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This young kestrel is the second patient to arrive at WAF from our recent ‘trade’ with South Essex Wildlife Hospital. It had been well cared for and, other than being young, it was completely uninjured!
It was moved straight into one of our pens, where it is now flying very well. As soon as it is old enough it will be released back to the wild!

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(via South Green cottage | Billericay | Nigel Harris | Flickr)

does anyone know anything about like??? Local British Moths?? i live in south east england (essex) and its ~11pm and like… a kinda big fuzzy moth (with the fat legs and furry antennae and stuff) flew in . i got a rly bad pic of it but i caught it nd let it go and idk it feels like. This Moth Should Not Be In This Country


This beautiful young sparrowkawk was brought into the centre today from South Essex Wildlife Hospital as part of a ‘trade’.

Wildlife rescue centres often work together to ensure animals get the best treatment and, in this case, we took charge of this sparrowhawk, a young kestrel and a badger in return for help raising four of our fox cubs for release.

She was in perfect condition, but was still developing her adult plumage and will stay with us until she is old enough to rejoin the outside world!


So In a hashtag Amy finally confirmed what we all guessed anyway that she is training at south Essex gymnastics now. A very strange move in my opinion south Essex may be no1 club for men right now but they don’t have a high women’s program, they have some very good young young gymnasts but they haven’t developed anyone to Amy’s standard before, and they only recently hired new women’s coaches. South durham seems the superior club for her but clearly there is something that attracted her to south essex.

I’m sure Amy knows what’s best for her and I hope she has a fantastic 2017 Ready for that amanar!!

PHIIIIIIIW (or a discussion of the future of [ɫ] in England's English)

Welcome to a series of blogs about linguistics, using Dan and Phil as case studies! If you want to blacklist track them, they’ll all be tagged ‘gina does linguistics’.

Yesterday on tumblr, a post was going round courtesy of six-foot-two-phanchild, who said:

its so cute how Dan says Phil’s name because sometimes its ‘Phil’ but then sometimes he doesn’t pronounce the L right and he says ‘phiw’ and its adorable

Today, we’re going to talk about why he does that.

This post is written in such a way that you’ll understand it with absolutely no background in linguistics whatsoever, to the extent that I’m worried I sound patronising. Do let me know if that’s the case. But for now, here we go!

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