south harbor


Driving along the interstate through the rolling sage hills and crop lands of southern Idaho, most travelers are unaware of the spectacular and remote canyons that lie out of view to the south. Several canyons harbor rivers including the Bruneau and Owyhee, that are coveted by boaters as whitewater runs. 

Two smaller streams remain almost unknown– Big and Little Jacks Creeks. They have cut deep gorges through the basalt as they wind towards the Snake River. Their lush riparian areas and cliffs harbor a diversity of bird species. Visitors will find limited trails and no facilities here. Only endless opportunities to explore on your own along the rims of the canyons. Both Big And Little Jacks Creeks and their surrounding canyons are protected as wilderness areas and wild and scenic rivers.

New photos by Bob Wick, BLM

House Borrell Lords of Breakwater in Sisterton, Sworn to Sunderland

House Borrell of Sweetsister is a noble house from the Vale ruling over Sweetsister, an island of the Three Sisters, and its port town, Sisterton. Their castle is Breakwater in Sisterton. House Borrell’s titles include Lord of Sweetsister, Shield of Sisterton, Master of Breakwater Castle, and Keeper of the Night Lamp. They are sworn to House Sunderland, who also reside in Sisterton and are sworn to House Arryn. Their arms are a white spider crab on grey-green. The ancestors of House Borrell were pirate kings until the Starks came down on them with fire and sword. For five thousand years the Borrells have had the mark, a sort of webbing between the three middle fingers of their hands.
The Three Sisters are a group of three islands - Sweetsister, Longsister, and Littlesister - found in the Bite, located south of White Harbor and north of the Mountains of the Moon. The islands owe loose allegiance to House Arryn of the Vale. The Three Sisters are considered a part of the Vale of Arryn and are ruled by House Sunderland. Houses Borrell of Sweetsister, Longthorpe of Longsister, and Torrent of Littlesister are sworn to the Sunderlands. The Three Sisters are sworn to House Arryn of the Vale, but the Eyrie’s grasp upon the islands is tenuous at best. Ships go between the Three Sisters and White Harbor all the time. The Sisters sell crab, fish and goat cheese to White Harbor and in return they sell them wood, wool and hides. Sister’s stew is a white seafood stew that is served all over the Three Sisters, in every inn and tavern. Beacons burn along the shores of the Three Sisters to warn passing ships of danger. The Night Lamp of Sisterton is a prominent beacon operated by House Borrell. Some disreputable Sistermen use false lights to lure ships into wrecks to take their cargo. Godric Borrell is the current lord of Sweetsister.

It was autumn’s peak of colors. A light dusting of snow, the season’s first, had just taken place the night before. I rolled my car to a stop, hopped out, camera in hand, & laid belly first on the side of the road, about 20 miles south of Copper Harbor, Michigan on Hwy 41. Brought my camera to my eye, & was in heaven! Some 20 or 50 shots later I got what I’d come for! Ecstatic! Happy! Fulfilled was I!!!!

(Photo by  William Javenkoski)