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How do you think the axis + Prussia and Romano would react to coming home to find their spouse and their asleep on the couch? I'm sorry if it's weird it's just I'm sucker for that cutesy domestic/family stuff. 😍

(It’s not weird at all! Oh- and bye the way, Prussia and Romano are automatically included in the Axis for me :) )

Purest smile ever. Carries them both into the bedroom so he can go to sleep with them

His heart fucking explodes. Squeals a little bit as he hugs them both and falls asleep with them, maybe bringing them to the bedroom

Small smile as he snaps a picture and tucks them in. He absolutely adores it

N. Italy:
Tbh they’d probably wake up form him squealing, if not then they surely will when he squeezes them as tightly as he can

Smiles and chuckles a bit at the sight. It makes him think about how thankful he is to have them. Grabs a blanket or two and joins them on the couch, though he won’t be very comfortable, so he may wake up walkway through the night.


My teacher taught us that during Operation Husky where they invaded Italy (under Nazi control after the hanging of Mussolini), Canadian soldiers fought door to door combat with the Germans so that they can save the houses and leave them intact for when the Italians came back to their houses. Although Canadian casualties were extremely heavy, the Italians were very thankful.

American soldiers on the other hand, bombed the buildings where the Germans were hiding in and although they left with very little casualties and dealt a lot of damage to the Germans, the Italians were pissed to come back and see their houses turned to rubble. 

(yo my history teacher was lit loved that guy) 

Having an Italian Boyfriend (with an Italian family)
  • <p> <b>Spain:</b> Roma we haven't eaten for nearly two days!!! Why don't I just make us some paella and-<p/><b>Romano:</b> Shut the fuck up Antonio. We are about to visit my Nonna and other relatives. Now, this is extremely dangerous so I want you to listen to me very carefully.<p/><b>Spain:</b> …<p/><b>Romano:</b> When the door opens, stay behind me at all times, and trust me, those two days are going to come in handy. And whatever you do, don't refuse the cooking or waste food!<p/><b>Romano:</b> *rings doorbell to house*<p/><b>Romano:</b> *breath in*<p/><b>Literally the entire house:</b> DO YOU WANT TO EAT?? COME EAT! GUESS WHAT TUA ZIA JUST MADE??? OI VUOI MANGIARE??? MIO DIO IS THAT MY LOVINO HE LOOKS SO SKINNY, COME EAT!!! WHAT YOU DON'T LIKE MY COOKING?? EAT! EAT!! *loud, incoherent, Italian screaming*<p/></p>