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Confederate Symbolism in the Flags of the American South

Thought I’d do a slightly different post today. There’s been a lot more awareness recently of what the Confederate flag truly represents, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s an odious symbol and I think it’s important for it to be removed from public life.

But with all the obvious examples of Confederate flags (your statehouses and bumper stickers and what have you) it can be easy to miss some of the deeper, more buried Confederate imagery lingering on in the South. Case in point, the state flags. Nearly all of the former Confederate states have flags that can be clearly traced back to the Civil War. Some are directly from the era and some are just based on flags from that era, but the Confederate connection is always pretty clear once you know what you’re looking for.

Would there even be a strong tradition of state flags anywhere in America if not for the Civil War? I’m honestly not sure. There were a handful of antebellum examples, but it was secession from the Union that prompted the creation of most of the earliest state flags. Would these states have seen a need to symbolically distance themselves from the federal government if they hadn’t been pursuing this white supremacist mission?


Almost all of the senators and governors in Hurricane Matthew’s path are climate change deniers

There is evidence to suggest that the intensity and potential damage caused by hurricanes worsens with rising ocean temperatures. All of the governors of the four states in Matthew’s path — Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina — have either denied climate change is real, or haven’t spoken out about it at all. And among the Senators, only 2 acknowledge scientific reality.


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alright so i was planning on making this really long but i’m gonna make it as short as possible. for this tour, i have been lucky enough to see it four times, each in different places. this means two things. different venues and different sections. at the dc show, i was in a box that was near the lower section. taylor was still pretty far away, it was hard to see her but that’s okay. in boston, I was in the 200s and the view was actually pretty good! in nashville, i was all the way in the nosebleeds almost at the very back, but it’s a smaller venue bc it’s an arena so the view was still good. i thought nashville would be my last show and i was so upset. but it wasn’t.
a while ago my dad told me we would be visiting a college in tampa on october 31st. he said it was called university of south flordia. i said, “OMG YES LETS GO TO DISNEY!” he then said, “wrong arena of flordia”(i was joking anyways bc that would’ve never happened) but then i was like WAIT taYLOR is in TAMPA on HALLOWEEN! so i asked my dad if we would be near tampa….then i read up in the messages and he had already said we would be in tampa…so i had a stupid moment. he mentioned trick or treating but instead i asked him if i could see taylor cause she’ll be there and i said i would pay. he said i guess…at first. then he told me not to buy tickets. i was so upset. i couldn’t wrap around my head that i was going to be in tampa on halloween and NOT be at the show and NOT be meeting my friends. so a few weeks later he texted me that we would be trick or treating and said i should bring my taylor stuff…..i told him i would probably just be hanging around the stadium trying to win tickets….he changed the subject. every time i brought it up he wouldn’t answer so i had to hope and i cried myself to sleep one night bc that and everything else going on in my life was just too much. it would’ve been different if i wasn’t going to be in tampa but to LITERALLY be there and not have a chance at going…that crushed me. fast forward to the week of. i told myself i was going no matter what. that i was just gonna buy my own tickets the day of bc they release more. so i remade my leggings that i wore to nashville, but added even more lights. then i packed the colorful lights and my homemade shirt. the day we visited the college they were playing taylor at one point so that didn’t help the fact that i didn’t have tickets yet and wasn’t sure if i would be able to get them. ANYWAYS after we left the college i was on ticketmaster about to buy these awful $156 tickets in the lower level, side view almost behind the stage. but then my dad goes, by the way….you’re already going to the show tonight. i got tickets already. section e.“ and i thought he was joking bc that’s FLOOR SEATS NEAR THE CATWALK AND I WAS 10th ROW. i was sobbing so much and he was like "well since you’re not happy i will ask these people in the car next to us if they want them” (he was joking) i couldn’t process this at all. so then i get there and the view is SO GOOD. the lady next to me said everyone was staring at me before the show even started. (i had four battery packs on the pants and then 5 other colored ones wrapped around my body. some of the strands had over 50 lights so you can imagine how bright i was.) i didn’t sit down once the entire night, even during the breaks.
so that’s the story about how i was able to go. now about this video.
halfway into clean i look up and realized that taylor would be RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. i hadn’t had floor seats before on this tour so i had no idea until i saw the keyboard sitting there. that’s what this video is. i couldn’t have been happier at that moment. it was actually pretty silent in my section and then there’s me absolutely losing my shit. if you have headphones in you should turn your volume down. i can’t believe last night was real and i just can’t believe it’s over. i’m gonna miss it so much. i miss all my friends. i miss taylor. i’m so thankful for this era bc this is the era i met most of my friends. taylor, thank you for everything. thank you for making me so fucking happy. thank you for saving my life. i love you to the moon and back. @taylorswift