south easter


Walked up the hill today. Poor Abba was sweating before we’d even made it to the first gate, it is so hot and stifling. The howling south-easter has dropped, and now it is just baking. The air is hazy with smoke from the incessant fires - the entire mountain has just vanished into the thick atmosphere - and even more distressing is the level of the water in the big reservoir. The small one is almost dried up, so I thought Abba and I would try the big one, and, uh, that water should be at least two metres deeper. Oh dear.


Ootd - 4/4/15 We celebrated Easter in our family on Saturday this year. I wore a long skirt which I got from India at the store Pulimoottil Silks. The top is from Ross. The earrings are also from India at FabIndia. I just loved my look and felt like royalty wearing it. Because I have short hair. I pulled it back to give it a more sophisticated look because when I had it down I looked 5 years old.