south katalam


If anyone has played Ragnarok Online before, it seems NCsoft is slowly emulating their style for fortress raids (or as they call it War of the Emperium over there). Up till Tiamaranta, artifacts barely assisted much of an effort, and all it took was numbers to bumrush a fortress, tank and spank a diety to death.

K-Aion is slowly releasing secrets and tips for attackers and defenders alike on how the fortresses work in Katalam, starting with the ground fortress in Katalam.

1. Maze Pathway

This is the style Ragnarok Online uses, it uses a complicated and longer maze to where the diety’s room is; this way defenders still have a chance to stall and take down attackers streaming in. And there’s only one pathway into this particular fort’s diety room; as the term in Ragnarok Online goes - the Pre-cast tactic.

2. Ambush

This is catered more towards Assassins, basically there are guard NPCs that patrol the fortress walls, and an easy way to bypass the complicated defenses is to just Ambush your way in.

3. Base 88/89

Base 88 and 89 apparently has a NPC that allows teleportation into said fortress although it comes at a risky price of a random location teleportation. It could teleport you into a safe spot within the fortress, or straight to your death, surrounded by guard NPCs or the opposing faction.

The NPC only has up to 10 usage charges though, USE THEM WELL AND WISELY!

4. Explosives

There are targets labelled explosives that can be attacked, they generally cause damage to walls and gates, an excellent support for the fortress attackers if they don’t have siege weapons.

Be warned though, they come in two types. The second type is able to cause high AOE damage, at a price of damaging not only foes, gates and walls BUT allies as well.

5. Destroyed Walls

Basically the Achilles Heel of the fortress, or the backdoor option. Unlike the gates, these walls are weaker and easier to dispatch off. 

6. Gate Control 

Once again, this targets classes that can stealth. This fortress has a gate control device that is able to control the open and closure of all gates. Naturally this is heavily guarded by guard NPCs. Upon usage, it activates instant access from the gates, which spells major disaster for the defending faction.