south harting


22 by Taylor Swift in the style of a bunch of wrestlers who no longer work for WWE and Dolph Ziggler. 


Happy 60th Birthday Reba Nell McEntire! ♥
        ↳ March 28, 1955

After moving from everything & everyone I know in Los Angeles to my new life in my Atlanta apartment yesterday, I decided the best way to spend my first full day as a new Georgia resident was to get together with a bunch of other Hartosexuals & sort some books for kids in Africa! I had such a great time & met some super rad people! Thanks so much to abiwhalesokay for setting up such a great HAHD! (That’s me in the back with the hat!)

Yes but can you imagine the shit James!Lancelot and Eggsy would get up too? Jesus christ, I am pretty sure Roxy would turn grey before she was 30 and Merlin would start losing eyebrow hair and Harry, poor Harry would let himself stay in a coma coz no thank you he is not dealing with those two crazy assholes. 


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