south harting

(We Dem Girls!)

Yes we know we’re late this week and we apologize but all of us are back this week and we’re asking the important questions such as: Why won’t Cardi B let herself be great? Why is London the only city putting the hurt on Uber? Is there anyone in Hollywood who ISN’T cheating? How is South Park still on the air? Plus, we wonder why we still have to deal with Kardashians, why Scott Disick needs to stay 200 yards from Sofia Richie and of course, we have more than a few things to say about #TakeAKnee…​

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22 by Taylor Swift in the style of a bunch of wrestlers who no longer work for WWE and Dolph Ziggler. 

Theodore Garman (1924-54), British. Son of Jacob Epstein and his mistress, Kathleen Garman. Studied at Chelsea School of Art, but spent much of his time farming at South Harting on the West Sussex/Hampshire borders. He had two major exhibitions in the Redfern Gallery and was greatly admired by Wyndham Lewis among others.

Summer Garden, Harting, 1947, oil on board (The New Art Gallery, Walsall). This painting - one of several of Harting - depicts the back garden of his grandmother’s house.


Happy 60th Birthday Reba Nell McEntire! ♥
        ↳ March 28, 1955

Yes but can you imagine the shit James!Lancelot and Eggsy would get up too? Jesus christ, I am pretty sure Roxy would turn grey before she was 30 and Merlin would start losing eyebrow hair and Harry, poor Harry would let himself stay in a coma coz no thank you he is not dealing with those two crazy assholes.