south east and east anglia


Phantom Cats aren’t really phantoms the way one would think; they are not a ghostly version of cats as demonic cats appear as. Phantom Cats are also known as Alien Big Cats (ABCs), and they are just out of place big cat species. These cats have been seen all around the world in areas that they are not supposed to be seen.

Britain: ABCs have been seen since around the 1960s. “A 15-month survey conducted in 2003-2004 by the British Big Cats Society gave the following regional breakdown, based on 2052 sightings: South West 21%, South East 16%, East Anglia 12%, Scotland 11%, and West Midlands 9%”

Finland: In 1992, from June to August, there was a lion spotted near Ruokolahti. Tracks from the big cat were identified by a biologist and lions are definitely not native to Finland. The lion was never captured.

New Zealand: Since the 1990s, ABCs have been sighted both on the north and south islands of New Zealand. Most often are panther sightings.

The most famous Alien Big Cats are:

  • The Gippsland Phantom Cat
  • Appalachian Black Panthers
  • The Blue Mountain Panther
  • The Beast of Bodmin