effective while rescue efforts might get boost with the USS Safeguard’s equipment and diving experts. Sewol family representative on JTBC interview: Lifting a ferry is not a primary mission yet. Rescue effort is first. Since last week, Sewol rescue workers searched 35 out of 111 cabin rooms. Seems like they need more time to find missing passengers. Rescue workers in Jindo to meet uncomfortable weather. Rain expected there. In order to prevent the bodies lose to the waves, Sewol Rescue workers now expanded their search area. Government says, “We’ll keep going on our Sewol rescue effort whether the weather goes worse or not”. Reports are saying it’ll take 6 months to find out the real cause how Sewol ferry capsized itself. Sewol last photos “Unseen photos by Broadcast news and newspaper media”: (4/27 7PM) Update: 188 bodies have been recovered. Now 114 missing. The entire country was saddened recently due to the Sewol tragedy, but President Park looks so happy. She has no notion: Main Sewol crew members are saying, “We didn’t know Danwon High School Students were on the ferry while en route to Jeju island”.
-What is this foolishness? How does this make sense? Now, all 15 Sewol crew members who didn’t participate in the rescue operation are now taken into custody. Investigation of crew members now ends. Most of Sewol Crew members who’re taken into custody are 50~60 years old. In 2003, Sewol captain Lee had his own incident at the coast area which located 20km away from Sewol incident area. (Joongang Sunday) YTN now broadcasting the documentary of Sewol. This documentary admits YTN sent false information when incident happened. South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won has resigned over the government’s response to the Sewol ferry disaster.
“Keeping my post is too great a burden on the administration,” South Korea’s PM Chung says in a brief announcement. “I offer my apology for having been unable to prevent this accident… and unable to properly respond to it afterwards.” “I wanted to resign earlier but handling the situation was the first priority.” Current PM Chong Hong Won will remain in his seat until the Sewol Rescue effort ends. After that, a new PM will be elected.  Jindo Gymnasium: “Half the parents say PM should resign while other parents think it’s 'irresponsible’, he should see things to the end.” Many condolers are lined up to offer their sympathy to the Sewol victims in Ansan: As of 10:30AM today, close to 130,000 people have paid respects at the group memorial altar in Ansan for Sewol victims. South Korea admits ferry disaster dead bodies given to wrong families : 2,000 hold candlelight vigil for Sewol: “Park take responsibility/Bring back kids/Park is a murderer”
External image

Tomorrow will be the 1st day back to school for 2nd year students of Danwon High School. Only 13 students are expected to be in attendance. Gojan 1-dong, Ansan has been overcome by the shock of ferry disaster: 
External image
An explosion of anger against the Government: (4/28-29) Update: Sewol toll - 205 confirmed dead, 97 missing.  New investigation info reveals at the time of Sewol accident, over 20 calls were made to 119 (emergency line) and 4 were made to 112 (police). The streets are crawling with plain clothes policemen in Jindo. Sewol ferry family members may feel like they are under surveillance. South Korea has ordered the official period of mourning for the Sewol disaster to last through May 11. Pundits believe this will give the nation a psychological deadline for businesses/normal life to pick up again. “Stop crying. You’re scaring customers away.” -….

A new memorial will be set up at the Hwarang Recreational Park in Ansan from Tuesday with the public altar closing today.
“Do not put any condolence wreath related with the government or president within the memorial service area.”, One of Sewol families request. -NocutNews Also a memorial altar has been set up in front of City Hall yesterday to remember the victims of the Sewol disaster. Maritime Operation briefing: Rescuers didn’t know they rescued crew before passengers during capsizing: “We just tried to save anyone”. Public outrage in S. Korea continues to rise with ongoing protests & now online petitions to impeach the president: Originally in OhMyNews, this open letter posted to the Cheong Wa Dae’s site yesterday. It’s gotten the most views on the presidential site ever. President Park Geun-hye went to the new Hwarang Public Memorial this morning before it opened to the public. Still no word on public apology. San Francisco Giants held a moment of silence for Sewol victims before today’s game: President Park offers apology for Sewol during cabinet meeting. Opposition says political gestures should have come after rescue efforts: Pres. Park Geun-hye : “I feel deeply sorry for all South Koreans”, an apology for Sewol Ferry disaster. -I really have no remorse for how much I hate her. President Park also said national safety ministry will be created under PM’s office to efficiently manage natural and man-made disasters. Many condolence messages for Sewol victims in Ansan. It shows how Ansan’s community is now in deep sadness.  “Because of Sewol tragic accent, our branch decided not to turn on the music.” - Starbucks; Ansan Joongang Branch notice  “My precious young kids, why are all of you staying here!?” a woman showed despair and sorrowful crying to victims. Heartbreaking. You’re looking at empty Ansan Fashion street area(12pm scene). Half of stores here are closed today: 
External image
2 cranes from Samsung Heavy Industry turned back to its shipyard located in Geoje because of strong current & bad weather. 
Important video on Sewol; please check CNN for more videos: (4/29-5/1) Update213 bodies have been recovered, 89 still missing.  The petition demanding that Park Geun-hye step down/박근혜 하야청원 60,857 so far have signed.

S. Korea’s parliament passed resolution today to support Sewol victims & vowed to help investigation. Will also give 10% of salaries in May.
Parliament is also pushing for a permanent memorial & monument to be set up in Ansan for Sewol victims.
The estimated total of the lawmakers pooled 10% salaries is 190 million won or $184,376 USD.

New info reveals that during Sewol capsizing, crew contacted Chonghaejin Marine Co. Ltd. multiple times.
Cross-checking timeline with messages between victims, crew called Chonghaejin at 9:01AM. 1st distress call made by crew is at 8:52AM.
Crew members called Chonghaejin 6 times after that.

Memorial for Sewol victims at Korean consulate San Francisco 샌프란시스코 영사관 내 분향소. All are welcome:

70 of the 74 rescued Danwon High School students are going to the memorial together today. The remaining 4 said they didn’t want to go.
Update on the students: The 70 that went to the memorial were discharged from hospital. The remaining 4 have decided to stay in the hospital.

1AM today (5/1): Civilian diver lost consciousness after coming up to the surface. Was rushed to the hospital with bad case of the bends.

S.Korean Soccer player 'Captain’ Park Ji-sung (박지성) planning to have a match for Sewol victims in July (YTN).

According to KBS; shoes, clothes, and some life vessels were found 13km away from the Sewol disaster area. S.Korea GOV expands search area.

This man wrote a long condolence message to Park Ji-young, Sewol crew member that sacrificed herself for passengers:

Seoul’s main message for Sewol Victims, “We’re very sorry, we won’t forget all of you”:

S. Korea Joint Investigation team is reviewing Sewol crew members to apply a charge of murder.

Still many S. Koreans are believing in 1% of hope by these numerous Yellow ribbons (At Seoul City Hall):

S. Korea now entered 5-6 days of vacation. YTN expects many Koreans to visit Sewol Memorial altar in Ansan.

Family members of missing Sewol passenger requesting S. Korean PM to find their loved ones immediately (Yonhap): 

External image

There is a huge white banner spreading outside Jindo Gymnasium: 

External image

Kim Yuna is dressed in black at her retirement event to offer her condolences for the Sewol ferry victims:

Why you cannot be our president anymore…
’A message from a citizen to the President’ :

The second video capturing ferry’s final moments inside ferry:

Mothers took the streets against the governments poor handling of the Sewol ferry disaster. 'Government is the killer’: 

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Many teenagers are on the march, expressing anger against the government:

The people of Gwangju are carrying flaming torches to protest against the government’s mistakes:

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Surviving students visit altar for their 158 friends who are dead or missing; most cried: 

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Pres Park Guen Hye is seriously thinking about releasing a statement of apology to the public again:

A photo touches a string in all heart. Sewol A picture paints a thousand words after all:

(5/1-5/9) Update: Latest Sewol toll - 273 bodies have been recovered so far. 31 still missing. 

MayDay in S. Korea. Mourning the victims of the Sewol ferry sinking. From sorrow to anger and action:

According to an opinion poll by Naeil Shimun, for the 1st time in a year, President Park Geun-hye’s approval rating has dipped below 50%.
In the survey, 62.7% said President Park Geun-hye’s apology was insufficient while 31.1% said it was satisfactory.

When Coast Guard finished its first investigation with Sewol captain, Cost Guard sent captain to Apt., not detention room (SBS).

“Do not let our children be in a sad situation again.”, A father of Sewol victim’s message to S.Korean Government:

Main cause of Sewol ferry now focuses to 'Overload’. Joint investigation team is now doing its job to prove this case.

S.Korean Pres. Park re-visited Jindo to meet families of Sewol missing passengers. 

Currently, 93% of Sewol missing passengers are Danwon High Students & Teachers.

“Amazing the police act so quickly unlike saving lives of Sewol victims”:

Protest poster against President Park Geun-hye as well as the current state of S. Korea:

MBC Infinity Challenge(무한도전) starts the program with the message for Sewol victims, missing passengers:

Families of Sewol Victims are having a silent protest with holding a sign of 'stay in position’ at Seoul City hall:

S.Korea GOV says, “We’ll lift Sewol ferry when we get a permission from families after search operation is over”.

Parents after PM meeting said all they can do is wait until the 10th-which officials say is when 1st stage of operations will be completed.

More than a million S.Koreans visited Nationwide Sewol Memorial Altar. More people to gather soon. 
“Today is children’s day but we’re so sad because of you.”, A child’s message at Sewol Memorial altar.

1st stage of operations completed means all 64 compartments have been searched as well as the 47 common areas of ship.
Reported that if all bodies are not found by May 15th, divers would search the cargo area and the 1st, 2nd floors of ship.

“Please, Light up the truth” Families of Sewol victims are having silent protest with the white mask in Ansan:

 At Sinchon (신촌) in Seoul:

A government-contracted Undine diver died this morning when search operations restarted after 6AM today.
After the diver went underwater communication was lost so other divers went to rescue him. He was found unconscious & taken to the hospital.

S. Korean President Park Geun-hye offered an apology for Sewol at the Jogyesa Temple service for Buddha’s birthday.
In her apology, Park said that as president she should be the protector of citizens lives so she is sorry for Sewol.
Park is the 1st S. Korean president to attend the Jogyesa Temple service celebrating Buddha’s birthday.

Today, Seoul City hall plaza is filled with yellow ribbons & yellow heart for Sewol passengers. (Yonhap Photo) 

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“Overloading and failure to secure cargo contributed to sinking of South Korean ferry Sewol”, police and prosecutors say.

Ansan Memorial Altar made a special message board corner which was sent by Thai citizens:

S. Korea PM ordered to wrap up Sewol search operation by 10th of May.

Silent protesters walking through Myeongdong, Seoul with signs “Stay still/Don’t move” echoing words of Sewol crew:

Korean broadcasters don’t air this protest against Sewol ferry disaster. Media control!:

Sewol prosecutors are now asking the FBI to help bring the 2 sons of Cheonghaejin owner Yoo back to S. Korea for questioning.
Sons of Cheonghaejin owner Yoo have been summoned multiple times by prosecutors already but haven’t responded.

Coast Guard: “235 out of 269 Sewol ferry victims had a life jacket.”

Walking protests through Sinchon yelling, “Impeach Park Geun-hye, Investigate Lee Myung-bak.”:

3 weeks after South Korean ferry sank, government says it miscounted survivors; 172, not 174.

Yellow ribbon table has petitions calling for action: “Let’s Not Stay Put!” Volunteers cut mini-ribbons to hand out:

Public memorial in front of City Hall continues to mourn the loss of Sewol victims.

One of Sewol family members wrote '보고싶다 (I Miss You)’ at the beach near Paengmok harbor in Jindo (Yonhap): 

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S.Korea GOV reviewing Cheonghaejin Marine Corp, to cancel their passenger ship license.

Joint Investigation Unit arrested CEO of Cheonghaejin Marine Corp to investigate the Sewol ferry disaster.

Divers are trying to search Sewol ferry cargo to find missing passengers. 

(URGENT): A man in his 60’s threw himself into the sea at Paenmock port where ferry site is located.

Families of missing Sewol passengers are floating yellow paper ships in Jindo:

Sewol victim families are protesting in front of KBS HQ for distorting reports.
Families of Sewol victims gathered at KBS HQ to protest thoughtless words from Chief of reporting center saying, “Death toll is small”.

Sewol family official statement to KBS: 1. CEO ’s Public apology 2. Dismiss the Chief of KBS Reporting Center.
One representative of Sewol families: “We had no progress. We just stayed at KBS lobby more than 2 hrs.”

Parents of Sewol victims are heading to the Cheongwadae holding portraits of their children:

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Sewol victims families protested outside KBS last night for “poor reporting”. Protests continued today with families marching to Cheongwadae.
It’s reported that police have blocked off the roads near the Cheongwadae and around Gyeongbokgung palace due to protests.

“Our daughter is beside you now.” In each other’s company, Danwon students laid to rest; Heartbreaking:

“Coverage of Sewol sinking was misleading and shielded the president, say junior reporters [for KBS]”:

Chief of KBS reporting center to have press conference at 2pm KST on his thoughtless words about Sewol ferry victims. 

Sewol families stayed up all night to meet Ms. Park near presidential palace. But Pres. Park ignored them so far:

Families of the Sewol ferry victims are completely surrounded by police: 

This Youtube video for Sewol victims and missing passengers is now viral here in S.Korea: 


Did you know you can send a text message of condolence? +82-10-9145-8879. If you have any problems, let me know.

Write #PrayForSouthKorea and share a message in your own words.

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(#PrayForSouthKorea //// Wish all passengers of Sewol come back soon. Credit 조재환)

[!!] LOCAL [!!] : You can mail all donations to the following address:

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(Credit to 조재환 for the pictures that do belong to him.)
Pray for Korea and the victims, please.

I don’t know if a lot of people would read this but it is a really dark time in Korea. 

About three days ago, the cruise ship Sewol, with about 350 high school students who were on their way to a field trip, sank. 

The ship’s maximum boarding limit was 900 people. Only 476 people were on that boat but they could only rescue 80 people. 28 are dead, 11 of them are the Danwon High School students. and 268 are now missing. It’s been three fucking days and they say that the 250 missing kids are unlikely to be alive. 

The Ship’s captain was a 69 year old man who ordered a 26 year old new comer to steer the ship while he took a nap. When they started sinking, he told all the students to stay where they were and wait.


The ship started to sink around 9am and it took about two hours until the ship flipped over to the side. The crew members, however, apparently announced them to stay put while some of them managed to get on life boats or the chopper. 

Funny thing is, the one who called the sink in wasn’t the captain or a crew member. IT WAS A PARENT who received messages from his kid who told him that the boat was starting to tip and water started flooding in. 

Even after the initial report, it took the coastal guards an hour to check it out, not to rescue, but to see what was going on. After that, the whole navy seal, UDT, divers were on there way.

The ship turned over to its side and caused many of the kids who were still inside to injure themselves. The exits were blocked and unreachable and i believe many of the students did not make it out of the ship. Some people say that the kids inside could still be alive through air pockets but its been almost 72 hours since the sink and the most likely situation is that they are dead. 

The one thing that pisses me off the most is the vile approach of the media and the social network services right now. News Networks are reporting unconfirmed facts to have “exclusive” news reports, confusing the entire nation about the current situation. Facebook and Twitter is full of bullshit government conspiracy theories, and some idiot fucks are making fake fb messages or posts from the victims still inside the ship. The SNS is also spreading vicious lies/unconfirmed facts about the sink and deliberately tricking many of us. I can’t believe anything right now because they report something one moment and then they apologize for it because it turns out that most of the facts were fake. What the fuck is wrong with this country. Reporters and journalists are badgering the survivors, survivors who barely made it alive and who suffer from extreme trauma. Their friends are DEAD and some dumb fucks want to traumatize them even further for a story.

Now honestly, I find it extremely hard to firmly believe that the missing 250 students are alive. It’s been three days, a storm hit the site, the water was freezing, The students who might have been able to make it out alive would not have survived the freezing sea. 

I am frustrated because the ship, the captain and the crew members did a shitty job. They did not provide any safety announcements, and instead of calmly guiding and leading the students to safety, they were the first ones to escape. Leaving hundreds of 16, 17 year old high schools students to die. 

It’s just too painful for me to watch the news right now. Some of my acquaintances have children who were on the boat and some of them still missing. I can’t imagine and never can understand the pain and frustration the parents might be feeling. 

I can only pray for the safe return of the students or at least the recovery of all their bodies while they are still intact.

Please pray for us. Pray for the Students and the people still missing. Pray for the parents of the victims. Pray for our nation, Pray for Korea because it is a devastating time for all of us 

UPDATE: I’ve seen some people saying that the numbers are wrong. for some of the numbers, they are approximations of the total people and some of them are not the exact numbers. 

To clarify, 476 people were on board. However, the numbers change frequently because the Sewol Ferry company did a shitty job in keeping their list of people on board. About 2~3 people may be added or subtracted from this number.

And please remember, i am not a journalist nor someone who has direct sources to the sink (but honestly, no one does right now.) The information here is CONFIRMED facts and none of those unconfirmed/made up bull shit. 

I didn’t mention the people rescued so here is the current, death/missing/save count. 


DEAD: 29


UPDATE: The Vice Principal was rescued from this whole disaster but he committed suicide yesterday. It is a tragedy and all of our thoughts and prayers goes to him, Danwon High School, and Korea. 



DEAD: 104